Progress in the Study of Physical and Psychological Health
William E. Snell, Jr., Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
SE Missouri State University
        This Electronic Textbook provides information about the psychology of physical health, based on the research material written by William E. Snell, Jr., Ph.D., and many of his colleagues.  The material in these chapters covers a wide variety of topics related to physical and psychological health, including clinical anger, depressive life experiences, and many others.   A list of references is also included with each chapter.
        Please note that this e-book contains hyperlinks to pages within the e-book as well as to external web sites.  To access the internet links, you will need to be online when you are reading this e-book.
        Proper citation: Snell, W. E., Jr.  (Ed.).  (2002). Progress in the study of physical and psychological health. Cape Girardeau, MO: Snell Publications. WEB:

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