Introduced Species - Australia


The first animals introduced to Australia were the dingoes that were brought over by early aborigines about 7,000 years ago.  The next introduced species were not introduced until much later, in the 1800's during the European colonization.  The Europeans felt that the environment of Australia was greatly flawed because it did not contain many of the animals that they were accustomed to.  As a result of this, they stocked the island with deer, rabbit, and pheasant to provide favorite foods.  They also introduced foxes for hunting and a wide variety of other animals simply for familiarity.  However, this invasion of strange species proved very disastrous for the land of Australia.  The animals began to have a devastating effect on the native plants and animals.

Efforts have been done to try to control the spread of such introduced species.  These include exclusion fences, poisoning (baiting), and hunting.  However, nothing has been found very successful in deterring the population growth of the introduced species.

Some examples of the species that were introduced are:


Cane Toad

Feral Pig

Feral Horses

Feral Cats



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