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Penelope Lowther (b. 10 August 2008)

    Week 1 (August 10 to 17)
    Weeks 2-3 (August 18 to September 7)
    Weeks 4-5 (September 8 to September 21)
    Weeks 6-7 (September 22 to October 6)
    Weeks 8-10 (October 7 to October 21)
    Weeks 11-12 (October 22 to November 4)
    Week 16 (November 21 to 23)
    Weeks 17-19 (November 25-December 14)
    Weeks 20-to-22 (December 15-31, 2008 including Christmas)
    January 2009 (5 months old)
    February 2009 (6 months old)
    March 2009 (7 months)
    April 2009 (8 months)
    May 2009 (9 months)
    June 2009 (10 months)
    September 2009 (13 months)
    October 2009 (14 months)
    November 2009 (15 months)

Week 1 (birth August 10, to August 17)       Top
source pages:  Penelope Lowther newborn baby pictures and others

Penelope Doris Lowther was born on August 10 at 7 to 7:30 a.m. CST in Austin, weighing in at 7 pounds 8 oz. and stretching a full 19 inches in length, with a full head of striking brown hair as soft as silk.  Sabrina and Victor Lowther are the proud parents.  We three on Sabrina's side (mother Paula Renka, father Russ Renka and Sabrina's sister Nora Renka) went down in time to see her at the hospital (St. David's Hospital - Women's Center) in north Austin near their place.

Now she's gone home with her mama Sabrina ...


... and ready for cuddling from maternal grandmama Paula.

Her aunt Nora has Penny wrapped up like a babushka has been there.  Penny doesn't mind a bit.

She's a full week old plus a day here; still interested in sleeping a lot (August 18).

Weeks 2-3 (August 18 to September 7)       Top
source pages:  Penny - Weeks 2 and 3 and others

Penny sleeps in one of her favorite places, snuggled up to Daddy (Victor); August 19, aged 9 days.

Her maternal grandmother Paula has her again (August 20).


Penny goes from grandmama Paula back to mama Sabrina (August 20).

Now she's one week older, and not sleepy at all.  She's a full 17 days age this August 27.


Come on, you'd be wide awake too if one of these sea monsters invaded your realm.  Is it love?  Maybe not, but curiosity for sure.

Sleeping again; but her mother Sabrina said "Now, how much work it was to get her this quiet is another thing entirely!"  I think this was September 7.  She already looks older.  This is our "sleeping beauty" pic.

Weeks 4-5 (September 8 to September 21)       Top
source pages: Penny - Weeks 4-5 and others

Penny naps again in her favorite place at ripe age of 1 full month; he performed the babushka wrap (September 10).

Wow, that's a bright camera flash.  Wouldja tone that thing down a bit?  Here's proof that the startle reflex is born rather than taught, and its facial expression cannot be doubted. (date:  September 17, 2008)

Penny appears to like this changing table.  She's free to wiggle, and she gets attention whenever she's there (Sept. 17).

Weeks 6-7 (September 22 to October 6)       Top
source:  Penny - Weeks 6 and 7 and others

Just looking at the world around her (September 23).

She's with her Daddy Victor and pussycat Karma (September 25); both are getting some attention.

Here she's on the changing table again, noticeably bigger than before (October 6).

Miss Penny smiles at Mama after her bath (October 8).

That's all for now.  Stay tuned.  More smiles are bound to come soon.

Weeks 8-10 (October 7 to October 21)       Top

Sure enough, Penny has learned how to turn the sunshine on.  This is an iphone shot from her Daddy Victor, October 15 (or close).  Apparently he caught Penny in a very fine mood.

And this is Penny glomming "Miss Kitty," a mobile once beheld by Penny's mama Sabrina and her aunt Nora in their little-person days (October 20).  It sat unused in our attic in Missouri for many a day, just for such occasion as this.

Weeks 11-12 (October 22 to November 4)      Top

Cannot smile all the time, or play either; she's bigger than before but just as sleepy (October 28).


Week 16 (November 21-23, 2008):       Top

This is a pre-Thanksgiving visit to Penny's maternal great-grandmother Dorothy Davis in Garland around November 21 or 22.  That's Mama's first time to see Penny in person.  It went nicely, to say the least.  Penny's aunt Nora was there to take this shot and the next.  Penny's now 3 months and 10 days of age. 


Her maternal great-aunt Elaine was there too, and not to be denied some loving attention.  Mission accomplished.

Elaine with Penny

Mama's puppy dog Cuda had to wait for a bit--patiently or otherwise--while Penny was star of the show.

Grandmama and Cuda with Penny

And as usual, Penny eventually got a nap in some loving arms.


Weeks 17-19 (November 25-December 14):         Top

Penny is starting to get serious about exploring the world around her now, and trips with Daddy Victor help.  The leaves are the subject of today's lesson (November 30).

She's a good tripper so long as the jingles are there to keep her occupied.  You can see her dark hair going a bit lighter in color now.  And her face shape is becoming better defined.  Perhaps this is a Central Market trip in early December.


This is Penny's paternal grandmother Nina (to Penny).  They both know where that camera is.  It's December 10.

And this is Penny plus her new sheepskin to greet her and some Christmas-ish leg warmers (December 11).


Weeks 20-to-22 (December 15-31, 2008 including Christmas):         Top

Paula and I headed for Austin before Christmas Day at the Davis household, just to squeeze in some more time with Penny.  It's dark enough here for a nice rest hour.

Paula with napping Penny

Back awake, it's time to read from one of those cloth damage-proof books.  It's winter solstice, December 21.

I got her this time.  She loves her Grandma for sure, but tolerates me pretty well too.

Russ and Penny

Then it's back to Garland for Christmas in the Davis household.  I'm a lefty except for today, when that hand is occupied.  You have to adjust when Penny is around.  It's December 23 now.

Penny's oatmeal

Also on the 23rd, Paula has to tell her granddaughter how cute she is.

Paula and Penny

It's Christmas Eve bath time in the kitchen sink.

She's a dark-eyed beauty in our eyes.

dark-eyed beauty

This is Penny's great-aunt Kathleen dishing out a little admiration.

Kathleen with Penny

Getting a little tired, so Paula's got her.

Paula with sleepy Penny

She got a lot of spoiling that Christmas day.  This time it's her great aunt Debbie and great grandmother Dorothy doing the job.

Daddy Victor almost had the day off from handling Penny.  Seemed ducky enough for him.

Victor's duck

January 2009 (5 months old):         Top

February 2009 (6 months old):         Top

Here Penny makes her debut on YouTube, on or near the weekend of February 7-8.  She's just short of six months in age (on Feb. 10) but already a master at serious glasses and hair pulling.


And when not pulling her daddy's hair, she's thinking about eating his food.  It's pizza in this case (February 7).


Or she spends some time gnawing on toes.

toe gnawing time

And when not on her back experimenting with toes, she can sit up perfectly well.

sit-up time

I don't know what she was thinking here, but she knows as ever where the camera (and her Mama) is.

pensive look

This is Valentine's Day, Saturday the 14th of February.  Nina came over to keep Penny and give her Dad and Mom a Valentine's day off.  Penny got a hair job to show off here.

penny-hair1; penny-hair2

March 2009 (7 months old):         Top


April 2009 (8 months old):         Top

Penny makes her spring debut at the Wildflower Center with the season's last bluebonnets for decoration.  Penny's on the right among this trio of cuties.  You can tell her from the hair.  Lady Bird would have liked this one.

Penny at Wildflower Center

May 2009 (9 months)        Top

June 2009 (10 months)        Top

Naturally we're in Austin again to see Miss Penny.  That's a pleased Grandmama picture of Paula with Penny.


Penny's alternate name is "Miss Wiggles" and she comes rightfully by that.  A still shot with Penny isn't always easy to get.  This was early June in Garland after Paula and I came to see her and her folks while house-hunting.

Penny also showed her chops on a keyboard whenever I sat still with one.


September 2009 (13 months)        Top

These shots are also on Paula Renka's Gallery of Penny Pictures on Picasa, dating from September 2009 (age 13 months) onward.  Locale is http://picasaweb.google.com/paula.renka/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCPqH7oCDhPybaw&feat=email#.

TP Penny:  This is what happens when Penny moves into a new house in Round Rock, and the toilet paper is not safeguarded.  She's just exploring a new place, after all.  It's September 14 or thereabouts.  There's now a new TP guard on the supply.


Truckin' Penny:  She's grown, hasn't she?  It's September 18 now.  Penny jumped past one year of age on August 10, has seven teeth, and her smile implies that life in Daddy's truck can be a lark.  We think so whenever she's around.


October 2009 (14 months)            Top

Shopping Penny:  It's October 8 and time for Penny to go shopping.  There's no turning back now, is there?


Num-num Penny (with corn on the cob):  October also has Penny discovering the pleasures of a good Texas corn crop.  The look says it.


Climbing Penny:  Next it was on to lunch at Trudy's Restaurant for good Tex-Mex and a little step climbing.  She's on the way up, and up, and up.  It's October 10, and she's just turned a full fourteen months of age.


Dance Floor Penny (aka Disco Penny):  This is October 11 at Aimy and Brandon's wedding.  The dance floor was open, the music was on, and the mood was right.


She thought it was all a blast.


Drawing Penny:  Back to the stores, this time for a drawing exercise at the Children's Section of Barnes and Noble.  As a lefty myself, I notice she's using the southside hand.  Maybe she's ambidextrous.


Tech shopping Penny:  Time to consider what remote to buy.  She initiated this, and the sales person was OK with discussing the fine points of his product.


Tuckered-out Penny:  After all that food, dance, and shopping, time for another rest on Daddy's shoulder.  She's bigger than last year, but his look is about the same.  There's no helping him.


Elephantine Penny:  It's Halloween, and how better to observe the occasion that to don an elephant suit and acknowledge the camera.  Thus ends this fine month of October 2009 for Miss Penny.