Polling Assignment
PS103 Spring 2010 & PS103 - Summer 2010

Professor Russell Renka

Read The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Public Opinion Polls.  Then find a good poll that meets the three criteria for that designation, and demonstrate in your own words that it does so.  Also find a bad poll and do likewise.  Be sure in both instances to establish the exact filename and URL of the sites you use; be sure I can use that information to find these sites.  I don't care what topic the polls address, so long as these are polls.  Be sure not to use reports about polls as substitutes for polls.  I only want good and bad examples of polls themselves.

On finding a bad poll:  please find your own.  Do not use the bad site links I provided.  There are lots and lots of bad polls on the internet.  You will not find them, though, on the legitimate poll sites that are shown in this file or in your Patterson text, Chapter 6 (as sources shown in its tables and graphs).  You have to hunt these down on your own.  If you have difficulty, try out a source hunt using a favorite subject or activity of your own.  There are polls out there somewhere on practically every conceivable topic!

Post in Drop Box at the Polling Assignment site by Wednesday, March 3 on or before midnight (Spring 2010), or by Monday, May 31 (Summer 2010).  Credit is 50 points out of 50 (added to total score in numerator and denominator) once this is successfully completed.

Russell Renka