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PRG Directory

    This is a brief listing of the current division of PRG sites.  Comments and suggestions should be e-mailed to Russell Renka.

  • About PRG:  Here's an introduction to the Presidency Research Group (PRG), including its current officers and Steering Committee membership.
  • PRG Directory:  This is it--a list of current PRG sites.
  • PRG Bylaws:  This is the Constitution of the PRG.
  • PRG Links:  Links to organizational resources on the presidency are here, including major websites.
  • Presidency Syllabi:  I've linked about 400 syllabi of current or recently taught courses on the presidency.  If yours is missing and you'd like it posted, send it in Word and I'll post it locally as-is or in hypertext (your choice).  Or better yet, send it as a PDF file.
  • Old PRG Sites:  There are numerous PRG sites left over from previous web locales.  Those I could find are located here.
  • PRG At Work:  Policy Statements on issues affecting research on the presidency. Public activities of the PRG are shown here.
  • PRG Leadership History:  Past leadership of the PRG is shown here.
  • PRG Reports:  This repository has the biennial PRG Reports.
  • Presidency Conferences:  These are links to current or recent presidency conferences on which a website report exists.
  • Presidency Data Sites:  This site has downloadable data, currently including the Database of Historical Congressional Statistics.
  • Richard Neustadt Commemoration:  In his honor following his death in 2003.
  • Out to APSA:  American Political Science Association website

  • Suggestions, additions, comments and corrections should go to Russell Renka.
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