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Photographic Gallery of Modern Presidents

Russell D. Renka

Photographic links are abundant at each of the presidential libraries and at NARA's Nixon site.  Certain locales have composite photographs of more than one modern president.  These are briefly shown below, with some context of time, place and circumstance.  At conclusion of this file is a listing of the major presidential library photographic source locations, with some commentary.

RDR, 8 June 2004

Five presidents (four former and one current at the time):

left to right:  President George H.W. Bush; former Presidents Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Richard Nixon
context:  November 1991 opening of Ronald W. Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA

"four presidents" at the White House on eve of 8 October 1981 departure by former Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter for the Anwar Sadat state funeral in Egypt:

left to right:  former President Nixon, President Reagan, former President Ford, former President Carter
source URL of photograph:  http://www.reagan.utexas.edu/photos/large/c43674A.jpg
parent source site:  Reagan Presidential Library; 'Four Presidents' at 100 Photographs - 4 Presidents (with three photographs including this one)

Richard Nixon funeral, Yorba Linda, CA, 1994:

Nixon’s Funeral

left to right in front row:  President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton; former presidents George H.W. Bush with Barbara Bush; Ronald Reagan with Nancy Reagan; Jimmy Carter with Rosalyn Carter; and Gerald Ford with Betty Ford

source:  MSN Encarta - Multimedia - Nixon’s Funeral