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Per my vision: In the current economic environment, any public or nonprofit agency is going to expect that its staff members are at a minimum well-versed in ways to raise money.  Two of the most popular mechanisms examined in public administration are fundraising and grant writing.  Through this course, we will look at the theoretical and applied aspects of both.  Students will have an opportunity to deepen their knowledge regarding the trends and outside forces which impact the not-for-profit world, especially in these difficult economic times.  The course will focus on the “nuts & bolts” of grant writing, technology choices, and the ethical issues which may be encountered.

The course will provide the fundamentals of fundraising and external relations for nonprofit organizations, with special emphasis on the challenges faced by small to mid-sized community and faith-based organizations; development of viable strategies for attracting diverse and sustained financial support for nonprofits; development of strategies for dealing with clients, area residents, members, trustees, legislators, the press, and other important constituents; practical, hands'-on exploration of the skills and knowledge needed to equip managers of nonprofits to position their organizations effectively in the community.  Students will leave the course prepared to discuss the importance of fundraising activities that support the mission of the organization; the ability to differentiate and plan for the various forms and methods of fundraising; the development of skills and techniques used to raise funds from various sources; and the ability to write an organizational case statement and fundamentals of a grant proposal.  Students will focus on the basic “case for support,” annual fund plan, direct mail packaging, the approach to a foundation or corporation for a grant or marketing partnership, and strategies for the solicitation of a major gift.  Emphasis will be placed on matching fundraising programs that are an appropriate fit for a nonprofit in its current phase of development.

With regards to grant writing, students will use hands-on practice to learn to write successful grants!  We will start with an introduction to grants and their place in  the development of nonprofit organizations, and learn the sound planning skills needed for strong proposals.  Using interactive learning, panel discussions and assigned tasks, we will focus on planning, research, evaluation techniques, budgeting and how to effectively communicate issues and needs in a clear and concise manner.

Developing effective grant writing skills are essential to acquire competitive funding from government agencies and private foundations. Writing a successful grant proposal is a blend of art and science. It requires basic knowhow, content knowledge, writing proficiency, strong research skills, creativity, organizational ability, patience, and a great deal of luck. This course will provide students with the background necessary to develop a competitive funding proposal. Lectures will focus on:

  Components of an application

  Helpful tools and resources

  Strategies for developing a proposal

  How to identify potential funding sources

  How to read and understand proposal guidelines and requests for proposals (RFP)

  Writing objectives

  Preparation and justification of budgets

  Protocols for use of animal and human subjects in research

  Cost-sharing and sub-contracts

  Procedures for grants submission and grants start-up

  The grant review process

  Writing cover letters

By becoming well-versed in the tools and technique for both grant writing and fundraising, students will leave the course with a valuable skill set that will prove valuable in any public or non-profit job setting.