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Welcome to the Home Website of the Presidency Research Group


Presidency Research GroupThe PRG is the premier association of scholars devoted to the study of the presidency and executives.  To that end, it welcomes diverse theoretical perspectives, analytical techniques, and data sources as they contribute to the advancement of scholarship and teaching.  It also invites the contributions and perspectives of other disciplines.


The PRG supports the development of professional research on the Presidency.  Its members provide the basic analysis necessary to understand issues affecting presidential governance, including executive privilege, national and congressional leadership, and White House operations.  The Presidency Research Group also sponsors public understanding of the presidency by lending its professional judgment to issues of the day involving scholarship, the functioning of the National Archives and its presidential library system, and the proper functioning of the Executive Branch.  Its membership also assists in the development funding for basic as well as applied research involving presidential governance, White House operations, and leadership.

Membership Registration and Services

Researchers on the presidency are welcomed and encouraged to register with the PRG.  Registration fees are $10.00 and entitle members to a subscription to PRG Report, the Group's newsletter, and regular communications through our PRG List Service.  The PRG is an organized section of the American Political Science Association (APSA), which holds the Membership list.  Prospective new or renewing members should navigate from APSA to Join/Renew Now! or also Individual Membership.  Information on PRG as an Organized Section of APSA is via APSA > APSA Organized Sections > Presidency Research.

PRG ReportsPRG provides information through its research newsletter PRG Report, summarizing research conferences on topics of concern to members, assessing topics of common interest, and announcing new research materials. 

The PRG List Service for Members is accessed via Terry Sullivan at

WhiteHouse2001 at work Through its mentoring program, the PRG develops the professional futures of its members.  The PRG also co-sponsors public service projects designed to use the expertise of its members to better governance.  For example, The White House Transition Project, completed with the Pew Charitable Trusts and a host of institutional partners, smoothed the way for the presidential transition in 2001 through a non-partisan effort involving previous White House staff, scholars, and the major party campaign staffs.  These efforts helped the current administration make the smooth transition into governance as well as developed a base of information about White House operations that few understood or appreciated.  Scholars interviewed White House staff and then developed extensive briefing materials on White House operations used by the incoming administration.  In addition, scholars developed a new, in-depth understanding of the presidential appointments process while creating software to assist presidential appointees in navigating the appointments process.


About PRG includes:

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