Row 1
1.  First man on the moon
2.  Ronald and Nancy Reagan on Air Force One
3.  Monica Lewinsky
4.  Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin at Yalta

Row 2
5.  Martin Luther King Jr. marching in Washington D.C.
6.  Mushroom cloud from an atomic blast
7.  Lyndon Johnson being sworn in on Air Force One after JFK had been killed
8.  The fall of the Berlin Wall

Row 3
9.  The Roosevelt Family (one of the few pictures where Roosevelt is in a wheelchair)
10. American soldiers in Vietnam
11. Nixon during the first televised presidential debate
12. Eisenhower commanding troops during World War II

Row 4
13. War protesters holding a banner asking to stop the violence in Vietnam
14. Jacqueline and John Kennedy on a campaign tour
15. Ayatollah Khomeini

Row 5
16. Woman holding a newspaper declaring the end of World War II
17. Campaign sign supporting Eisenhower and his wife
18. (Small picture below and right of 17) Man's footprint on the moon
19.  Nixon returning from China

Row 6
20. Ronald Reagan on the GE blue circuit
21. Family tuning in for one of Roosevelt's fireside chats
22. Senator Joseph McCarthy
23. Flower children

Row 7
24. John Kennedy Jr. saluting his father's casket
25. Harry Truman, wife and mother-in-law
26. Movie screen announcing Truman's amazing win in the 1948 election
27.  Bill Clinton on campaign

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