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Bylaws - Presidency Research Group

Statement of Purpose

The Presidency Research Group (PRG) is the premier association of scholars devoted to the study of the presidency and executives.  To that end, it welcomes diverse theoretical perspectives, analytical techniques, and data sources as they contribute to the advancement of scholarship and teaching.  It also invites the contributions and perspectives of other disciplines.  The PRG values the establishment and enhancement of non-partisan links between scholarship, the real world of presidential and executive politics, and public policy.

ARTICLE I.  MEMBERSHIP                 Top

Section 1.  Members of the Group

Members of the Group shall consist of all persons with an interest in research on chief executives who indicate a desire to be members and who pay annual dues.

Section 2.  Meetings of Members

Annual meetings of the group will be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association.  Announcements of annual meetings will be included in the printed program of the Association.

Section 3.  Annual Dues

Annual dues may be established at the annual meeting of the Group.  The amount of dues shall be recommended by the Steering Committee and payable at the annual meeting or thereafter by mail for the year beginning September 1st.

ARTICLE II.  OFFICERS                 Top

Section 1.  Steering Committee

A Steering Committee shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Group.  Each member shall serve for a three year term.  At least five new members shall be selected each year.  The Steering Committee shall include the officers of the Group, who will serve on the committee as ex officio members, without vote, for one year following their term in office.  The Steering Committee shall also include one seat elected from the Group as a graduate student.  Once elected, graduation shall not disqualify the member from completing the three-year term.  The Steering Committee shall receive nominations from any PRG member for all elective offices, and shall recommend nominees, by majority vote, to the general membership for approval by majority vote.  Excluding service as an officer, Steering Committee members shall serve no more than two consecutive three-year terms, excepting that the Committee may waive this rule by two-thirds vote.

Section 2.  Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the principal officers of the Group:  President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Division Chair, and the Editor of the newsletter.  The Executive Committee is empowered to act between annual meetings of the Group.

Section 3.  President

One of the members of the Presidency Research Group shall be elected at the first annual meeting of the Group to serve as its President.  The President shall preside at the annual meeting, call meetings of the Executive Committee and the Steering Committee, be responsible for implementing and coordinating the programs of the Group, and serve as ex officio member, without vote, on all committees.  The President shall serve for one year.

Section 4.  Vice-President

One of the members of the Presidency Research Group will be elected Vice-President and will preside in the absence of the President.  The Vice-President will be President-Elect for the succeeding year, and shall serve for a one-year term.

Section 5.  Secretary-Treasurer

One of the members of the Presidency Research Group shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Group to serve as Secretary-Treasurer. The Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain minutes of the meetings of the Group and be responsible for the funds of the Group, and shall serve for a one-year term.

Elected officers of the Presidency Research Group shall serve for three years: one year as secretary/treasurer, one year as vice president/president-elect, and one year as president.  No later than two months before the annual business meeting at APSA, the president of PRG shall solicit nominations (and self-nominations) from members of the Steering Committee and the Executive Committee for the position of secretary/treasurer.  All nominations should include a brief statement in support of the nominee and must be submitted no later than two weeks before the business meeting.  The president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer shall deliberate on the pool of nominees and seek agreement among themselves on the individual they will recommend at the Steering Committee Meeting at APSA.  The Steering Committee will be informed of the pool of nominees once it is complete.  At the Steering Committee Meeting, if at least one third of the members present request it, the nominee will be selected instead by a majority runoff secret ballot.

Section 6.  Division Chair

One of the members of the Presidency Research Group shall be selected in accordance with APSA guidelines to serve as Division Chair.  That person shall organize and direct such programs as are approved at the annual meeting, and shall coordinate the development of panels for the official program of the APSA Annual Meeting.

Section 7.  Newsletter Editor

One of the members of the Presidency Research Group shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Group to serve as editor of the newsletter.  That person shall serve a two-year term.


The Group may establish special panels, workshops, symposia, or social gatherings at the Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association and at regional and other professional meetings.

ARTICLE IV.  AWARDS                 Top

The PRG shall give such awards as it deems appropriate.  Awards committees shall be named by the President, subject to the approval of the Steering Committee.  Annual PRG Awards shall include the following:

Section 1.  The Richard E. Neustadt Award for the Best Authored and Reference Book(s) on the Presidency

The criteria for the Best Authored Book award shall include:  a) the book so honored must have theoretical significance, and b) the award committee shall consider the broadest number of perspectives as possible in considering nominees.  The book must also have a copyright date coinciding with the year of the award.  This date shall precede the year in which the award is presented.  The committee shall give the Best Reference Book award at its discretion.  The Reference Book award shall be named in accordance with the decision of the Steering Committee or its designees.

Section 2.  The Founder's Awards for Best Paper

A Founder's Award, named in honor of the APSA members who formed the PRG in 1979 (Peri Arnold, Dom Bonafede, Thomas Cronin, George C. Edwards III, Fred Greenstein, Michael Grossman, Erwin Hargrove, Martha Joynt Kumar, David Naveh, Bert Rockman, Francis Rourke, Lester Seligman, Stephen Wayne, and James Young), shall be given annually for the best paper on the presidency/executives at the previous year's APSA conference.  In addition, a separate Founder's Best Paper Award shall be presented to the best graduate student paper presented at either the national conference or one of the regional conferences.  The paper must have been presented in the academic year preceding the APSA in which the award is granted.  A different founder shall be recognized by name on an annual, rotating basis when each award is announced and presented.

Section 3.  Career Service Award

Every four years during a presidential election year, the PRG shall form a committee to give an award to recognize career service to the study of the presidency.  The committee shall be chaired by the PRG vice president, and the criteria for the award shall be determined by the board, or its designees.


The annual meeting shall have the power to modify, alter, or amend the bylaws of the Group by a majority vote.  Unless otherwise specified, amendments shall be effective upon approval by the Group.  Disputes and questions concerning procedure shall be resolved by reference to Robert's Rules of Order.

Approved as amended:  8/31/02

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