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Born and raised Survived growing up in Youngstown, Ohio.  OK, actually the rather affluent suburb of Austintown.

I received my B.A. in Political Science from the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University and my M.A. in Political Science from OU as well.  I went on to complete a M.A.P. (Applied Politics) at the Bliss Institute at The University of Akron and went ahead while I was there and received a Ph.D. from the Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies.

Over the past few years, I have taught at Notre Dame College and Ohio University, along with working as a researcher at Kent State University's new College of Public Health.

Currently, I am an assistant professor of Political Science at Southeast Missouri State University.  I moved to Cape Girardeau in August.  Jill (my fiancÚ) and I bought a 1911 Sears & Roebuck home on the city historical registry which had been entirely renovated.  If you look closely at the picture on the right, you will see that somehow, in the middle of Missouri, our backyard is the only one in town growing a bamboo jungle.  At least it's better than cutting the grass.  We get married October 15, 2011 at the Hazlehurst House.



Jill and I don't own our home, however.  Instead, we are granted favorable lease status from these eight crazies.  Edmund, the French/English bulldog who can't keep his tongue in his mouth and has claimed the red chair as his own, Mable, the Terrier mix from The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri who chose the orange chair, and Spotty, who prefers to watch the craziness from behind his cat door.  Hamilton and Millie (our two Jack Russells) don't remain still long enough to get a good picture. Ralph, Mouse, and George (the newest cats) also prefer to stay away from the camera. If that's not enough, we foster as well. Life is crazy.


I love professional and collegiate sports, but have a history of rooting for losers... 


In the NBA, I am a diehard Cavs fan and will continue to be so.  LeBron quits in the playoffs and isn't talented enough to carry a team.  He is now Scottie Pippen and Dwayne Wade is Michael Jordan.  Yes, I am sore and vindictive about this and wish LeBron nothing but the worst.

In baseball, I cheer for the Cubs.  Unlike LeBron, the Cubs always meet expectations--unfortunately those are just set unbelievably low at all times.  I will go to Cardinals games because they are so close, but will never cheer for them against the Cubbies.


And in perhaps the low-point of my sports favorites, I cheer for the Browns.  Or it could just be that I hate the obnoxious fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Either way.  In Colt McCoy I trust.


More than anything, I cheer against Ohio State football.  The overrated bunch that they are in Columbus.  Anyone in the SEC will beat them in any given year (except Georgia, who can't seem to beat anyone and whose fans have yet to get the message that they can't compete with Florida or LSU and never will).