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Presidency Course Syllabi

    This is an American presidency syllabus and course page list for convenient reference by PRG members and any other interested persons.  They are organized alphabetically, by last name of the course instructor, followed by institution and semester/quarter of the syllabus.  Many filenames are directly imported, but others I had to alter from default URL titles toward the course heading to avoid misinforming the user of this resource.  The files also vary in format.  Most are in hypertext or Acrobat's .pdf.  Others are in Microsoft Word with suffix .doc, .rtf or .docx.  Caution:  some .doc files load very slowly, and some make return to this page difficult.  I recommend right-clicking all .doc links to "Open in New Window."  That confines any troubles to a separate browser.

    Link failure is a chronic search problem with all syllabus collection projects.  Many failures owe to faculty or departments opting to blot out old course pages as soon as they're out of immediate use.  You can always create your own Archives page to stow these while not losing access for the PRG and student browsing community.  That way Google (and I) can still locate and link them.

Searchers who still encounter failures can do the following:

  • Copy the instructor's name plus institution for search via Google at  I showed all links by listing the specific course number alongside title in the link, after which comes the instructor's name.  Often this will produce quick entree to a revised syllabus location or an archive site.  I am also adding home pages when readily available (depending on the URL structure).

  • Should one search engine produce nothing useful, try another.  Google isn't universal.  In 2009 there's the new Microsoft entry of Bing at which works a lot like Google.  Also try AllTheWeb at; Ask Jeeves at; and Dogpile at  Search engines do not exactly reproduce each other's results.

  • Once on a site page that's apparently not usable, peal back the URL from the rightmost term, one segment at a time.  Often this moves to a URL for the instructor's index or resource page.  You'll see some links below that contain more than one URL for a single course.  Usually that's because a syllabus is separate from a resources page, or other useful information.  It's worth trolling a bit to see what else is linked there.  But caution, again:  the standards of Fair Use should always be observed rigorously.  See Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center at for expert guidance on that.  Some syllabi and other materials will show a stipulation from the author on use.  These should be carefully honored even to the point of whether to link to something.  I interpret this site and similar ones to have the right to link to anyone's site, unless they expressly stipulate otherwise.  But if they seek strict privacy, I defer to that.

    Many of these syllabi address only the American presidency.  Some are integral to the office but fashioned around a component such as presidential rhetoric or presidential relations with Congress.  A few syllabi come from the American Political Development or political institutions genre at graduate level.  All of these contain a significant share of reading material directly addressing the American presidency.  I took a representative sampling of these rather than an all-inclusive approach.  I also included presidential campaigns and elections courses where available.  Finally there are General syllabi locales and Other useful resources for outside searches and inquiries.

    This is ultimately a group enterprise for the Presidency Research Group membership.  Your suggestions and critique are needed and welcome.  Please e-mail Russell Renka at

Specific Syllabi:                  Top

PS 3050 (Politics of the Presidency) and PS 7450 American Political Institutions: The Presidency (no links yet on these), Philip R. Abbott, Wayne State University, unspecified semesters; home page:  Philip R. Abbott

PSCI 4030/8036 - The Presidency (no link yet), Randall Adkins, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Spring 2008; home page:  Randall Adkins

POLSC 230 - The American Presidency (doc), William D. Adler, City University of New York (CUNY), Fall 2006

POLS432 - The American_Presidency (pdf), Gary G. Aguiar, South Dakota State University, Spring 2009; also POLS 432 -The Presidency (rtf), Spring 2006; home page: SDSU Gary Aguiar > Prof. Gary Aguiar (use sequence to get second page; once there, can access the syllabus page)

POL 313: The Presidency and index 313 and POL313 Topical Outline, David W. Ahern, University of Dayton, Fall 2007; also POL 313, Fall 2004; home page:  D.W. Ahern

PS3700 - The American Presidency (pdf), Sunil Ahuja, Youngstown State University, Fall 2009; home page:  Dr. Sunil Ahuja

POL 364 - Congress & the Presidency:  The Era of George W. Bush, Craig W. Allin, Cornell College, Spring 2008; also POL 364 - Congress & the Presidency, Fall 2003; also Politics 364 Congress & the Presidency -- May 1996; home page:  Craig W. Allin; source:  Cornell College Politics Course Information

PS363 - The Presidency (pdf), John A. Altman, York College of Pennsylvania, Spring 2009; home page: Dr. Altman's Home Page

POLS 400 - Power in Washington: Congress and the Presidency, J. Theodore Anagnoson, California State, Los Angeles, Winter 1999

(course not specified), Lydia Andrade, University of the Incarnate Word; home page:  Lydia Andrade

POS3413 - The Presidency (pdf), Adrian U. Ang, Florida International University, Spring 2009

Political Science 501 - The American Presidency, William Angel, Ohio State University Lima, Winter Quarter 2008; home page:  Dr. William Angel

PS4230 - The Presidency and Executive Branch (pdf), Phillip J. Ardoin, Appalachia State University, Fall 2007; also PS5530 - Graduate Seminar in Readings and Research in American Politics (large component on presidency; in pdf), Fall 2007; home page:  Dr. Phillip J. Ardoin

Political Science 130 - The American Presidency (pdf), Julia Azari, Marquette University, Fall 2007; home page: Julia Azari

AHG 633 - The American Presidency II:  Andrew Johnson to the Present (pdf), Jeremy Bailey and Marc Landy, Ashland University, Summer 2008 (short course)

Government 344 - The American Presidency, Nancy Baker, New Mexico State University, Fall 2008; also Government 344, Spring 2008; home page:  Dr. Nancy V. Baker

PSC8150 - The Presidency (graduate level, in pdf), David M. Barrett, Villanova University, Fall 2006; also PSC 6900 - The U.S. Presidency and the Vietnam War, Spring 2004; also PSC2275-001 - U. S. Presidency (undergraduate), Fall 2004, and PSC2275-100, Spring 1999; home page:  David M. Barrett or Faculty and Staff - David M. Barrett

POLS 318 - The Presidency (pdf), Professor Bartky, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne, Spring 2004

courses not specified, Harold F. Bass, Ouachita Baptist University; home page: Harold Bass CV

History 308 - America Since 1945, S. Jonathan Bass, Samford University, Fall 2002

COMS 430 - Political Rhetoric (syllabus; direct application to presidency) and COMS 430 (rhetoric resources including American Rhetoric Top 100 American Speeches by Rank with 38 by presidents), Benjamin R. Bates, Ohio University, Winter Quarter 2004; home page: Benjamin R. Bates

Political Science 540E - Congress, the Presidency, and the Constitution (doc), Larry Becker, California State University Northridge, Fall 2006; home page:  Lawrence Becker

PS121A - The American Presidency (link pending), Matthew Beckmann, University of California Irvine, Spring 2010; home page:  Matthew Beckmann

PS408 - American Presidency (doc) and American Presidency 408 and 508, Marija Bekafigo, Southern Mississippi University, Spring 2009; Professor Marija Bekafigo's Homepage

Pols331 - The Presidency and Congress (doc) and Website for Political Science 331, Todd Belt, University of Hawai'i at Hilo, Fall 2003; home page:  Todd Belt

PS314.001 - The American Presidency (pdf), Stephen Bennett, University of Southern Indiana, Spring 2007

CAS500 - The Rhetoric of the American Presidency, Thomas W. Benson, Penn State University, Fall 2008; also CAS475 - American Rhetoric in the New Deal Era: 1932-1945, Spring 2008; also CAS475, Spring 2007; SpCom 597C - Rhetoric of the American Presidency, Spring 2002; home:  Benson, Thomas Walter

POLS 4610 - U.S. Presidency (pdf), D. Jason Berggren, University of Georgia, Spring 2009; also POLS 4610, Spring 2008; also POLS 4610 (pdf), Fall 2007; home page:  D. Jason Berggren

History 176-10 - The History of the Modern American Presidency (pdf), Edward D. Berkowitz, The George Washington University, Fall 2007

Political Science 3283 - The American Presidency (pdf), Jonathan Bernstein, University of Texas at San Antonio, Fall 2003; home page: Jonathan Bernstein

PSCN 485 - Congress and the Presidency (pdf), Bradley Best, Buena Vista University, date not specified; home page: Bradley Best

PSCI 3011 - The American Presidency (doc), Kenneth Bickers, University of Colorado at Boulder, Fall 2006; home page:  Kenneth Bickers

PS 102 - The American Presidency (pdf), Terri Bimes, University of California at Berkeley, Spring 2009; also PS 102, Spring 2008; home page:  Terri Bimes

HIST 3575 - The Cold War Presidency (doc), Gunter Bischof and Stephen E. Ambrose, University of New Orleans, Intercession January 2006

Pols 2511 - The Presidency (pdf), Michael Bitzer, Catawba College, Spring 2003; home page:  J. Michael Bitzer

The Presidency (pdf), Michael Bitzer, University of Georgia, unspecified dates; home page:  Michael Bitzer

Lara Brown, Villanova University; home page:  Faculty and Staff - Lara Brown or Lara Brown - LinkedIn

Govt 4370 - The Policymaking Process (based on president v. congress), Paul J. Bonicelli, University of Texas at Dallas, Fall 2007

POLS 3327 - The American Presidency (pdf) and American Presidency readings list, Eric A. Booth, Texas Tech University, Spring 2006; home page:  Eric Booth

PSC 313 - American Executive (syllabus) and Stephen A. Borrelli (PP slides under PSC 313 course heading), Stephen A. Borrelli, University of Alabama, Spring 2009; also PSC 313, Summer 2008 and PSC 313, Fall 2006; also PSC 615 -- American National Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Institutions (graduate seminar), Spring 2008 and PSC 615, Spring 2007; home page:  Stephen A. Borrelli

SS373 - The American Presidency, and SS490 - In the President's Words: Tapes, Archives, and Research on the Modern Presidency, Meena Bose, United States Military Academy, Fall 2003

course not specified, Meena Bose, Hofstra University; home page:  Hofstra University - HCLAS - Presidential Studies - Dr. Meena Bose

APLS 463 - Presidential Politics, Bob Botsch, University of South Carolina Aiken, Summer 2009; also APLS 468 - Presidential and Congressional Politics, Spring 2003; home page:  Vita Bob Botsch

Humanities 251H - Leadership and Personality (pdf), Helen G. Boutrous, Mount St. Mary's College, Fall 2005

PLSC305 - The National Executive, Timothy S. Boylan, Winthrop University, Spring 2003

course not specified; Paul Brace, Rice University; home page:  Paul Brace -- Clarence Carter Professor of Political Science

Political Science 207 - The Presidency in the Constitutional Order (doc), Donald Brand, Holy Cross University, Fall 2001

PSC 332 - The American Presidency (syllabus in pdf) and resource page and PSC 332 (resource page), Holly Brasher, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Spring 2008; also PSC 332, Fall 2005; home page:  Holly Brasher

PS354 - American Presidency (pdf), Steven Breezeel, Harding University, Fall 2009; home page:  Steven Breezeel

Government 312L - The Citizen's Presidency (pdf), Bruce Buchanan, University of Texas at Austin, Spring 2010; also Gov 381L/PA 388K - The American Presidency (pdf), Spring 2010; home page:  Bruce Buchanan

HS275 - Presidential History (doc), Thomas Buchanan, Ancilla College, Fall 2004

(course not yet specified), John P. Burke, University of Vermont; home page: John P. Burke

PS322 - American Chief Executive (pdf), Randy Burnside, Southern Illinois University, Spring 2007; home page:  Randy Burnside

POLS415/515 - The American Presidency (syllabus) and POLS 415/515 - The American Presidency, Michael Burton, Ohio University, Fall 2007

PS 3050 - The U.S. Presidency (brief description), Mark E. Byrnes, Middle Tennessee State University; home page:  Mark E. Byrnes

GVPT475 - The American Presidency (pdf), Sean F. Cain, University of Maryland, Spring 2006

POL 542 & WWS 527 - Analyzing Political Institutions I:  Concepts and Tools (pdf), Charles M. Cameron and Brandice Canes-Wrone, Princeton University, Fall 2005; home pages:  Charles M. Cameron and Teaching; Brandice Canes-Wrone

IIE337 - Introduction to American Politics (pdf) and Classes (large component of case material on presidency), Charles M. Cameron, Korea University - Institute of International Education, Summer 2007

POLI514A - The U.S. Presidency (pdf), Colin Campbell, University of British Columbia (Canada), Winter 2008; also POLI 328A - Comparative Politics: The U.S. Presidency in Comparative Perspective, Second Term 2005; also POLI423A - Executive Leadership in Government (pdf), Second Term 2003; home page:  Colin Campbell

PSC761 - American Political Frontiers:  Macropolitics (major presidential component, in pdf), James E. Campbell, State University of New York at Buffalo, Fall 2007; home page:  James E. Campbell

Political Science 320-0 - The Presidency (course description only), Brandice Canes-Wrone, Northwestern University, Winter 2004

PS408 - The American Presidency (syllabus) and Lecture Outlines, David Canon, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Fall 2007; also PS408 and Lecture Outlines, Spring 2006; David Canon's Home Page

Pol Sci 300 - The Modern Presidency (.doc), Daryl Capuano, Charter Oak State College (on line), Summer 2006; also Pol Sci 300 - The Modern Presidency (.doc), Spring 2006

SOC968 - The American Presidency (pdf), Allen Carden, Fresno Pacific University - Center for Professional Development, Fall 2008

HST484 - Topics in American History:  The Presidency (pdf) and HST484 index, Todd F. Carney, Southern Oregon University, Fall 2004; home page:  Todd F. Carney

Gov 2307 - Frontiers in American Political Research (pdf), Daniel Carpenter and Paul E. Peterson, Harvard University, Spring 2003

Political Science 4610 - United States Presidency (pdf) or also Carson PS4610 Spring 2010 (pdf), Jamie L. Carson, University of Georgia, Spring 2010; also Political Science 8150 - United States Presidency (pdf), Spring 2009; home page:  Jamie L. Carson

APR 420 - Political Communication (pdf; large component on presidency), Karen J. Cartee, University of Alabama Department of Communications, Spring 2007

POSC322 - The American Presidency, Thomas Cason, Columbia College - Hancock Field Campus (Syracuse), Winter Session 2007

POLS 151-501 - The American Presidency, Rachel Paine Caufield, Drake University, Summer 2002

POLS4111 - The American Presidency syllabus (pdf), POLS4111 - The American Presidency (course page), and POLS 4111 Presidency Websites, Carl D. Cavalli, North Georgia College and State University, Spring 2009; also POLS6111 - The American Presidency (Graduate Coursework), Fall 2006; home page:  Carl D. Cavalli

Government 4360.60 - American Executive Process (pdf), Charles W. Chapman, University of Texas at Brownsville, Fall 2004; home page:  Dr. Charles W. Chapman

Pol301 - The American Presidency (cover page) and Syllabus (syllabus in .doc),  H. Lee Cheek, Jr.,  Mt. Vernon College, Spring 2008

POLS384.090 - American Presidency (pdf), Tom Chorlton, The College of Charleston, Fall 2006

Pol Sci 408 - The American Presidency (pdf), Carrie A. Cihasky, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Fall 2008

012-144-01 - The American Presidency (pdf), Babalola Cole, Howard University, Spring 1998

PSC 448 - The Presidency and Index of classes-PSC448 (links), Ken Collier, Stephen F. Austin State University, Spring 2008; home page: The Official Ken Collier Web Site

Congress and the Presidency syllabus, Tim Collins, University of North Alabama, Spring 1999

POS6933 - The Presidency (doc), Richard S. Conley, University of Florida, Spring 2009; also POS4413 - The Presidency (doc), Fall 2008; also POS4413 - The Presidency (doc), Spring 2008; POS4413 (pdf), Summer 2007; POS4413 (undergrad, in pdf) and POS6933 - The Presidency (grad, in pdf), both Spring 2006; POS 6933 - "Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Legislatures" (pdf), Spring 2005; home page - Richard S. Conley

Political Science 220 - The American Presidency (pdf), Zachary Cook, DePaul University, Spring 2008

PS408 - The American Presidency (pdf), Zachary Cook, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Spring 2004

Professor Joseph Cooper's Classes - This is a set of 2006 and 2007 syllabi, in .doc form. 
Note:  these pdf files are not currently working:  Political Science 190.632 - The Development of American Political Institutions, 1869-2006, Joseph Cooper, The Johns Hopkins University, Spring 2006; also Political Science 190.389 - Seminar on the Emergence of the Modern Congress and Presidency (pdf), and Political Science 190.673 - Institutional Analysis (pdf), Fall 2005 (both from new website at Professor Joseph Cooper's Classes)
Cooper's old site syllabi:  Political Science 190.389 - Seminar on the Emergence of the Modern Congress and Presidency, Fall 2003; and Political Science 190.626 - Seminar on Core Readings on Congress and the Presidency, Spring 2002
Cooper's home page:  Professor Joseph Cooper

POS 4413 - The Presidency, Miles Cooper, Georgia Southwestern State University, date not specified; home page:  Miles Cooper

Political Science 314 - The Presidency, Kevin Corder, Western Michigan University, Spring 2004; home page:  Kevin Corder

PO 306 - Executive Politics (pdf), Meg Corwin, Colorado State University, Spring 2007; also PO 306 (pdf), Spring 2006; PO 306 (pdf), Spring 2005; source:  CSU Syllabi By Term

30:115 The American Presidency (pdf) and 30:115 The American Presidency Syllabus (.doc), Cary R. Covington, University of Iowa, Fall 2009; home page:  Covington Home Page

PLSI-3306-1 - American Presidency, David A. Crockett, Trinity University, Spring 2003; home page:  David Crockett

POS 217 - US Presidency, Lane Crothers, Illinois State University, Fall 2001; home page:  Lane Crothers

PS105 - The Presidency (doc), Jeff Cummins, Westmont College, Spring 2001

PSC 224 - Executive Branch Decision Making (pdf), Bryan Cunningham, The George Washington University, Summer 2008

GVPT 475 - The Presidency and the Executive Branch (pdf), Jim Curry, University of Maryland, College Park (online), Summer 2009

The American Presidency, Robert Dallek, Boston University, term not specified

Taylor E. Dark III - Course Pages (passworded course pages), Taylor E. Dark III, California State University at Los Angeles (CSULA); home page:  Prof. Taylor E. Dark III

Congress and the Presidency, Taylor E. Dark III, Doshisha University, Fall 1998

PS 463 - The American Chief Executive (pdf), David Darmofal, University of South Carolina, Fall 2008; home page: David Darmofal

PS3483 - The American Presidency (pdf) and Course Packet, James A. Davis, Oklahoma State University, Spring 2005; also PS3483 - The American Presidency (syllabus in doc) and Presidency (course packet, in html), Spring 2004; home page: Faculty & Staff - James A. Davis, and James Davis Courses

Political Science 342 - The American Presidency, James W. Davis, Washington University, Fall 2000

Comm Studies 679 - Political Rhetoric of September 11th (doc), C. Dauber, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Fall 2006; also Comm113 - Political Communication (doc), Spring 2003

POLT 305 - The Presidency (pdf), Paul Dawson, Oberlin College, 2nd semester 2009; also POLT 305, Fall 2007, POLT 305, Spring 2007 and POLT 305, Spring 2006; home page:  Paul Dawson

The American Presidency (pdf), Jonathan Day, University of Iowa, Fall 2010

Political Science 410 - Capstone:  "White House Politics and the Social Agenda" (pdf), Byron W. Daynes, Brigham Young University, Spring 2005; also Political Science 314 - U.S. Presidency (pdf), Winter 2005; home page:  Byron W Daynes

POLS 347 - The Presidency and Congress, Karen Dean, Illinois College, Fall 2007

HIS113-HT - The American Presidency (doc), D.J. Deeb, Northern Essex Community College, Fall 2004

PS4333 - Presidential Leadership in Domestic Policy Making, Rebecca E. Deen, University of Texas at Arlington, Fall 2003; also  PS4330 - The U.S. Presidency, Spring 2003; home page: Professor Rebecca E. Deen

PS192-10 - Seminar on Executive-Legislative Relations (doc), Christopher J. Deering, George Washington University, Spring 2002

HI 372 - The 20th Century American Presidency, Samuel Deese, Department of History, Boston University, Fall 2008

The American Foreign Policymaking Process (pdf, with substantial presidency component), I.M. Destler, University of Maryland, Spring 2007; home page:  Mac Destler

PSCI 0206 - The American Presidency and PSCI 0425 - Seminar on the American Presidency (no links yet), Matthew Dickinson, Middlebury College; home page with course list:  Matthew Dickinson

222200 - The Presidency (course link pending), Daniel DiSalvo, City College of New York; home page:  Daniel DiSalvo

course unspecified, Graham Dodds, Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec); homepage:  Graham Dodds

FP326 - American Presidency (no link yet), Brendan J. Doherty, United States Naval Academy; home page:  Brendan J. Doherty

PSC 262 - The Presidency in the Political System (no link yet), Christopher J. Dolan, Lebanon Valley College; home page: Christopher J. Dolan

Pos3413a - The American Presidency (syllabus) and Pos3413a Course Home, Christopher J. Dolan, University of Central Florida, Summer 2007

PS 310 - The American Presidency (syllabus) and PS310 Syllabus with Powerpoints, Casey B.K. Dominguez, University of San Diego, Fall 2007; also PS310 - The American Presidency (syllabus, in pdf), Fall 2006; home page:  Casey Dominguez

Gov't 217 - The American Presidency (pdf), Gary Donato, Wesleyan University, Spring 2007; also Government 218 - Congress and the Presidency (pdf), Spring 2006

PO 306 - Executive Politics (pdf), Janet Donavan, Colorado State University, Fall 2008; also PO 306 (pdf), Fall 2007

POLI 614 - The Presidency of the United States, Andrew J. Dowdle, Fayetteville State University, Fall 2000; also POLI410 - The American Chief Executive (undergraduate), Fall 2001

(courses pending), Andrew J. Dowdle, University of Arkansas; home page:  Andrew Dowdle Vita 2008

PAPA 6254 - The Presidency and Public Administration (pdf) and Presidency - Matt Dull, Matthew Dull, Virginia Tech - Northern Virginia Center, Spring 2009; also Political Science 116 - The American Presidency, Spring 2005; home page:  Teaching - Matt Dull

PS210 - The Presidency and Congress (pdf), Roger J. Durham, Aquinas College, Spring 2004; home page:  Roger J. Durham

Political Science 670 - The American Presidency (pdf), George C. Edwards III, Texas A&M University, Spring 2008; home pages: Texas A&M Political Science Department - Faculty George C. Edwards III and George Edwards

POLS351 - The Presidency (doc) or POLS 351 - The Presidency (html), Robert M. Eisinger, Lewis & Clark College, Spring 2005

PS221- Congress and Presidency and Main Page, Laurel Elder, Hartwick College, Autumn 2001; home page:  Dr. Laurel Elder

Political Science 400 - Politics and Journalism: The Press and the Presidency, John M. Elliott, Kenyon College, Fall 2007

PS3163 - The American Presidency (pdf), Margaret Ellis, Oklahoma University, Fall 2007; also PSC3020 - Presidential Inaugurations and Transitions (pdf), Spring 2005; home page:  Margaret Ellis

Politics 354 - The American Presidency and related web resources, Richard J. Ellis, Willamette University, Fall 2008; also Politics 354, Spring 2005; The Rhetorical Presidency, Fall 1996; home page:  Richard Ellis and RRichard J. Ellis Homepage

PS350 - The President and Congress, JeDon A. Emenhiser, Humboldt State University, Spring 2003; also PS485 - Senior Seminar - The New Congress and the Old Presidency, 1998; home page:  JeDon A. Emenhiser

POLS 341-000 - The Presidency, Justin Esarey, Emory College, Spring 2010

PSCI 4140-001 The American Presidency (pdf), Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha, University of North Texas, Fall 2009; also PSCI 4140-001, Spring 2007; home page:  Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha

POS3413 - The West Wing (The Presidency) (pdf), Jocelyn Jones Evans, University of West Florida, Fall 2006; home page:  Jocelyn Evans

PS344 - The American Presidency and Main Page, Sean F. Evans, Union University, Spring 2009; also PS344, Spring 2007; Sean Evans's Homepage

PSC3398 - Presidency, Paul Fabrizio, McMurry College, Spring 2000; home page:  Paul Fabrizio

POLS3307 - The American Presidency and Main Page, J. David Fairbanks, University of Houston-Downtown, Spring 2002; home page:  J. David Fairbanks

PO 338 - The Presidency, Margaret Farrar, Augustana College, Winter 2004-2005

POLS 4314-001 - Separation of Powers and American Institutions (pdf) and POLS 5311-508 - Separation of Powers(pdf), Victoria Farrar-Myers, University of Texas at Arlington, Spring 2009; also Pols 5311 - The U.S. Presidency (pdf), Fall 2007; Pols 4334 - Presidential Foreign Policy Making (pdf), Fall 2007; home page:  Victoria Farrar-Myers (personal page) and Dr. Victoria Farrar-Myers (at UTA)

Pols311-01 - The American Presidency (pdf), Jasmine Farrier, University of Louisville, Spring 2008; home page:  Jasmine Farrier

History 343 or 425 - The American Presidency and History 425 - Presidential Resources, Howard B. Fedrick, King's College (UK), Spring 2000; home page:  Howard B. Fedrick

Political Science Y322 - The American Presidency (doc), Margaret Ferguson, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Fall 2007; also Political Science Y322 (doc), Fall 2006

Poli 391C - Congress and the Presidency (pdf), Charles J. Finocchiaro, University of South Carolina, Fall 2007; home page:  Charles J. Finocchiaro

PSC306 - The American Presidency (pdf), Charles J. Finocchiaro, University at Buffalo, SUNY, Spring 2004

PS_1212 - American Presidency (pdf), Nathan Firestone, University of Pittsburgh, Spring 2004

PSC 222 - Executive and Legislative Relationships (pdf), Gene Fisher, George Washington University, Fall 2009; see GWU's The Graduate School of Political Management - MALA Course Listings and Syllabi

POGA 5130 - Political Institutions and Processes (pdf), grad level, with substantial component on presidency), Richard Fleisher, Fordham University, Spring 2008; also PORU 2206 - The American Presidency (pdf, undergrad), Spring 1999; home page: Rich Fleisher/a>

PS330-301 - Politics, Power and Policymaking in Washington, D.C. (pdf), John C. Fortier, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2004

Govt 390 - Presidential Foreign Policy Decision Making and Course Materials page, Douglas C. Foyle, Wesleyan University, Fall 2005; home page:  Douglas C. Foyle

POLS 3203 - The American Executive (pdf), Peter L. Francia, East Carolina University, Fall 2009; home page: Peter L. Francia

POSC 3212 - The American Presidency (syllabus) and Course Home, Michael W. Frank, Anderson University, Semester I (Fall), 2008-2009; home page: Michael W. Frank

Political Science 4180(H) - The Chief Executive (pdf) undergrad and Political Science 8180 - The Chief Executive (pdf) graduate, Daniel P. Franklin, Georgia State University, Spring 2005; also PS4180 - American Chief Executives, Fall 1998; home page: Daniel P. Franklin

PSI304 - Congress and the Presidency, plus Congress links, Brian Frederking, McKendree College, Fall 2001; home page: Brian Frederking

GVPT 470 - The American Presidency and the Executive Branch (pdf), Elizabeth Freund, University of Maryland, Summer 2006

PS320_- The American Presidency (doc), Daniel Galvin, Northwestern University, Winter 2007; home page: Daniel Galvin

PS18-355 - American Presidency and PS355 Information, Joseph Gaziano, Lewis University, Fall 2003; home page: Joe Gaziano

PSCI245 - The American Presidency (doc), John G. Geer, Vanderbilt University, Spring 2005; home page:  John G. Geer

POL217 - The U.S. Presidency (pdf), Shamira Gelbman, Illinois State University, Spring 2008; home page:  Shamira Gelbman

Political Science 334 - The Presidency (pdf), Michael A. Genovese, Loyola Marymount University, Fall 2006; home page:  Michael A. Genovese

Political Science 398/History 398 - Leadership and Ethics:  Ancient and Modern (pdf), Michael A. Genovese and Lawrence A. Tritle, Loyola Marymount University, Spring 2006

PAL 116 - The Arts of Political Leadership (pdf), David Gergen, Harvard University, Spring 2004; home page:  David Gergen (with numerous editorials and articles)

Sixties in Stereo: the Johnson Years, and Resources, Kent Germany, University of Virginia, Spring 2006

Law 329 - Congress and the Presidency, Michael J. Gerhardt, University of North Carolina Law School, Fall 2009; home page:  Michael J. Gerhardt

Government 371 - The Presidency (no link), John B. Gilmour, College of William & Mary, Spring 2008; home page:  John Gilmour

POLI463 - The Chief Executive - Syllabus (scroll down this file to locate it), Betty Glad, University of South Carolina, unspecified semester; home page:  Betty Glad

Law 262 - Foreign Relations and National Security Law (pdf), Michael J. Glennon, The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, Spring 2008; also Law 262 - Foreign Relations and National Security Law, Spring 2007; home page:  Faculty - The Fletcher School - Michael J. Glennon

POLI 764 - Problems of the Presidency (pdf), Brad T. Gomez, University of South Carolina, Fall 2005; home page:  Brad T. Gomez, Department of Political Science, Florida State University with Professor Gomez's Class Webpage

POL_232 - United States Presidency (pdf), Brian David Goldberg, American Jewish University (AJULA), Spring 2007

The New American Presidency, Ricardo Gomez-Vilchis, University of California at San Diego, Spring 2010

Lilly Goren, Carroll University; home page: Lilly Goren, Carroll University

Behind the Bully Pulpit: The History of the Presidential Speech (pdf), Josh Gottheimer, University of Michigan, Fall 2009

512:205 - The American Presidency (pdf), David Greenberg, Rutgers University, Fall 2009; home page:  David Greenberg

POL311/331 - The American Presidency, Gunnar Grendstad, University of Bergen (Norway), Fall 2008

History 296 - Modern American Presidents and Web Resources, Robert Griffith, American University, Fall 1999

84-324 - The American Presidency (doc), Martin Gruberg, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fall 2007

PS21 - The American Presidency (pdf), Jim Guth, Furman University, Spring 2008

PS494H - The American Presidency:  Ronald W. Reagan (pdf), William K. Hall, Bradley University, Fall 2005/2006; also PLS494 - The Presidency and Lyndon Johnson, Spring 1996/1997

PE318-01 - The American Presidency (doc), Ann Hallum, Stetson University, Fall 2003

POLS 3543 - American Presidency, Justin Halpern, Northeastern State University, Fall 2004; also POLS 3543 - American Presidency, Spring 2004

POSC 320 - The American Presidency (syllabus) and POSC 320 course page, Leon Halpert, Siena University, Fall 2007; home page:  Leon Halpert's Home Page

(courses pending), Lori Cox Han, Chapman University; home page:  Lori Cox Han

Political Science 394 - Political Leadership, William Harbour, Longwood University, Spring 2009; home page: William Harbour

Political Science 245 - The American Presidency, Jim Harrigan, Lehrman American Studies Center Online at ISI (Intercollegiate Studies Institute), dates not specified

CMS 390N/GOV 381L - Political Language (doc), Roderick P. Hart, University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2002 (Note:  This file causes delays in exiting the site.  I recommend right-clicking this one to open it in a separate browser.); home page: Roderick P. Hart

Pols 365 - The American Presidency (link pending), Caroline Heldman, Occidental College, Spring 2008; home page:  Caroline Heldman

Political Leadership in Old and New Democracies (pdf; large presidential component in comparative perspective), Ludger Helms, Central European University, Fall 2007

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Foreign Affairs and the Constitution (pdf), Peter J. Spiro, Hofstra University School of Law, Fall 1999 (large presidential component)

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GOV 370L - President, Congress, and Court, Jeffrey Tulis, University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2009; home page:  Jeffrey Tulis

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course pending, Richard Waterman, University of Kentucky; home page:  Richard Waterman

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broken links - Gov 255 - The American Presidency (pdf), Stephen J. Wayne, Georgetown University, Spring 2005; also Gov 524 - The American Presidency (graduate), Spring 2001; home pages: Stephen J. Wayne Homepage (up to 2005) and Stephen J Wayne

(course pending), M. Stephen Weatherford, University of California Santa Barbara; home page:  UCSB Department of Political Science - M. Stephen Weatherford, Professor

PSC 216.LH3 - The American Presidency (pdf), Jeffrey A. Weinberg, The George Washington University, Fall 2009; also PSC 224 - Executive Branch Decision Making (pdf), Spring 2007; see GWU's The Graduate School of Political Management - MALA Course Listings and Syllabi

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Syllabi on presidential campaigns and elections:             Top

PS4801 - The Presidential Election of 2008 (doc), Sunil Ahuja, Youngstown State University, Spring 2008

POLS 490 - Presidential Campaigns, Wayne Anderson, College of the South, Fall 2004

PS 5135: Graduate Seminar in Readings and Research in American Politics: The U.S. Presidential Election Process (pdf), Phillip J. Ardoin, Appalachia State University, Fall 2008; also PS4230 - The Presidency and Executive Branch, Fall 2007; home page:  Dr. Phillip J. Ardoin

PS419-519 - Riding a Dark Horse to the White House, Les AuCoin, Visiting Professor, Southern Oregon University, unspecified dates

POLS 3037 - Election Forecasting, Jody Baumgartner, East Carolina University, Spring 2008; home page:  Dr. Jody Baumgartner

LBS 4500/IR 7550 - Labor and the 2004 Presidential Campaign (pdf), David Bonior, Wayne State University, Fall 2004

APLS493s - Presidential Elections, Bob Botsch, University of South Carolina-Aiken, Fall 2008

Presidential Politics:  Race, Class, Faith & Gender in the 2008 Election Stanford Video Course, Al Camarillo, Douglas Foster, Gary Segura, Robert Gregg, and Gary Segura and Simon Jackman, Stanford University, Fall 2008

PSC 344 - Political Campaigns (pdf), James E. Campbell, University at Buffalo, SUNY, Fall 2008; home page:  James E. Campbell

POLS3123 - The Road to the White House (syllabus, in pdf), Carl D. Cavalli, North Georgia College and State University, Fall 2009; home page:  Carl D. Cavalli

PSC413 - Campaigns & Elections and Campaigns & Elections (html), Ken Collier, Stephen F. Austin State University, Spring 2008; also PS413 (pdf), Fall 2004 (further detail:   Index of PS413)

143:060:003 Honors Seminar: Engaging the Candidates, Cary R. Covington, University of Iowa, Fall 2007; Covington Home Page

Syllabus - The Presidential Election of 2004 (pdf), Taylor Dark, Doshisha University, Spring 2004

History 498 - "Tippecanoe to George Bush Two" - U.S. Presidential Elections in Historical Context, Thomas W. Devine, California State University at Northridge, Fall 2004

POLI294.02 - Presidential Campaigns and Elections (pdf), Julie Dolan, Macalester College, Spring 2008

GOV370L - Presidential Electoral Politics, Tim Fackler, University of Texas at Austin, Spring 2005

PMGT 265 - History of U.S. Presidential Elections (pdf), Ronald A. Faucheux, Graduate School of Political Management, George Washington University, Spring 2008

PMGT 243—Strategic Factors in Presidential Campaigns (pdf), Peter Fenn and Joe Rothstein, George Washington University, Fall 2001

PSCI281 - Capturing the 2008 Presidential Nomination (pdf), Harold Ford, Jr. and John G. Geer, Vanderbilt University, Fall 2007; home page:  John G. Geer

The Race for the White House, Eve Lubalin Fromm, University of San Francisco, Fromm Institute (online), Spring 2004

Political Science 4515 - Campaign Politics (pdf), Paul-Henri Gurian, University of Georgia, Fall 2008; also Political Science 4790H - Bush v. Gore:  The 2000 Presidential Election (pdf), Spring 2007; home page: Dr. Paul-Henri Gurian

The Way to Win:  Taking the White House in 2008 (doc), Mark Halperin and John Harris, University of Denver C-SPAN web course, Winter 2008

PS109 - The Role of Public Opinion in Presidential Elections - Leadership Decisions (pdf) and Course Page, Peter D. Hart, University of California at Berkeley, Spring 2007

PSC313.001_- Campaign_Analysis (pdf), Danny Hayes, Maxwell School of Syracuse University, Fall 2007; home page:  Danny Hayes' Web site

Government and Politics 828a - Campaigns and Elections (pdf), Paul S. Herrnson, University of Maryland, Spring 2000

The 2004 Presidential Campaign and Election, Maxine Isaacs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Fall 2003

Communication 162/262 - Political Science 323S - Analysis of Presidential Campaigns,, Shanto Iyengar, Stanford University, Winter Quarter 2008

PS 13N: The 2008 Presidential Election (freshman seminar, in pdf), Simon Jackman, Stanford University, Fall 2008; home page:  Simon Jackman

PS 4515 - Campaign Politics (pdf), Jim Kallerman, University of Georgia, Spring 2007

POLS 4710 - Seminar:  Presidential Elections (doc), Jim King, University of Wyoming, Fall 2007; home page:  Dr. James King

GOVT242 - Presidential Electoral Politics (pdf), James Lengle, Georgetown University, Spring 2005; home page: 

Forecasting Presidential Elections:  When to Change the Model? (pdf), Michael S. Lewis-Beck, University of Iowa, Fall 2007; home page: 

POS 3931 - The Road to the White House 2008 (pdf) and The Road To The Whitehouse 2008, Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan, University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Spring 2008

POL 296S - The Future of Democracy: Race For the Presidency - CSPAN In the Classroom Course, Christopher Malone, Pace University, Spring 2008; also POL 296N - Road to the White House, Fall 2007

Political Science 423 - Presidential Elections, Nicholas R. Miller, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Fall 2008; also Political Science 309 - Selected Topics American Politics:  How Should We Elect the President?, Fall 2006; also POLI423 (syllabus) and POLI423 (resources and links), Spring 2004; also useful Presidential Selection links; home page: Nicholas R. Miller

How To Steal An Election, Bertell Ollman, New York University, Fall 2007

POSC 467 - Road to the Presidency 2008 (syllabus) and POSC 467 - Road to the Presidency 2008 (supplement), Joseph Pika and Ralph J. Begleiter, University of Delaware, Fall 2008

PSC215 - American Elections (pdf), Lynda W. Powell, University of Rochester, Fall 2008; home page:  Lynda W. Powell

UC Berkeley Webcasts Video and Podcasts PoliSci 179 - Election 2008, Alan Ross, University of California at Berkeley, Fall 2008; YouTube lectures:  google to YouTube - Political Science 179 - Election 2008 - Lecture 1 and beyond for specific online lectures

PS 390Q/Law and Public Service 401D - U.S. Presidential Elections Seminar, Andrew Rudalevige, Dickinson College, Spring 2004

Political Science 904/900 - The Politics of Presidential Selection (pdf), Byron E. Shafer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Spring 2008; home page: Byron E. Shafer

PS4320 - Presidential Elections & American Politics, Dennis M. Simon, Southern Methodist University, Fall 2001

The American Presidential Election (pdf), Jordan Stancil, Sciences PO, Paris (France) - Fall Semester 2008

PLSC 4326-001 - Presidential Elections (pdf), Harold W. Stanley, Southern Methodist University, Fall 2008; also PLSC 4326, Spring 2008 and PLSC 4326, Fall 2007; home page:  Harold W. Stanley

Comm 626 - Presidential Political Campaigns in Modern Times, Jennifer Stromer-Galley, SUNY at Albany, Fall 2003

HIST 4990 -  Politics and Presidential Elections of the Nineteenth Century, W.H. Venet, Georgia State University Department of History, Spring 2005

Govt 242 - Presidential Electoral Politics (pdf), Stephen J. Wayne, Georgetown University, Fall 2004

General syllabi locales on presidency and related topics:             Top

American Political Development - Syllabi on The Presidency has contextual syllabi of which the presidency will be a substantial part; most links are in hypertext.

Index of -~apsaph-archives-syllabi has American Political Development syllabi organized by the instructor's name.  The names overlap the file shown above but are mostly older entries, from APSA files.  Most files are in .pdf.

Politics & History Syllabi Archive at UCLA - similar to APD archive; all links are in PDF and are located at the UCLA site

Syllabus Archive from POP (Political Organizations and Parties)

Other useful resources on the presidency (not syllabi):                Top

U.S. Presidency Links - Russell D. Renka; and Modern Presidents from FDR to the Present

Americanpresidency.Org Audio - Video Archive

Campaign 2008 from enews.Source has category labeled "2008 Presidential Election" with "expert sources" sorted by varied topics.  Typically there is one professor listed per topic, and occasionally (on rhetoric) several.  Each is described briefly.  Links are e-mail only.  Probable value:  limited, but worth checking.

Benson, Thomas Walter for extensive communications and rhetoric website links

The Rise of Electronic Media Resources, University of Iowa

The Living Room Candidate, Presidential Campaign Commercials, 1952-2004


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