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PRG Data Sites on the Presidency

Database of Historical Congressional Statistics - Principal Investigators Elaine K. Swift, Robert G. Brookshire, David T. Canon, Evelyn C. Fink, John R. Hibbing, Brian D. Humes, Michael J. Malbin, and Kenneth C. Martis

Database of Historical Congressional Statistics (in .htm); or

Database of Historical Congressional Statistics (955 KB in .doc per Microsoft Word)

Historical Congressional (68,786 KB in .mdb files per Microsoft Access)

TAB_DELIMITED_DATA.ZIP (65,732 KB in .dat files)

Cong010409.rar (43.3 MB in WinRAR zipped archive; unzips to approximately 422,644 KB in .dmp or "dump file" form from various spreadsheets)

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Presidential Requests.txt (4.703 KB in .txt)

Forecasting the Presidential Election of 2004:

Introduced in April 2004 is Forecasting Decisions in Conflicts from The Political Forecasting Special Interest Group at the Wharton School, in association with Alfred Cuzan at University of West Florida, and Randall Jones at University of Central Oklahoma.  Included is assessment of Ray Fair's well-known forecasting model.  A printer-friendly summation in pdf is Polly's_table.
    The forecast model by Cuzan, Heggen and Bundrick is also at Alfred Cuzan's site Faculty Forums Government - The University of West Florida.

The Presidency 2004:   See LMU LA - Loyola Marymount University: The Presidency 2004, including Presidency Survey Results.

Job Approval Ratings:  See JARs - Job Approval Ratings:  "U.S. Officials' Job Approval Ratings (JARs) website, a unique depository for job approval ratings obtained at the state level for state Governors, U.S. Senators and U.S. Presidents from the mid-1900s to today (short a few months for us to compile the data).  Funded in part by a National Science Foundation grant, the research project is administered by Richard Niemi of the University of Rochester in partnership with Thad Beyle at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Lee Sigelman at George Washington University."

U.S. presidency and Supreme Court data: See U.S. Presidency and Supreme Court Data from Rich Timpone, The Ohio State University.

White House Communications Operations and UC Washington Center - White House Communications Series.