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Terms of purchase:  I accept PayPal with payment in U.S. dollars; use as the payee.  Please add 4 percent of cost to cover my expense in using this valuable service.  I will estimate shipping conservatively to cover my shipping expense.  If you are not satisfied with any shells you receive, I will recoup your cost plus the shipping for their return.

Terms of swap:  I will assume we each bear our own costs for shipping.  Satisfaction standard is same as above on Terms of purchase.

Identifications:  Copy the species genus and name from below to Google or Bing to find World Register of Marine Species, aka WoRMS for formal identifications.  You'll also get Encyclopedia of Life species pages without needing to walk through many steps.  Since many family, genus and species  identifications have been extensively revised, each species WoRMS site shows synonyms and earlier names.  Old and supplanted names are red-marked "unaccepted" followed by a link to the correct current name.

Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods provides photographic identification of virtually all Gastropoda species, whether accepted by WoRMS or not.  For Bivalvia and cross-checks on Gastropoda, Jacksonville Shell Club's covers all western Atlantic species.  Natural History Museum Rotterdam - Mollusca has sequenced slide shows for easy visual targeting of intrafamily and intragenus identifications.  Olivier Caro's Seashells Collection has most families of Gastropoda and Bivalvia with excellent high-resolution pictures that include specimen size and approximate habitat locale.  Finally, all species at WoRMS include a "Google Image" link (of variable quality) based on the species name.

All these photo sites have some supplanted names.  To find the corrections, cite the name plus "in WoRMS" (or "in worms") at Google or Bing.

° Giants
° Dwarfs 
FamiliesAngariidae | Architectonicidae | Arcidae | Babyloniidae | Buccinidae | Bursidae | Calliostomatidae | Cancellariidae | Cardiidae |
Carditidae | Cassidae | Cerithiidae | Chamidae | Colubrariidae | Columbellidae | Conidae | Costellaridae | Cypraeidae | Epitonidae | Fasciolaridae |
Ficidae | Haliotidae | Harpidae | Littorinidae | Lucinidae | Marginellidae | Melongenidae | Miscellaneous Bivalvia | Miscellaneous Gastropoda |
 Mitridae | Muricidae | Nassaridae | Naticidae | Neritidae | Olividae | Ovulidae | Pectinidae | Personidae | Phasianellidae |
Pleurotomariidae | Ranellidae | Rostellariidae | Spondylidae | Strombidae |Struthiolariidae | Tegulidae | Tellinidae | Terebridae |
 Tonnidae | Trochidae | Turbinellidae | Turbinidae | Turridae | Turritellinae | Veneridae | Volutidae | Xenophoridae |

Giants:   These are exceptionally large specimens among species recognized widely enough to permit careful judgments on what is a giant.  Generally they will fall in the top 5 percent or fewer among specimens available to collectors.   / Next Down /
Azumapecten farreri         F++       109.10mm diagonal, 103mm length x 99.53mm width, Yellow Sea, purple to light brown, fine spires, superb   $25
Biplex perca                   F+++       83.39mm, East China Sea in deep water, as big as they get, nice wings  $20
Cantharus melanostoma   F++        73.75mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, hefty knobbed specimen with beautiful orange and black aperture   $12
Colubraria soverbii           F++       78.16mm, Balut Is. PI tangle nets, perfect giant beauty, very uncommon and no longer fished in Balut   $25
Conomurex fasciatus        F++       45.94mm, near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, golden mouth Stromb with pink-white body and brown bands  $15
Conus ammiralis              F++       76.75mm, Nocnocan Is. PI, whitened spire and 3 growth pauses but still excellent color and look, fine lip   $20
Conus aureus                   F+        69.52mm, Caw-uy Is. PI tangle nets, dark tenting with narrow cording, has two scar lines, rare  $60
Conus australis                F+        105.18mm, East China Sea, lip flaws on natural lip, blue and brown patches on white  $16
Conus ferrugineus            F++       76.31mm w/o, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, golden yellow giant, not gerontic, thin natural lip   $12
Conus geographus            F++       128.79mm x 63.98mm, Phan Rang Vietnam, old fat giant with huge body whorl, shading on the pale side    $16
Conus ichinoseana            F+         75.77mm, East China Sea deep water, dark brown banding atop, one light brown band below   $12
Conus kintoki                  F+++       67.20mm, Balicasaq Is. PI tangle nets in deep water, beautiful posterior yellow and anterior pink on body   $10
Conus kintoki                  F+++       92.17mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, pink and yellow gradually whitens toward aperture, a beauty  $35
Conus moreleti                   F         48.8mm, Apra Harbor Guam, true giant for rarely-seen species, shows some old age  $20
Conus planorbis               F++         74.20mm, Palawan PI, broad and heavy with good color, some lip trim   $15
Conus radiatus                 F++        85.51mm, Negros PI, alternating vertical dark and light brown, trimmed lip  $10
Conus rattus                    F++       43.8mm, Durban South Africa, well-marked in greenish brown  $12
Conus spirofilis                F+          30.78mm, Mactan Is. PI in tangle nets, one major growth pause, otherwise no sign of age   $20
Conus striatus                F++        115.74mm, Siargao PI, color patches darken with age, some blue, white base color    $15
Conus terebra                 F+          87.56mm, Panglao Is. Bohol PI, almost all white, heavy, has healed bite wound   $9
Conus tribblei                  F            106.83mm, East China Sea N of Keelung Taiwan, huge one, ragged lip, good body color    $20
Erosaria miliaris               G           51.65mm, East China Sea, butterscotch dorsum with green sulcate line  $10
Euprotomus bulla            F++         80.76mm, Calituban Is. PI giant with fully mature lip and aperture  $12
Ficus gracilis                    F+         161.29mm, Tainan Taiwan, not often seen this large  $15
Fulgoraria allaryi                F+        219.50mm, Spratly Is. South China Sea, mature good lip in light orange, some mud stain on body   $65
Fulgoraria hamillei              F+       169.72mm, East China Sea in 140m, much rust color, well marked, scar line and tail chip  $45
Fulgoraria kaneko                F+    197.30mm, East China Sea in deep water, mature good lip in light orange, mud stains on body   $50
Fulgoraria rupestris rupestris  F+    170.31mm, South China Sea, huge and distinctive "aurantia" gold color without markings    $45
Galeodea bituminata        F+++        47.30mm, East China Sea in deep water, uncommon, formerly named Galeodea echinophorella   $16
Haliotis ovina                     F+        78.7mm width, Nha Trang Vietnam, dark brown-green mottled color  $10
Harpa articularis             F+++       103.35mm, Negros PI, medium shading, lovely blend of orange and dark brown on ribs    $15
Harpa major                   F++         110.73mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, broad body with uniformly spaced medium-sized ribs, impressive   $20
Harpulina lapponica          F++        95.19mm w/o, Madras S India, beautiful light tan with orange, no indication of old age, fine spire detail   $15
Harpulina lapponica loroisi  F+++     122.42mm w/o, Kollam S India, dense squiggle marks in very dark brown, no gerontism, a beauty  $35
Haustellum haustellum       F++       159.90mm, Zamboanga PI, excellent color and form including spire  $20
Labiostrombus epidromis   F++         97.12mm, Masbate Is. PI, giant one with wide white flaring lip, not gerontic    $15
Latirus polygonus             F+          104.86mm w/o, Bohol Is. Cebu, good spire, could use better cleaning  $10
Lentigo pipus                   F++        79.30mm w/o, Olango Is. PI, mostly white dorsum with purple aperture, rare this size  $18
Lyncina carneola              F++         81.94mm, Bohol PI, light three-band dorsal color   $20
Lyncina vitellus                F+          75.54mm, Zamboanga in Sulu PI, extra large and heavy, honey-brown dorsum  $15
Lyria cloveriana               F+          86.24mm, off northeast Sri Lanka, red-orange heavy one, dorsal dullness on solidly red-orange shoulder   $50
Marginellona gigas             F++       167.77mm, Pratas Is. S China Sea, amazing to see these huge ones; still rare   $100
Mikadotrochus hirasei          F+      104.87mm width x 94.73mm height, w/o, East China Sea, red on gold with high color variations, impressive   $100
Monoplex pilearis               F++      130.23mm, Samar PI, bright red aperture and mid-range body color, only minor upper spire erosion   $16
Neptunea fukueae             F++       87.64mm w/o, East China Sea in deep water, elegant, pastel gold-yellow shading    $12
Oliva miniacea                  F++       94.35mm, Laminusa, Siasi Sulu PI, butterscotch base color with two brown bands    $12
Oliva tricolor                    F+         51.60mm, Apra Harbor Guam, distinctive blue and yellow patches, slight marring of finish   $6
Polinices peselephanti        F+         62.05mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, white with slight yellow blotches   $6
Ranularia pyrum             F++          105.14mm w/o, Palawan PI, beautiful mid-orange with whitened spire   $12
Semicassis inornata           F+         85.28mm w/o, East China Sea in 150m depth, has a scar but beautifully marked  $12
Thatcheria mirabilis             F         95.7mm, East China Sea deep water, lip scar, unique shape, now in family Raphitomidae    $15
Turbo petholatus           F+-F++      75 to 77.80mm height & width, w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, keeled shoulder unlike round-shoulder PI ones  $15 each
Tutufa (Tutufella) rubeta    F++       125.67mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, heavy huge one with brilliant red-orange aperture   $20
Vasticardium angulatum    F+++       84.26mm, Mactan Is. PI brilliant yellow giant, beautiful   $10
Vexillum (Costellaria) acupictum  F++ 35.9mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, unusual size, no gerontism    $15
Vexillum vulpecula                F+        66.53mm, Palawan PI, mix of black with deep orange, slight scar but beautiful  $12

Dwarfs:                 Previous / Next / Top 
Bufonaria cavitensis          F++      43.76mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, purple with high color contrasts   $3
Chelycypraea testudinaria   F+       71.64mm, Surigao PI, dull surface on part of dorsum, well marked  $5
Cymbiola nobilis              F++        72.4mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, nice dwarf volute with good color, thin but mature lip    $7
Cymbiola nobilis              F+++      81.0mm, Co Chang Thailand, fully mature with large protoconch, light tan base with two brown bands   $7
Cymbiola vespertilio          F++      52.13mm, Palawan PI from old collection, heavy with thick lip, light tan with tents  $8
Cypraea tigris                F+++      49.94mm, Puerto Princessa Palawan PI, dorsum with extensive yellow base color   $10
Cypraea tigris                F++        51.68mm, Puerto Princessa Palawan PI, orange on dorsum   $7
Distorsio anus                F+++       48.32mm, Ubay, Bohol PI, light colored small one with full adult details   $3
Distorsio reticularis         F+++       40.49mm, Manila Bay, nice small full adult on the familiar reticulate Distorsio   $3
Ericusa sowerbyi             F++        90.31mm, Lakes Entrance Victoria S Aus, covered in light rust-orange on body and darker on spire   $12
Lentigo pipus                 F++         48.21mm, Palawan PI, very pale one with beautiful near-black aperture  $4
Lobatus raninus             F++         43.59mm dwarf, Limon Cays, San Blas Is. E Panama, heavy adult stromb with thick lip, nice color   $10
Lyncina vitellus              F++         35.45mm, Apra Harbor Guam, fully mature cowry, heavy for size, honey-brown with regular spots   $4
Mauritia mauritiana         F+          60.77mm, N. Bantayan s. Cebu PI, slight subadult cowrie with brown (not gray) on base  $4
Mitra incompta              F++        54.79mm, Nacala Bay Mozambique, orange with cream spiral band and flammules  $10
Pteropurpura trialata       F++       48.84mm w/o, Carlsbad CA, dark-colored dwarf murex with three wide wings   $12
Sinustrombus sinuatus    F+++      72.86mm to spire with short fingers, Olango Is. PI, fully mature stromb with very light color dorsum  $12
Sinustrombus sinuatus    F+++      74.53mm to spire with short fingers, Bohol Is. PI, light orange rather than white dorsum   $12
Talparia talpa                 F++       46.32mm, Siasi Sulu PI, some dorsal dulling lowers rating, fully mature cowrie with brown ventral side   $8
Tutufa bufo                   F++       73.94mm, Nada Wakayama Pref. Japan, true full adult with pale orange aperture rim   $10

Families in alphabetical order:

Angariidae:        Previous / Next / Top
Angaria aculeata           F++      41.21mm width w/o, Olango Is. Cebu PI, pink gold white mix with depressed spire   $4
Angaria sphaerula          F+       46.09mm width with spines, Nha Trang Vietnam, distinctive bright pinkish-red species    $4

Architectonicidae:              Previous / Next / Top
Architectonica maxima  large    F+   66.29mm, Kaohsiung Taiwan, mid-brown with patched markings on whorls    $7
Architectonica maxima  large    F++  69.87mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, a very large one    $10
Architectonica nobilis              F+++   29.2mm w/o, Espirito Santo Brazil in trawler nets   $3 
Architectonica perspectiva      F++     41.5mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, very nice color with no dashed lines    $3
Architectonica perspectiva        F+     50.3mm, Apra Harbor Guam, old collection, very nice color with no dashed lines    $3
Architectonica perspectiva large F++   67.61mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, with strong dark brown lines   $8
Architectonica taylori             F++     59.28mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, higher spire than others  $7
Heliacus variegatus               F+++    15.2mm, Balabac Is. PI from old collection, nice black and white contrasts   $2

Arcidae:          Previous / Next / Top
For identification by photo, confer Natural History Museum Rotterdam - Arcidae.
Anadara brasiliana  fill in
Anadara maculosa      F++       60.35mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, all white with periostracum gone    $2
Anadara pilula           G          20.0mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, pure white small pretty Arcidae species  $2
Anadara transversa    F++       30 to 32mm width, Sanibel Is. SW Florida, old collection, not fully cleaned of periostracum   $2
Tegillarca nodifera     F+++      52.41mm width, Kakee Nada, Andhra Pradesh S India, robust white species with nodules on ribs   $4

Babyloniidae:                 Previous / Next / Top
Formerly placed in Buccinidae, this is now a recognized separate family with most species in Genus Babylonia.
Babylonia areolata              F++         75.59mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, brown markings on body whorl turn gradually darker    $4
Babylonia spirata              F+++        45.58mm, Dehiwala Sri Lanka, beautiful honey brown, no growth lines   $3
Babylonia spirata              F++          53.12mm, Dehiwala Sri Lanka, lighter brown markings than most, one growth line   $3
Babylonia spirata              F+++        66.65mm w/o, Kottai Pattinam S India, heavy mature one with complex pattern    $6
Babylonia spirata     large   F+++        72.13mm w/o, Kottai Pattanam S India, beautiful heavy mature one with purple dot pattern   $7
Babylonia zeylanica           F+++        63.32mm w/o, Tuticorin S India, beautiful dark one with perfect spire and outer lip   $5

Buccinidae:                      Previous / Next / Top
For identification assistance of this vast family, see Olivier Caro's Buccinidae pictures and ViaNet Conchology, Gastropoda->Buccinidae; but check all names at WoRMS Buccinidae for genus and species name revisions.  For western Atlantic genus Busycon and genus Busycoptus, see  
Aeneator benthicolus           F++        47.57mm w/o, North Island New Zealand at 350m depth, not often seen  $12
Antillophos makiyamai         F++        24.51mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets, squat and strongly ribbed, uncommon   $4 
Antillophos varicosus          F+++      24.64mm, Mikawa Aichi Japan, uncommon   $4
Buccinum pemphigus          F++       52.61mm, north Yellow Sea in 200m depth, quite uncommon, might be Buccinum mirandum instead  $12
Buccinum undatum             F+        71.84mm, Gloucester Mass. at 300 feet by trawler, rough species with attractive curved outer lip, rusty color   $4  
Buccinum verkruzeni           F+        100.90mm w/o, North Japan Sea in 300m depth, uncommon   $20
Busycon sinistrum              F++       240 to 255mm, w/o, Cedar Key SW Florida mud flats, well-cleaned, prettier than most large ones  $25 each
Busycotypus spiratus          F+         106.98mm, Skyway Bridge St. Petersburg W Florida, pretty inflated form, chip on anterior lip  $4
Cantharus erythrostoma     F++        33.53mm, Port Hedland W Australia, nice angular species with white mouth and orange perimeter   $3
Cantharus melanostoma     F++        48.2mm, 50.6mm, Aruadi India, nice dorsum, slightly sub-adult  $2 each
Cantharus melanostoma giant  F++   73.75mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, hefty knobbed specimen with beautiful orange and black aperture   $12
Engina lanceolata                F++        9.56mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets, interesting unique brown square patches on white base color  $3
Engina tabogaensis             F++        12.71mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama by deep dredge, uncommon orange and black species   $4
Gemophos gemmatus         F+++      24.07mm w/p, Tamarindo Costa Rica on Pacific side, crabbed but excellent condition, thick lip   $3
Gemophos gemmatus         F+++      27.26mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, brown and white, subadult with thin outer lip   $3
Gemophos ringens              F++        22.21mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, distinctive biconic body with strong nodules   $3
Gemophos sanguinolentus    F++        25.63mm, Tamarindo C Rica on Pacific side, crabbed but clean, unique red lip with white dots   $4
Gemophos tinctus               F++        22 to 25mm, Sanibel Island SW Florida, mid-brown with white tints, formerly in genus Cantharus   $2 each
Gemophos tinctus               F+++      25.79mm w/o, Sanibel Island SW Florida, very dark brown with a few white patches, pretty   $3
Hesperisternia jugosa           F+++      20.05mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, nice little uncommon biconic species  $4
Hesperisternia multangulus   F+++      25.47mm w/o, lobster trap off Key West, lovely angular species in brown and white, not common   $4
Japelion adelphicus              F+          85.60mm, periostracum intact, southwest of Taiwan in 220 meters depth, trimmed lip   $8
Japelion adelphicus              F++       103.36mm w/o, East China Sea at 320 meters depth, fully mature with thick lip  $15
Japelion adelphicus              F++       107.98mm w/o and w/p, East China Sea in deep water, thin outer lip as usual   $10
Metaphos articulatus           F+++      31.49mm w/o, Isla Cebaco W Panama by dredge in 60-70 feet, uncommon elegant species   $6
Nassaria pusilla                   F+++      22.37mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, white rather than off-white or yellow, uncommon   $4
Nassaria wanneri visayensis      G       38.88mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, almost pure white, reticulated sculpture, recently named    $4
Neptunea contraria               F+       77.60mm w/o, NW Portugal white one, apex tip gone so price is bottomed  $10
Neptunea cumingii               F+        78.09mm w/o, northern Yellow Sea in 40m depth, white with brown bands, lip chip from dredge   $8
Neptunea cumingii              F+++      82.15mm w/o, northern Yellow Sea in 40m depth, spectacular shoulder nodules with banded cinnamon color  $20
Neptunea cumingii              F++        82.87mm w/o, Yellow Sea, elegant mix of brown bands in varied sizes  $12
Neptunea cumingii   large      F+        116.72mm, northern Yellow Sea in 40m depth, broad body with tan base and numerous dark brown bands  $16
Neptunea fukueae   large       F++     79.09mm w/o, East China Sea in 360m, elegant, pastel gold-yellow shading    $10
Neptunea fukueae  giant       F++      87.64mm w/o, East China Sea in deep water, elegant, pastel gold-yellow shading    $12
Neptunea kuroshio                F++     101.27mm w/o, East China Sea in deep water, white and gold color, has healed scar on spire   $10
Neptunea kuroshio    large      F+       124.57mm, East China Sea in deep water, huge white cold water specimen, rough as usual, rare this size  $35
Neptunea lyrata                    F++     128.66mm w/o, Japan Sea in deep water, apex naturally missing, great color and lip   $35
Neptunea subdilatata             F+       89.03mm w/o, Yellow Sea in 40m depth, very uncommon, one small lip chip    $20
Penion maximus       large     F+        202.70mm, Cairns QSD by trawler, large one with trimmed outer lip and missing spire tip   $7
Phos senticosus                  F+++     28.66mm, S.W. Taiwan, white with brown band, delicate frills, a beautiful species   $2
Phos senticosus                  F+++     32.94mm, S.W. Taiwan, white with brown band, delicate frills, a beautiful species   $3
Phos senticosus                   F+        37.01mm, S.W. Taiwan, yellow-white with orange mid-body band, lip is imperfect   $2
Pollia fumosa                      F++       28.9mm, Santo Rosa Cebu PI, dark brown on ribs with orange tints and white background   $3
Pollia undosa                     F+++      36.16mm, Apra Harbor Guam, thick handsome one with dark brown lines over yellow base color   $3
Siphonalia fuscolineata          F          58.88mm, off SW Taiwan by trawler, low rating for lip chip  $4
Solenosteira cancellaria     F++          29.00mm, Cozumel E Mexico by scuba, not very common   $4

Bursidae:                          Previous / Next / Top
Bufonaria cavitensis    dwarf     F++     43.76mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI from old collection, purple with high color contrast, fully mature   $3
Bufonaria cavitensis               F+++     62.04mm, Negros PI tangle nets, deep purple body whorl, nice orange outer lip   $5
Bufonaria cristinae                 F++      67.24mm w/o, Hainan Is. in South China Sea, dark red-brown dorsum with granulations    $8
Bufonaria crumena                F++      51.94mm w/o, Tuticorin S India, handsome mid-brown body with decorative orange lip  $4
Bufonaria crumena                F++      60.60mm w/o, Zamboanga in Sulu PI, handsome mid-brown body with decorative orange lip  $5
Bufonaria crumena                F++      72.40mm, Tulear Madagascar by dredge 15-20m, handsome dark one with bright orange aperture rim   $7
Bufonaria foliata                   F+++     73.76mm, Mombassa Kenya area, distinguished from all others by brilliant orange aperture, not common   $9
Bufonaria margaritula             F+        29.86mm, Aliguay Is. tangle nets, less fine detail than some so price is low   $2
Bufonaria perelegans              F+        92.41mm, Mactan Is. PI, one chip on anterior canal, light brown with fine granulation, white near varix   $3
Bufonaria perelegans   large    F++      110.86mm w/o,  Balicasaq Is. PI in tangle net, nice high contrast of brown and white, black spire smudges    $8
Bufonaria rana                      F++      53.80mm w/o, Bohol PI, fine granulated surface with one line of small nodules, formerly called Ranella subgranosa   $2
Bufonaria rana                     F+++      72.53mm, Singapore, closely resembles B. perelegans but smoother and not P.I. locale   $4
Bursa awatii   smooth           F+++      74.12mm, Santa Rosa Is. PI, finely detailed thin species with delicate flared outer lip   $7
Bursa corrugata                  F++       21.01mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, nice thick aperture, now uncommon   $3
Bursa corrugata pustulosa     F++      31.87mm w/o, Barra, Salvador Brazil, truncated apex as always, red-orange, seems like separate species   $8
Bursa granularis                  F++       37.42mm, Palawan PI, slightly young lip, beaded body in brown and white, thick  $3
Bursa granularis  large          F++      54.36mm w/o, SW of Florida Keys in deep water, formerly called Bursa cubaniana, uncommon   $10
Bursa grayana                   F+++      28.29mm w/o, Barra, Salvadore Brazil, little beauty in yellow with rows of brown knobs, fine detail, uncommon   $12
Bursa lamarckii                    F++      40.32mm, Balicasaq Is. PI, distinctive light tan body with details and spines, formerly called Bursa muehlhaeusseri   $4
Bursa lamarckii                   F++       47.83mm, Bohol PI, spire erosion, clean grayish body whorl with large knobs  $5
Bursa lamarckii    large          F+       62.21mm, Olango Is. PI, gnarled heavy specimen even for these, could use better cleaning   $10
Bursa quirihorai                  F+++     48.53mm, Balut Is. PI tangle nets, elegant white aperture with two-shaded brown body   $5
Bursa rhodostoma thomae   F++       29.72mm w/o, Palm Beach County E Florida, uncommon form with flared lavender aperture, formerly called Bursa thomae    $6
Bursa rosa                         F++      35.61mm, Panglao Is. PI, cleaner than usual, beauty lies in the red-orange aperture   $3
Bursa rugosa                      F++      31.73mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, broad brown knobby one, very uncommon   $12
Bursina nobilis      dark        F++        71.88mm w/o, East China Sea at 120m, dark brown beauty, well cleaned with fine sculpture  $7
Marsupina bufo                 F++         47.34mm, Honduras offshore by shrimpers, nice ovate beaded body   $3
Marsupina nana                F++         30.61mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, distinctive middle band of gray on reddish-brown, uncommon   $5
Tutufa bubo                     F++        195.02mm, Bohol PI, heavily brown body, spire erosion but good body, yellow in aperture (not orange)   $15     
Tutufa bufo   dwarf           F++        73.94mm, Nada Wakayama Pref. Japan, adult with pale orange aperture rim, pink on spire   $10
Tutufa bufo                      F++        140.62mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, broad knobby one with orange rim aperture, upper spire erosion   $15
Tutufa oyamai                  F++         80.03mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, fine body detail, female's crenellated white aperture, trimmed anterior  $10
Tutufa oyamai                  F+          81.28mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, less of the fine detail than most of these, semi-mature outer lip   $6
Tutufa rubeta                    F+         75.25mm, Bohol PI, pale brown body whorl and white spire, nice orange mouth, chip on outer lip   $3
Tutufa rubeta                    F           80.1mm, near Colombo Sri Lanka, some spire erosion so low price   $3
Tutufa rubeta     giant         F++       125.67mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, heavy huge one with brilliant red-orange aperture   $20

Calliostomatidae:                          Previous / Next / Top
See below for Trochidae.  This large family was formerly placed there.
Astele similaris                 F++         28.81mm height, Roebuck Bay near Broome NW Australia, well colored, very uncommon  $10
Calliostoma aculeatum       F++        24 x 25mm, East China Sea deep water, pastel light orange color, elegant  $5
Calliostoma consors  yellow F+++     24.34mm width w/o, East China Sea deep water, corded gold-yellow beauty   $4 
Calliostoma formosense      F+++      57.92mm width, S.W. Taiwan deep water, gold and orange   $6
Calliostoma haliarchus        F++       41.93 x 42.44mm w/o, East China Sea very deep water, uncommon beauty, has repaired bite mark  $15
Calliostoma jujubinum         F+         15-18mm, Sanibel Is. SW Florida, light to dark, nice striated spires   $3 each
Calliostoma springeri         F+++       26.55mm width, S.W. of Key West, uncommon pink-lined gold beauty from deep water   $20
Calliostoma tampaense       F++       20.21mm, lobster traps off Key West, pretty red to purple base with banding   $5
Ziziphinus polychromus      F+++      12-13mm, Balabac Is. PI, high-spired with intricate subtle patterns, formerly named Cantharidus gilberti   $2 each

Cancellariidae:                          Previous / Next / Top
Bivetiella cancellata          F++       35.0mm, Malaga Spain, beautifully patterned white with brown bands      $6
Bivetiella pulchra             F+++     23.10mm, Isla Cebaco W Panama, uncommon little beauty with fine frills    $6
Cancellaria albida             F++      23.39mm, Panama Bay W Panama, nearly all white with tinge of orange, strongly cancellated   $5
Cancellaria indentata       F+++      25.94mm, Isla Cebaco W Panama, fine orange color with darker protoconch, not often seen   $5 
Cancellaria obesa              F+       21.4mm, 22.5mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, varying brown bands, fat ones as name suggests   $3 each
Merica sinensis                F++      33.42mm, Gulf of Tonkin on reefs, cancellated orange-brown species, not very common   $5
Nipponaphera habei          F++      18.2mm, East China Sea in deep water, uncommon   $5
Scalptia contabulata        F++      22.38mm, Olango Is. PI, uncommon reddish brown nutmeg with distinctive keeled whorls   $5
Scalptia crossei               G         22.0mm, Manila Bay PI, light brown and lined in orange, thick varices, white lip     $3
Scalptia crossei             F++        25.17mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, brown, heavy varices, white lip     $3
Scalptia crossei             F++        29.95, Hainan Is. South China Sea, nice brown and white with pronounced varices   $3
Solatia piscatoria              G         22.0mm, Casamance Senegal, noduled beauty, very uncommon     $7
Sydaphera spengleriana     G         42.5mm, Mio Prefecture Japan, deep water trawl, uncommon   $8

Cardiidae:                                Previous / Next / Top
Note:  Family Cardiidae was expanded in 2011 to include subfamily Tridacninae with genus Hippopus and genus Tridacna.  For identifications, see Natural History Museum Rotterdam - Cardiidae, and Olivier Caro's Cardiidae.
Acrosterigma variegatum   F++         38.59mm length, South China Sea off Hainan Is., distinctive dark umbone color   $3
Acrosterigma variegatum   F++         43.44mm length, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, yellow to light red patches   $4
Americardia media             F++        27.27mm, Marco Island SW Florida, more white and fewer dark markings than usual   $2
Ciliatocardium ciliatum        F+          46.78mm width, Bo Sea, mariculture item of shell normally from north Atlantic, seldom seen   $4
Clinocardium nuttallii          F++         76.43 x 78.94mm width w/p, Yaquina Bay, Newport OR, fine large shallow-water species   $5
Corculum cardissa             F++         39.90mm, Bantayan Is. PI, almost all white, subtle patterns   $2
Corculum cardissa             F+           53.34mm, Bantayan Is. PI, white with subtle yellowish pattern overlaid, glued valves and pinhole   $3
Corculum cardissa             F+++       56.06mm, Bantayan Is. PI, white one with subtle pattern  $4
Dallocardia muricata          F+++        45.98mm, Guarapani State Brazil, nice yellow base color with purple blotches   $3
Dinocardium robustum        F++         68.38 x 66.35mm, Pompano Flats, Marco Is. SW Fla., predominant tan colors    $4
Dinocardium robustum        F+++       70.49mm, Cape Romano, Marco Is. SW Fla., well marked with scales on both valves  $4
Dinocardium robustum        F++         84.87 x 82.23mm, Cape Romano, Marco Is. SW Fla., beautiful one with varied yellow and tan colors   $5       
Fragum unedo                   F++         46.36mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, old collection, well-marked in red on white base color   $3
Freneixicardia victor          F+++        26.80 x 21.80mm, Samal Is. Davao PI, famous small red and yellow spiny beauty   $10
Fulvia aperta                    F++         37.31mm x 34.07mm, PI but no further locale, uncommon red and white species   $3
Hippopus hippopus             F+++       68.89mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, small finely marked "bear paw" from 1980s and no longer exported  $8
Hippopus hippopus             F++         90.36mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, thick with excellent dark red color, from the 1980s    $10
Laevicardium elatum           F+          97.78mm, Kino Bay W Mexico, fresh dead from restaurant midden, perfect except one small chip   $7
Laevicardium multipunctatum  F++      41.80mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, yellow base color with red spots, uncommon   $4
Laevicardium serratum         F++       35.38mm, 37.30mm, Florida Bay, fresh dead at shoreline, smooth surfaces in pastel yellow  $2 each
Lunulicardia hemicardium      F++        31.21mm length, Shoal Point McKay Queensland Aus, white without prickles   $2
Lyrocardium aeolicum        F+++        36.94mm, S. Vicente Cape Verde Is., resembles Lyrocardium lyratum but white with red, uncommon  $9
Lyrocardium lyratum           F++         30 and 40mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI old collection, red periostracum on both   $5 pair
Lyrocardium lyratum          F+++         47.73mm, Balabac PI old collection, nice large one with red periostracum   $5
Maoricardium setosum        F+++         50.40mm width, Gulf of Tonkin, distinctive color and shape resembling a small M. pseudolima   $4
Nemocardium bechei          F+++         41.08 x 40.55mm, Masbate PI, orange moving toward red, beautiful species  $6
Nemocardium bechei    large   F+++      58.20mm, Nada, Wakayama Pref. Japan, pink beauty with traces of periostracum left   $8
Trachycardium egmontianum   F+++     44.88, 46.94mm, Skyway Bridge Tampa Bay W Fla, white with pink and yellow, nice prickles   $3 each
Trachycardium egmontianum   F+++     52.22mm with full periostracum, St. Joseph State Park NW Florida, uncleaned and large pristine one   $4
Trachycardium isocardia       G             68.04mm x 61.23mm width, Paraguaipoa Venezuela, spinose large beauty now difficult to find   $10
Trachycardium procerum     F+            55.07mm, Kino Bay, Sonora W Mexico, fresh dead on beach after storm, looks fine   $4
Tridacna crocea                  F+            59.5mm, Apra Harbor Guam, heavy adult despite small size, off-white, formerly in separate family  $2
Vasticardium angulatum       F+++        66.87mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, yellow-gold fringe around white base   $5
Vasticardium angulatum       F+++        69.55mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, yellow-gold fringe around white base with pale red spots, very pretty  $5
Vasticardium angulatum  giant  F+++    84.26mm, Punta Engano PI brilliant yellow-gold giant, a beauty   $10
Vasticardium assimile lacunosum F+++   52.20mm, Fintas Kuwait, beautiful purple banding, not common or often seen   $5
Vasticardium elongatum elongatum  F+++   86.60mm length, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, beauty in concentric red and yellow   $5
Vasticardium flavum subrugosum F++    38 to 42mm, Gigante Is. PI, striking yellow getting brighter away from umbones   $2 each
Vasticardium philippinense    F++          77.39mm, Nocnocan Is. PI, distinctive elongate form, purple with prickles on one side & light yellow on other   $5
Vepricardium asiaticum      F++           37.44mm x 36.68mm, South China Sea off Hainan Is., distinctive violet-tinged fringes, not common   $5

Carditidae:                Previous / Next / Top
Cardites bicolor               F+++         34.31mm, Camotes Is. PI, finely sculptured with reddish area near umbones   $2
Cardites laticostatus         F+++        33.32mm, Isla Gobernadora, W Panama, small frilled beauty with dark brown bands on bright white   $3
Strophocardia megastropha   F++      45.89mm, Isla Cebacu W Panama, beautiful pink-white-red blend, formerly called Cardita varia   $12

Cassidae:                                 Previous / Next / Top
Recent extensive revisions of genus Phalium are at WoRMS - World Register of Marine Species - Phalium Link, 1807.
Casmaria erinaceus         F+++        43.61mm, Santa Rosa Cebu PI, squiggled brown vertical lines on gray  $3
Casmaria erinaceus         F+++        52.97mm or 55.52mm, Santa Rosa Cebu PI, squiggled brown vertical lines on gray  $4 each
Cassis cornuta                 F+           97.27mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, pretty juvenile with body markings shown through the shield, has healed bite wound  $5
Cassis cornuta                 F++         107.96mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, very pale juvenile with fine detail, shield is yellow white instead of yellow   $8
Cypraecassis rufa              F+         129.27mm, Mombassa Kenya, light red with brown nodules, rated down for some dulling of finish    $12
Echinophoria carnosa        F+++        68.07mm w/o, East China Sea in deep water, uncommon orange beauty with knobbed horizontal white bands   $20
Echinophoria wyvillei          F++         97.26mm, East China Sea in deep water, shoulder with small knobs, fine color with no mud stains   $16
Echinophoria wyvillei  large   F++       109.47mm w/o, East China Sea in 250m depth, smooth orange body and earlier whorls with nodules   $20
Galeodea bituminata  giant F+++        47.30mm, East China Sea in deep water, uncommon, formerly named Galeodea echinophorella   $16
Phalium areola                  F+++        59.79mm, Mission Beach QSD Aus, bluish base color with mid-brown regular squares   $5
Phalium bandatum              F++         99.39mm, Mactan Is. PI, dark brown checkerboard beauty on gray base, slight tail chip    $8
Phalium bandatum              F+           101.81mm, Bantayan Is. PI, semi-adult with narrow outer lip, excellent checkerboard color   $6
Phalium bandatum   dark      F++        103.19mm w/o, Punta Engano PI, very dark with three deep brown bands on body whorl, small tail chip   $10
Phalium bandatum   dark      F+++      106.43mm w/o, Olango Is. PI, dark with four brown bands on body whorl, perfect spire and tail   $10
Phalium bandatum               F+         114.31mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, brown checkerboard beauty on gray, lovely high spire, tail chip lowers price  $8
Phalium bandatum    large    F++        120.13mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, elegant elongated spire and strong checkerboard   $15
Phalium bandatum    large    F+          120.49mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, broad heavy older specimen, fine dorsal color, dull outer lip   $10
Phalium flammiferum            F+          69.2, 72.0mm, An Ping Taiwan at 20 fathoms, very straight vertical stripes   $4 each
Phalium flammiferum           F++         76.63mm, South China Sea, fully mature lip with bright orange squares on outer lip   $5
Phalium flammiferum           F++         77.08mm, Taiwan, nice vertical stripes with some squiggles, outer lip not fully thickened   $4
Phalium flammiferum  large   F++        87.45mm, Hainan South China Sea, beautiful orange-checkerboard lip, thick  $10
Phalium flammiferum breviculum  F++  50.61mm, East China Sea in deep water, distinct and fully mature small form, chipped anterior    $7
Phalium glaucum                F++         97.5mm, Galle Sri Lanka, striated horizontal lines on gray body, orange aperture lip   $6
Phalium glaucum                F+++       103.28mm w/o, Kollam S India, dark gray beauty with thick orange outer lip, outstanding   $10
Phalium muangmani           F++         78.9mm w/o, South China Sea deep water, separate species from P. flammiferum   $8
Phalium muangmani            F+          80.44mm, East China Sea deep water, nice color but down rated for chip on anterior   $6
Phalium muangmani            F+          82.68mm, East China Sea deep water, distinctive rust shading on half the body whorl   $8
Phalium muangmani  large   F+           89.0mm w/o, South China Sea deep water, some black marks on spire lowers rating  $10
Semicassis bisulcata  yellow   F+++     58.03mm w/o, Masbate Is. PI, bright yellow on body with just handful of spots, beauty   $16
Semicassis bisulcata japonica large  F++ 73.63mm, East China Sea by trawler, well marked large checkerboard one  $9
Semicassis bisulcata persimilis  F++      57.97mm, East China Sea in deep water, butterscotch yellow base color with pale orange squares   $3
Semicassis canaliculata       F+++       32.87mm w/o, Tuticorin India, distinctive small Indian Ocean cassid with mature lip    $3
Semicassis centiquadrata     F++       57.86mm, Puerto Penasco W Mexico, small adult one with full anterior detail, nice color  $5
Semicassis glabrata          F+++        54.63mm w/o, Palawan PI tangle nets, beautiful species with yellow dorsum, uncommon   $12
Semicassis granulata         F+           49.7mm, Mexico Beach Florida, low price due to chip in shield  $2
Semicassis granulata         F+           57.1mm, Mexico Beach Florida, nice thick and well marked shield, the classic scotch bonnet  $3
Semicassis inornata           F+         68.5mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, has chip and some fading so low price   $4
Semicassis inornata  giant   F+        85.28mm w/o, East China Sea in 150m depth, has a scar but beautifully marked  $12
Semicassis pyrum               F          62.8mm, Eden New South Wales Aus, has two chips so price is low  $4

Cerithiidae:                             Previous / Next / Top
Cerithium atratum              F++        31.55mm, Sanibel Is. W Florida, similar or cognate species to Cerithium gemmatum   $2
Cerithium gemmatum          F++       37.82mm, Isla Cebacu W Panama, gemlike small knobby decorations   $2
Cerithium nicaraguense        F++        27.77mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, knobby brown lined species with thick lip, not common   $3
Cerithium nodulosum           F++        94.28mm, Vanua Levu Fiki, fine crenulated lip and blue-tinted color with usual white on upper spire   $4
Cerithium vulgatum              F++      43.0mm, River Trigoso Italy, paler than most, very nice spire detail   $2
Pseudovertagus aluco  large      F+     70.38mm, Balabac Palawan PI, large broad dark one, truncated spire  $3
Pseudovertagus aluco  large      F+     73.8mm, Balabac Palawan PI, very large broad one, truncated spire   $4

Chamidae:                        PreviousNext / Top
See Natural History Museum Rotterdam - Chamidae and
Chama lazarus   orange   F++         76.73 x 72.69mm, Nocnocan Is. PI, beautiful orange one turning to white with age, well cleaned   $8

Colubrariidae:           Previous / Next / Top
Colubraria ceylonensis      F++        49.55mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets, no longer common or often seen  $6
Colubraria muricata         F++        66.22mm, Calituban Is. PI, outstanding color and architecture, mature adult  $5
Colubraria muricata  large  F++       86.41mm, Samar Is. PI, outstanding color and architecture, mature large adult  $10
Colubraria soverbii  giant     F++     78.16mm, Balut Is. PI tangle nets, perfect giant beauty, very uncommon and no longer fished in Balut   $25

Columbellidae:                          Previous / Next / Top
Anachis scalarina           F++       19.99mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, uncommon brown and white banded little beauty   $4
Anachis semiplicata        F++       4-5mm approx, Florida Keys, tiny interesting specimens under magnifier  $2
Columbella fuscata        F++        18.48mm, Tamarindo C Rica on Pacific side, colorful reddish brown with white dots, crabbed but fresh   $2
Columbella labiosa         F++        19.65mm, Tamarindo C Rica on Pacific side, nice inflated brown body with horizontal lines   $3
Columbella major           F++       22.03mm, 23.92mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, broad with distinctive toothed aperture   $3 each
Columbella rusticoides    F++       13 to 16mm, lobster traps off Marathon W Florida, varied patterns  $2 each
Cotonopsis turrita          F++       30.07, 30.87mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, formerly Strombina elegans, high spires, distinctive apertures, uncommon   $5 each
Euplica scripta              F+++      12 to 17mm, Punta Engano PI, varied colors and patterns, formerly named Columbella versicolor      $2 each
Mitrella vosvictori           F++       21.15mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets, mottled orange and white, recently named species  $4    
Pictocolumbella ocellata  F++       14 to 16mm, Punta Engano, black with dots, formerly named Pyrene ocellata      $2
Sincola dorsata              F+++    21.76mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, resembles Strombina genus but broader with different aperture, not common  $4

Conidae:                               Previous / Next / Top
I am not using Genus designations here in deference to most collectors' preferences (including mine).  Conus identification is greatly helped by Giancarlo Paganelli's site.
Conus achatinus          F+         55.96mm, Mumbai India, beautifully colored dark one, healed anterior bite mark    $5
Conus achatinus large  F++        66.06mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, beautifully colored dark one, very large fat body    $9
Conus alexandrei        F+++       31.82mm, Balicasaq Is. PI tangle nets, orange on white, newly named, formerly labeled Conus proximus    $25
Conus amadis             F+          59.4mm or 63.4mm, Pigon Island or Galle Bay in Sri Lanka, cinnamon brown, some flaws  $2 each
Conus amadis            F+          75.06mm, Cuddalore south India, reddish brown small tenting, several growth pauses   $3
Conus amadis castaneofasciatus F+++   54.62mm, Galle Bay Sri Lanka, beautiful blend of light and dark cinnamon brown with white central band   $5
Conus amadis castaneofasciatus F++     66.76mm, Phuket Thailand, classic colors of this variant, lip trim and otherwise gem  $5
Conus ammiralis        F++       46.86mm, Siasi PI, pale one with mid-body gold band plus bands on top and anterior  $4
Conus ammiralis        F+         48.48mm, Siasi PI, dark one with narrow gold bands at top and midpoint of body whorl, small chip    $4
Conus ammiralis        F++        50.08mm, Palawan Is. PI, dark one with two gold bands at midpoint of body whorl, beautiful pattern    $5
Conus ammiralis  dark      F++    61.72mm, Zamboanga PI, very dark purple with bright gold bands, some spire dullness   $8
Conus ammiralis  dark      F++    62.77mm, Palawan Is. PI, distinctive dark one across ventral and dorsal sides, two growth pauses   $8
Conus ammiralis  large     F+++  63.52mm, Olango Is. PI, pale gold double band, natural lip, growth pause and pattern change   $10
Conus ammiralis  giant     F++   76.75mm, Nocnocan Is. PI, whitened spire and 3 growth pauses but still excellent color and look, fine lip   $20
Conus anabathrum    F++        37.94mm, Marco Is. SW Fla, white with orange patches, formerly named Conus floridensis   $4
Conus anemone       F+           44.57mm, Port Lincoln South Aus, varied brown patches on white base, growth pauses   $3
Conus araneosus      F++         80.66mm, Colombo Sri Lanka, natural lip, two narrow dark bands, lacks overall dark reticulation of C. araneosus nicobaricus   $7
Conus araneosus nicobaricus F++ 71.01mm, Palawan PI, heavy mature ones, beautiful gold apertures   $5
Conus araneosus nicobaricus large   F++    75.69, 75.82mm, Surigao PI, heavy mature ones, beautiful gold apertures   $7 each
Conus archon          F++         32.57mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, raised spire and elegant brown on white, uncommon   $5
Conus arenatus         F+         52.39mm, Balabac Is. PI, heavy mature undata form with three spaced growth lines, small lip chip  $4
Conus armadillo       G            66.89mm, Shikama Japan, fine natural lip and beautiful tapered spire, dorsum turns white toward lip   $15
Conus armadillo       G            70.58mm, Balut Is. PI, natural lip and beautiful tapered spire, white toward lip   $15
Conus augur             F++        50.09mm, Zanzibar Is. Tanzania, two bands of near-black patches, perfect lip, uncommon   $10
Conus aulicus             F+        100.48mm, Badian Is. PI, very dark with large white tents, growth pause and faded ventral but beautiful dorsal side   $6
Conus aulicus           F++        106.90mm, Surigao N. Mindanao PI, strong reddish beauty with yellow interior, thin natural lip has anterior chip   $10
Conus aulicus           F++         113.26mm, Samar PI, numerous small tents, red-brown body, deep orange aperture, healed bite and lip trim    $9
Conus aureus           F++         58.69mm, Olango Is. PI tangle nets, dark tented beauty, healed bite, rare   $25
Conus aureus  giant    F+          69.52mm, Caw-uy Is. PI tangle nets, dark tenting with narrow cording, has two healed bite marks, rare  $50
Conus aurisiacus        F+++       57.92mm, Zamboanga PI light one with color interruptions, also one growth line; very uncommon   $35
Conus aurisiacus  large  F++      62.93mm, Zamboanga PI, large light one, two color bands on white, pink spire; very uncommon   $45
Conus asiaticus lovellreevei F+++   41.57mm, Chennai S India, almost all white body with distinctive raised ridges, uncommon   $6
Conus australis         F+++         70.31mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, narrow with high spire, light brown with banding   $4
Conus australis         F++           72.10mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, mid-russet brown markings turning to brown with blue toward outer lip   $5
Conus australis          F++          83.67mm, Kaohsiung Taiwan, brown blotches turn slightly to purple, elegant narrow shape  $8
Conus australis   large    F+        95.60mm, East China Sea, small lip flaw on natural lip, nice blue and brown patches on white  $10
Conus australis   large    F+        96.46mm, East China Sea, small lip flaws on natural lip, blue and brown patches on white  $10
Conus australis   giant    F+        105.18mm, East China Sea, lip flaws on natural lip, blue and brown patches on white  $16
Conus axelrodi     red    F++        17.30mm, Palawan PI by hookah diver, dotted red small beauty, slight spire erosion or would be gem   $7
Conus bandanus           F++        55.86mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, pink in aperture, flat spire, some growth pauses  $3
Conus bandanus           F++        102.08mm, Nocnocan Is. Bohol PI, beautiful with yellowish bands, only slight spire erosion  $12
Conus barbieri             F++         19.87mm, south Samar Is. PI, one of smallest tent cones, nearly all dark brown, uncommon    $7
Conus bayani              F++          69.57mm, Cuddalore S India, the real thing in white with brown patches and carinate shoulder, has slight chip atop lip   $15
Conus bengalensis       F++          100.69mm, North Ranong Thailand, beautiful and classic rarity, superb color, some trim on upper lip    $50
Conus betulinus           F++         66.19mm, Nacala Mozambique, yellow African beauty with small spots, one growth pause   $5
Conus betulinus           F++         86.27mm w/o, Laminusa Siasi Sulu PI, orange-yellow with lighter lines bearing dashes, pretty  $6
Conus betulinus           F++         87.45 x 61.60mm, Phan Rang Vietnam, broad with slightly raised spire, sparse dots, fine thin natural lip, small flaw from dredge  $6
Conus betulinus            F+++      91.7mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, darker yellow than most, slight growth lines  $8
Conus betulinus paucimaculata  F++  94.27mm x 64.39mm, Phan Rang Vietnam, very light yellow broad flattop, few small spots, nice natural lip  $8
Conus betulinus           F++         106.51mm x 70.68mm, Siasi Sulu PI, bright orange-yellow with prominent rows of dashes, heavy  $10
Conus betulinus           F++         106.92mm x 70.73mm width, Phan Rang Vietnam, bright orange broad flattop, natural thin lip, growth lines    $10
Conus betulinus  large   F++         123.62mm, Coron Palawan PI, bright orange-yellow with distinct blue-patch lines, broad beauty, trimmed lip   $15
Conus biliosus              F+++       34.40mm, Cuddalore S India, beautiful cinnamon brown with middle gray band and small dots, not very common   $4
Conus blanfordianus      F++        22.82mm, Bantayan Is. PI deep water tangle nets, uniform dark dots on white, formerly called Conus zapatosensis    $4
Conus brunneus           G            32.43mm, Kobbe Beach W. Panama, distinctive red-brown with crowned spire   $4
Conus bullatus              F++        56.94mm, Nocnocan PI, light colored one in pastel orange, not red   $10
Conus bullatus    large   F+++       63.92mm, Cebu PI, bright orange with turn to cream color toward aperture   $15
Conus cancellatus          F          47.91mm, shrimp boat N.W. of Key West in deep water, natural scars from rough living, formerly named Conus austini   $30
Conus cancellatus         F+         50.50mm, shrimp boat NW of Key West, deep water, pure white, healed scars, formerly named Conus austini, rare   $50
Conus canonicus          F++         45.25mm, Comoro Islands, fine dark base color with numerous small white tents, trimmed lip   $3
Conus capitanellus         F++        17.73mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, shape like C. capitaneus but honey-brown, uncommon, no scars   $6
Conus capitanellus         F++       20.29mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets, shape like C. capitaneus but honey-brown, no scars unlike large ones  $8
Conus capitanellus  large   F+      30.18mm, Balicasaq Is. PI tangle nets, honey-brown bands on white, anterior ventral scar    $10
Conus capitaneus         F+++       49.45mm, Siasi PI, olive green color with dotted lines on upper body  $2
Conus capitaneus         F++         58.87mm or 62.08mm, Boac Is. Marinduque PI, green and yellow blend  $3 each
Conus capitaneus   large    F++     74.85mm, Cebu PI tangle net, broad deep reddish brown with fine spire, small chip on upper lip  $8
Conus capitaneus   large    F++     76.68mm, Surigao Is. PI, nice gold-yellow mix, natural thin lip, one growth line, elevated spire   $8
Conus capitaneus   large  F+++     81.31mm, Balicasaq Is. PI, deep gold-brown of large mature ones, broad white band at mid-body  $12
Conus caracteristicus      F++       58.58mm, Laminusa Is., Siasi PI, broad and heavy, near-flat spire with minor wear, a couple of growth pauses   $4
Conus caracteristicus      F++       62.67mm, Cuddalore S India, broad and heavy, flat spire with borehole including intact bivalve    $5
Conus caracteristicus  large  F++    69.94mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, heavy with good raised spire, many growth pauses as usual for these   $6
Conus catus                  F++         25.31mm, Great Barrier Reef near Cairns, light orange with granulated anterior half of body whorl   $2
Conus chaldaeus            F+          29.01mm, Palawan Is. PI, raised ridges on anterior half of body whorl, some spire erosion   $2
Conus chiangi               F+++        17.8mm, Senkaku Is. Okinawa, dark brown with middle band and nice crown, very uncommon   $15
Conus cinereus              F+++       39.28mm, Sula Is. Molucca Sea, light gray base with small brown patches    $4
Conus circumcisus  spots    F+       51.21mm, Caw-Oy, Olango Is. PI, spots in distinct bands, called variant affinis by Poppe, small lip chip   $4
Conus circumcisus  spots    F++      65.05mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, ventral spotting and none on dorsum, lip trim    $5
Conus circumcisus  no spots   F+     70.96mm, Oslob Is. Cebu PI, bite mark on dorsum, fine purple and brown banding without spots   $5
Conus circumcisus   no spots  F++   72.75mm, Olango PI tangle nets, no spotting except spire, lip trim   $8
Conus circumcisus   no spots  F+++ 77.41mm, Balicasaq Is. PI tangle nets, no spots, changes to all white at aperture   $12
Conus circumcisus   no spots  F+++ 79.08mm, Oslob Is. Cebu PI tangle net beauty, dominant dark brown and purple banding   $14
Conus coffeae  orange      F++        23.81mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, bright orange rather than brown, all granulated, might be young   $5       
Conus consors              F+++        59.0mm, Balicasaq Is. PI, two nice yellow bands on body whorl   $7
Conus consors  large      F++         92.18mm, Surigao PI, very large one with two bands light orange on white, trim lip   $15
Conus corallinus             G            18 to 20mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, brilliant red and pink   $4 each
Conus coronatus            F+++       25.94mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, blue-gray with green highlights, a beauty    $3
Conus crocatus             G            24.2mm, Marau Sound Solomons, uniform pale orange with white tenting, rare   $25
Conus dalli                  F+++        36.82mm, Isla Cebaco W Panama, small beautiful tent cone, only one from the eastern Pacific   $5
Conus diadema            F+++         33.66mm, Isla Cebaco W Panama, reddish brown small beauty with good spire unlike large ones   $4
Conus distans              F++           72.87mm, airbase area Guam, nice young one with good spire and clean banding, trimmed lip   $4
Conus distans                F+          93.82mm, Punta Engano PI, large specimen with good color, two healed bite marks on dorsum  $4
Conus dusaveli               F/F+        69.83mm, Balut Is. tangle nets, among Dance 50 rarities, repaired outer lip so low price  $20
Conus dusaveli               F+++       79.75mm, Balicasaq Is. PI, superb blue and orange banding, growth pause with pattern change  $60
Conus dusaveli  large       F+++       84.37mm, Balut Is. PI, superb orange with narrow purple banding, very hard to get this size  $75
Conus ebraeus                F++        2 to 33.8mm, Apra Harbor Guam at shore line, different ones in pair    $3 pair
Conus ebraeus  pink          F+         36.67mm, Catmon Cebu PI, beautiful pink base color with striking black patches, one small lip chip   $3
Conus ebraeus                F++        37.19mm, Itaman Is. Okinawa, well-marked in black on white   $3      
Conus eburneus               F+++       49.8mm, Zamboanga PI, pretty faint yellow bands in white with regular dashes  $3
Conus eburneus              F++          53.9mm, Zamboanga PI, large heavy broad one with varied dots and faint yellow lines   $4
Conus eburneus    large     F++        63.42mm, Great Barrier Reef near Cairns from shipboard in 1980, heavy and broad, many growth pauses   $5
Conus eburneus    large     F++        65.14mm w/o, Olango Is. PI, depressed spire, broad and heavy, two white bands on body   $5
Conus eburneus    large     F++        67.72mm, Batangas Is. PI, two bands of black spots, flat spire, heavy near-giant with good lip   $8
Conus eburneus crassus    F++        39.34mm, Balabac Palawan PI, uncommon form with russet spotting, has ventral healed bite mark  $7
Conus eburneus polyglotta   F++       28.0mm, Sorsogon PI, beautiful form with yellow bands between large black spots   $4
Conus eburneus polyglotta   F++       53.4mm, Tabaco Bay Luzon PI, dense black spotted lines, large   $6
Conus episcopatus             F++        73.19mm, Mactan Is. PI, large narrow-body dark one with bright white tents, outstanding   $6
Conus episcopatus   large   F+          80.71mm, Palawan Is. PI, largely white with growth pauses on body whorl, purple on dorsal, has one healed bite  $6
Conus ferrugineus             F+++       45.3mm, Marau Sound Solomon Islands, nice gold-brown color  $3
Conus ferrugineus  giant    F++         76.31mm w/o, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, golden yellow giant, not gerontic, thin natural lip   $12
Conus figulinus                 F+++       96.13mm, Manila Bay PI, beautiful one with gold line at top of body whorl, raised mahogany spire   $9
Conus fischoederi  orange  F+++       22.41, 23.23mm, Palawan PI by hookah divers, bright orange blotches on white   $5 each
Conus flavidus                  F++         55.01mm, Mactan PI, elevated spire, butterscotch body with central band of lighter yellow   $4
Conus floridulus                F+++       24.8, 24.9mm, Surigao Is. PI by hookah divers, granulate, orange with purple base  $4 each
Conus frigidus                 F++         31.64mm, western Samoa, distinctive blend of olive-green and golden yellow   $3
Conus furvus albicans       F+++       42.30mm, Roxas Is. Palawan PI, squiggled brown vertical lines on white base color   $4
Conus furvus  large          F+          54.04mm or 55.30mm, Surigao PI, brown large ones with fine lines    $3 each
Conus generalis  pale        F+           51.69mm, Olango Is. PI, high spire and distinctive light orange-brown, low price due to small chip   $2
Conus generalis  brown     F++         55.89mm, Siasi PI, mid-brown, trimmed lip, very pretty, no growth lines  $3
Conus generalis               F++         66.25mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, dark brown with two bands, trimmed lip   $4
Conus generalis               F+++       70.45mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, mottled dark brown with distinct central white band, beautiful one   $5
Conus generalis               F+          74.48mm, Bohol Is. PI, two dark brown bands on pure white, lip has small chip   $5
Conus geographus           F++         93.72mm, Phan Rang Vietnam, medium reddish brown, has natural lip   $4
Conus geographus           F++         97.57mm x 51.12mm, Phan Rang Vietnam, broad with natural lip, growth pause with pattern change  $5
Conus geographus           F++         100.96mm, Vung Tau Vietnam, patched brown with extensive white tenting, growth pauses, natural lip  $6
Conus geographus   pale   F++        101.70mm, Zamboanga PI, much lighter than most, pretty cinnamon brown patches, pink spire  $5
Conus geographus            F++        112.67mm, Cebu PI, lighter brown with fine tent pattern, one growth pause, natural lip   $7
Conus geographus   large   F++       120.00mm, Bohol PI, fine pattern in mid-cinnamon brown, natural lip, elevated spire    $10
Conus geographus   giant   F++       128.79mm x 63.98mm, Phan Rang Vietnam, fat flattop with huge body whorl, natural lip, fine cinnamon color    $16
Conus gladiator              F+++        19.32mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, white on spire, smooth body unlike Conus mus, uncommon   $4
Conus glaucus                F++         30.57mm, Guadalcanal Solomons, vertical growth lines with some color change   $2
Conus glaucus                F++         42.32mm, Lingayen Gulf Luzon PI, striking gray mottled color with brown dashes, broad and heavy   $4
Conus gloriamaris  dark    F++        96.34mm, Samal Is. Davao PI tangle nets, rare dark one with touches of blue, healed bite marks   $90
Conus gloriamaris  gold    F+++      110.81mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, densely marked gold, beautiful spire and crenellated natural lip  $100
Conus granum                 G          15.92mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, fine purple color with central band, uncommon    $6
Conus granum                 G           22.5mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, extra-fine purple color, uncommon    $8
Conus gubernator          F+            57.8mm, Nacala Bay Mozambique, very few brown blotches on blue-white base  $6
Conus gubernator          F++          73.30mm, Zanzibar, whiter base color than most, well marked, chip on lip    $8
Conus guinaicus            F+++         33.75mm, Goree Is. Senegal, uncommon species with blotches brown on white   $10
Conus hyaena              F+++          51.02mm w/o, Mumbai India at low tides, reddish brown with interrupted white central band   $5
Conus ichinoseana  large    F++       72.60mm, East China Sea deep water, uncommon, dark brown bands and dots on white  $15
Conus ichinoseana  giant    F+         75.77mm, East China Sea deep water, dark brown banding atop, one light brown band below   $12
Conus imperialis             F+++        72.51mm, Boac, Marinduque PI, flat spire, two pretty broad brown bands, good lip  $5
Conus imperialis             F++          73.61mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, flat spire, many growth pauses but no pattern change, two narrow cinnamon brown bands   $4
Conus imperialis             F+++        77.84mm, Boac, Marinduque PI, intricate banding with fine anterior color, has small lip flaw   $5
Conus imperialis             F++          79.28mm, Calituban Is. PI, pretty flattened spire, good gold-brown banding, small lip chip  $5
Conus imperialis              F++         80.73mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, flat broad spire, well defined bands through three growth pauses   $6
Conus imperialis  large    F+++         86.52mm, Caw-uy PI, one growth line with pattern change mid-body, pretty  $10
Conus imperialis fuscatus  F+++       38.8mm, Tulear Madagascar, beautiful form, some periostracum still on the spire  $6
Conus inscriptus             F++          49.78mm, Co Chang Thailand, medium orange banding cut by regular white indented lines   $3
Conus inscriptus             F+++        57.38mm, Kollam S India, deeply red-brown with nice raised spire, prettier than most of these   $4
Conus ione                    F+++        48.31mm, Balicasaq PI tangle nets, delicate lavender beauty with purple, uncommon   $10
Conus janus                  F+++        65.00mm, Bazaruta Is. Mozambique, deep brown on bright white, thin natural lip, almost perfect   $9
Conus kintoki                F+++        58.00mm, Balicasaq PI tangle nets, brilliant gold and pink colors unique to these  $10
Conus kintoki                F+++        64.01mm, Balicasaq PI tangle nets, ventral gold turns to pale dorsal lavender, pretty shell  $10
Conus kintoki   giant      F+++        92.17mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, pink and yellow gradually whitens toward aperture, a beauty  $35
Conus kinoshitai               G          62.25mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, a beauty with brown bands, slight deepening of purple with age   $15
Conus kuroharai            F+++        59.13mm, Balut PI tangle nets, narrow lined large beauty, perfect except for healed bites on spire whorls   $40
Conus laterculatus         F+++        37.42mm, Tayabas Bay Luzon PI, two bands of orange blotches   $3
Conus leopardus            F++         98.59mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, light yellow, lip trim, fine spire, almost fully spotted at this age and size  $7
Conus leopardus             F+         120.07mm w/o, Galle Bay Sri Lanka, very robust, spot pattern ends halfway to aperture   $8
Conus leopardus    large   F+         132.14mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, heavy one with natural lip, many growth pauses and spot loss in last quarter turn   $10
Conus litoglyphus           F+           44.03mm, Kwajalein reef, lovely red-brown color with central white band, lip trim   $3
Conus lynceus               F++         75.55mm or 78.31mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, dark red dashes and bands, beautiful   $15 each
Conus magus   orange     F++          51.1mm, Balabac Is. old collection, strongly orange color with white middle band   $2
Conus magus                  F++         54.08mm, Balabac Is. old collection, white with two light brown bands, lip trim   $2
Conus magus   brown       F+           57.1mm, Balabac Is. old collection, white with two dark brown bands, lip has a chip   $2
Conus magus assimilis         F+        77.46mm, Zhuhai S China Sea, dark brown patches with beaded lines, one faded ventral spot, lip trim  $6
Conus magus assimilis  white F++     79.00mm, Negros PI tangle nets, few ventral olive patches turn to nearly all white, trimmed lip  $8
Conus magus assimilis         F++      82.45mm, Bohol PI tangle nets, white base with dark olive patches and beaded lines   $10
Conus magus assimilis         F+        83.42mm, Punta Engano PI tangle nets, white base with olive-brown patches and beaded lines, lip trim and small faded spot  $8
Conus magus assimilis  large F++      86.20mm, Punta Engano PI tangle nets, olive patches with beaded lines changing to all white   $12
Conus mahogani             F++         31.74mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, uncommon, formerly viewed as form of Conus ximenes   $6
Conus malacanus            F++         67.65mm, Cuddalore S India, large heavy one, one growth pause in patterning  $8
Conus marmoreus            F+++      65.45mm w/o, Laminusa, Siasi, Sulu PI, very clean spire, evenly spaced white tents on black   $4
Conus marmoreus             F++      75.5mm, S of Hainan Is., no lip trim, very well marked and heavy, some spire whitening  $5
Conus marmoreus             F++      100.43mm, Palawan PI, clean spire, large uniform white tents on jet black, striking   $10
Conus marmoreus              F+       104.71mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, healed ventral scar, dorsal side is beautiful  $8
Conus marmoreus            F++       106.47mm, Laminusa, Siasi Sulu PI, varied-size tents crossing slight growth pauses, handsome  $10
Conus memiae                 F++        21.1mm, Aliguay PI tangle nets, orange bands on white   $3
Conus mercator               F+         30.95mm, Dakar Senegal, uncommon small beauty with black pattern on white   $7
Conus miles                     F+        56.09mm, Siasi, Sulu PI, well-defined continuous brown band in middle of body whorl   $2
Conus miles                    F++        74.30mm, Bolo Point Okinawa, nice spire, single brown band on upper part of body whorl   $4
Conus miliaris                  F+         28.29mm, Apra Harbor Guam, pale yellow-orange, corded with coronate shoulder, formerly named Conus fulgetrum    $3
Conus milneedwardsi        F+         128.70mm, South India in deep water trawl, classic white with two orange bands, fine spire, anterior healed bite lowers rating   $55
Conus moluccensis            G          44.51mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, distinctive brown and orange flame pattern, fine crown and lip   $40
Conus monachus              F+++       41.1mm, Davao, Mindanao PI, gray/green/brown pattern, not Conus achatinus   $4
Conus monile                   F++         45.9mm, Cuddalore S. India, white base color with dark brown blotches  $4
Conus moreleti  giant           F         48.8mm, Apra Harbor Guam, true giant for rarely-seen species, shows some old age  $20
Conus mus                    F+++         27.08mm, Las Salinas Dominican Republic, excellent color and finely detailed spire   $2
Conus mustelinus              F+          49.28mm, Zamboanga PI, all butterscotch yellow, natural lip with anterior chip   $2
Conus mustelinus   banded   F++       61.08mm, Olango Is. PI, beautiful gold-yellow, with upper-body banding   $4
Conus mustelinus               F++        76.6mm, Surigao Is. PI, blend of gold-brown and green, faint upper body lines, broad   $8
Conus mustelinus    large    F++        80.8, 81.2, 83.58mm, Palawan or Siargao PI, excellent varied yellow-green big ones    $12 each
Conus neptunus              F++          58.80mm, Balicasaq PI tangle nets, two narrow bands on body whorl, small lip chip, uncommon   $8
Conus nussatella            F+++         36.38mm, Punta Engano PI tangle nets, natural lip, nice orange patches and dark dots  $3
Conus nux                    F++            17.71mm, Las Perlas Is. W Panama, elegant brown species with white spire   $4
Conus omaria                F++           64.05mm, Zamboanga PI, pattern with concentrated tent-free dark red color, has growth pauses   $4
Conus omaria                F++            67.89mm, Santa Rosa Is. Cebu PI, growth pause with large pure white area   $5
Conus pagodus               F++           30.8mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, quite uncommon, mostly white   $10
Conus pennaceus  large   F++           57.38mm, Nacala Bay Mozambique, the classic orange one with large white tents, formerly Conus praelatus   $15
Conus perplexus               F++         29.11mm, Kino Bay Sonora W Mexico, fresh dead without loss of color or polish, broad with short spire  $5
Conus pertusus                F+++        41.13mm, Davao PI bright red beauty with yellow protoconch  $9
Conus planorbis                F++         45.9mm, Manila Bay Luzon PI, banded in reddish brown, no white on body whorl   $3
Conus planorbis               F++          63.78mm, Mactan Is. PI, nice orange-brown mature one with intermittent white growth lines  $6
Conus planorbis    giant     F++         74.20mm, Palawan PI, broad and heavy with good color, some lip trim   $15
Conus praecellens            F++          28.5mm, Aliguay PI tangle nets, biconic with high spire  $3
Conus praecellens            F+++        35.14mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, biconic shape with high spire, strong dark color   $5
Conus praecellens            F+++        38.31mm, Quezon PI, dark marked, biconic with spire almost as long as body   $5
Conus pretiosus               F++          59.99mm, Pamban S India, handsome species in genus Asprella, very uncommon, trimmed lip   $25
Conus princeps                 F+           52.72mm, San Carlos Bay, Sonora W Mexico, deep orange with black vertical lines, uncommon now  $12
Conus pulicarius             F+++          35.2mm, Apra Harbor Guam, fly spots on white base  $3
Conus pulicarius              F++           48.57 or 49.10mm, Apra Harbor Guam, nice large ones, growth lines   $4 each
Conus purpurascens       F+              46.70mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, mostly purple with little brown, slight chips in thin lip   $4
Conus purpurascens       F+++          47.39mm, Kobbe Beach W Panama, broad heavy beauty in brown and purple, not common now  $6
Conus radiatus               F+             53.3mm and 41.1mm pair, both Luzon PI, typical form and color  $4 pair
Conus radiatus                F++          64.83mm, Manila Bay, uniform cinnamon brown slightly darker with age  $4
Conus radiatus               F++           72.16mm, Balabac Is. PI from old collection, alternating vertical light and dark brown of big ones   $5
Conus radiatus    giant     F++           85.31mm, Negros PI, alternating vertical dark and light brown (darkening with age), trimmed lip  $10
Conus rattus                 F++            35.98mm, eastern Samar PI, distinctive green color with tints of gold, nice look   $3
Conus retifer                   F             29.55mm, East Samar PI, very uncommon, pretty dorsum but faded ventral side   $3
Conus retifer                   F++          31.68nmm,Tacloban E. Samar PI, fine orange tent cone with large tents, growth pause, uncommon   $7
Conus rolani                    F+++        58.76mm, Sogod, Cebu Is. PI, perfect natural lip and sharply pointed spire    $7
Conus roseorapum             F+          43.87mm, Aliguay PI tangle net, purple and brown, small chip on lip, uncommon  $6
Conus saecularis   large      F++         35.5mm, Aliguay PI tangle net, corded with three bands of brown  $10
Conus sazanka     orange  F+++         26.89mm, Balicasaq Is. PI tangle nets, orange beauty with patchy mid-body band of darker orange, uncommon  $15
Conus shikamai               F+++          43.35mm, Tayabas Is. PI in tangle nets, nice pattern with two distinct growth pauses   $10
Conus sieboldii                 F+            71.11mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, nice stepped spire, mostly white, has two small breaks in thin lip   $4
Conus spirofilis    giant     F+             30.78mm, Mactan Is. PI in tangle nets, one major growth pause, otherwise no sign of age   $20
Conus spurius                 F+             51.32mm, Key West Florida, small chips in lip, good light brown banding   $3
Conus spurius               F++             52.38mm, Sanibel Is. SW Florida, natural lip with slight chip at top, nice regular banding with no growth pauses  $6
Conus stearnsii         F++-F+++         15 to 18mm, Estero Bay Florida, gray-brown and granulated   $3
Conus striatellus            F+++          46.97mm, Tulear Madagascar, elegant species with perfect natural lip   $4
Conus striatellus            F+++          52.79mm, Bohol PI, corded on anterior half of body, dark pretty one  $5
Conus striatellus            F++            55.20mm, Tulear Madagascar, nice dark brown on pure white, thin natural lip  $5
Conus striatellus             F+             57.50mm, Samar PI, handsome species, two horizontal brown bands with middle in white, small dull patch  $5
Conus striatus floridus    F+++           60.04mm, South Phuket Is. Thailand, beautiful rose-colored form of Conus striatus, outstanding   $16
Conus striatus  blue        F++           72.77mm, Laccadive Is. S India, progresses from brown anterior to mottled blue dorsal side, has lip trim   $4
Conus striatus               F++           76.13mm, Laccadive Is. S India, beautiful pink on white toward outer lip, not blue, lip trim   $4
Conus striatus               F++           86.11mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, distinctive base color of pale pink and some lavender, pretty, trimmed lip   $6
Conus striatus   blue       F++           99.03mm x 51.51mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, broad blue with strongly pink base, several growth pauses   $8
Conus striatus               F++            101.43mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, strongly pink base, patches turn bluer with age, broad    $10
Conus striatus  purple     F++            101.67mm, Samar PI, purple beauty with two bands of near-solid color, turns bluer with age, trimmed lip   $10
Conus striatus   large     F+              109.98mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, pink and purple blend, growth lines with age, dull spire area   $8
Conus striatus  giant      F++            115.74mm, Siargao PI, color patches darken with age, white base color with blue patches    $15
Conus sugimotonis          F+++         64.04mm, Aliguay PI tangle nets 100-200mm, pure white beauty, uncommon   $20
Conus sugimotonis          F++          66.75mm w/p, Balicasaq PI tangle nets, with full periostracum, natural outer lip with small chip, very uncommon  $25
Conus sulcatus  brown     F+++        46.00mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets from deep water, entirely light golden-brown and well corded   $4
Conus sulcatus  white       F++         47.05mm, Laminusa Siasi Sulu PI, fine crenellated lip, small healed scar, yellow-white and well corded  $3
Conus sulcatus                F+++       57.8mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, all light yellow-brown color, corded  $5          
Conus sulcatus bocki  large  F++      69.49mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, honey-brown color, natural lip and sharp spire, two healed bite marks   $8
Conus sulcocastaneus       F+++-G   45.7mm or 46.2mm, Balut Island PI tangle nets, granulated with dark red-brown banding  $6
Conus sulcocastaneus  large  F+++   48.75, 49.94mm, Balut Island PI tangle nets, granulated with dark red-brown banding  $8 each
Conus suratensis             F++        109.85mm, Surigao PI, finely marked with usual orange anterior, lip trim the only down-rating   $9
Conus suturatus             G             28.56mm, Swains Reef, Queensland Aus, white with purple anterior tip   $4
Conus telatus                F++          35.49mm, south coast Samar Is. PI, rugosus form with granulation, nice tenting, uncommon   $5
Conus telatus                F++          50.34mm, Coron Is. Palawan, rugosus form with granulation, dense tent pattern, filed lip, uncommon   $8
Conus telatus                 F+           57.02mm Coron Is. PI, good lip, dullness on dorsum, not granulated, uncommon  $6
Conus tenuistriatus        F++         29.90mm, Kwajalein, corded brown and white beauty with elevated spire, very uncommon   $15
Conus teramachii             F+         66.9mmm, W Aus, white deep water dredge item, good spire and lip, rare  $35
Conus terebra                 F++        63.94mm, Bohol PI, bands are pale brown instead of yellow, lip has trim   $3
Conus terebra    large       F++       77.28mm, Olango Is. PI, yellow bands on white, good natural lip, eroded spire   $7
Conus terebra    giant        F+       87.56mm, Panglao Is. Bohol PI, almost all white, heavy, has healed bite wound   $9
Conus tessulatus           F+++       30.9mm, Balabac Is. old collection, light orange in broad bands, distinctive  $3
Conus tessulatus             F++       37.0mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, brilliant red-orange with two orange bands, beauty  $5
Conus tessulatus             F+++     40.3mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, banded dark orange color  $3
Conus tessulatus             F+++     51.7mm, Nacala Mozambique, bright orange with two bands, heavy   $5
Conus textile                  F+++     55.47mm, Tulear Madagascar, broad one with excellent pattern, mid-body white tents   $4
Conus textile                  F++      82.27mm w/o, Samar Is. PI, very dense pattern in classic cloth of gold, small chip on top of lip prevents gem rating   $7
Conus textile   large        F++        99.86mm, Mactan Is. PI, beautifully marked in dark gold with multiple tent bands, lip trim cuts rating   $10
Conus textile   large          F         105.40mm, Gulf of Tonkin, extra large heavy broad one with growth scar, natural imperfect lip  $9
Conus textile archiepiscopus F+++  50.75mm, Anakoa Madagascar, dark bluish one with distinct banding, formerly named Conus textile var. euetrios    $10
Conus textile archiepiscopus F+++  58.32mm, Tulear Madagascar, densely marked with white tents , formerly named Conus textile var. euetrios    $10
Conus textile archiepiscopus F+++  51.45mm, Nungwi Zanzibar, dark brown with compressed tenting, very uncommon, formerly named Conus cholmondeleyi    $40
Conus textile archiepiscopus F+++  53.72mm, Nungwi Zanzibar, dark brown with compressed tenting, very uncommon, formerly named Conus cholmondeleyi    $40
Conus textile verricula      F+++     62.04mm, Zanzibar Island, dominated by white tents with small patches of cloth-of-gold base color, pretty   $6
Conus textile verricula      F++      69.83mm, Salary Bay Madagascar, fine mix of white tenting and cloth-of-gold base, hints of blue, lip trim   $6
Conus thalassiarchus        F++       59.7mm, Palawan PI, white beauty with dark brown small blotches and black base  $8
Conus thalassiarchus        F++        84.91mm, Zamboanga PI, yellow-white base with almost-orange dense markings  $7
Conus thalassiarchus          F+        85.7mm, Balabac Is. PI old collection, lip is chipped, light brown body color, large one  $5
Conus tribblei                    G        59.4mm, Leyte Is. PI, lovely white background with two light brown bands    $5
Conus tribblei                  F+++      74.7mm, East China Sea, narrow body with brown band on white, still has periostracum  $8
Conus tribblei                  F/F+       75.82mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, broad one, largely white with few brown markings  $5
Conus tribblei                  F+         77.9mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, mostly white with some cinnamon brown spots, thin uneven lip  $6
Conus tribblei    large       F            94.06mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, excellent brown color, lip chips and small scars  $15
Conus tribblei    giant       F           106.83mm, East China Sea N of Keelung Taiwan, huge one, ragged lip, good body color    $20
Conus tulipa                   F+          67.89mm, Bohol Is. PI, good color and spire, growth pauses and trimmed lip   $4
Conus ventricosus           F+         29.40mm w/perio, La Puntilla, Grand Canary Is., small orange-blotched cone    $3
Conus vexillum               F++        62.2mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, orange-gold body of young ones, only slight scarring signs  $3
Conus vexillum               F+          81.83mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, reddish brown body, many small healed scars from rough habitat  $3
Conus vexillum              F++         93.67mm, Bogo Cebu PI, handsome young adult with minor damage signs, trimmed lip, nice light brown   $5
Conus vexillum               F++         100.68mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, reddish brown body without white, nice dark brown and white spire   $4
Conus victoriae              F+          43.3mm, Broome West Australia, nice color but faded polish   $2
Conus victoriae              F++        58.48mm, Shark Bay, West Australia, dense pattern of blue and orange with small tents, one healed bite mark   $4
Conus virgo                  F+++       68.8mm, Catmon Cebu PI, nice mid-yellow color     $4     
Conus virgo                   F++        78.9mm, Apra Harbor Guam, good spire, pale yellow body with purple anterior   $5
Conus virgo                  F++         92.0mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, deep yellow body color, a beauty   $7
Conus virgo    large        F++         115.43mm w/o, Nananu-l-ra Fiji, large heavy one with fine natural unfiled lip, pale body with growth pauses  $10
Conus vittatus              F+++       30.76mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, beautiful orange pattern with central white-brown band, distinctive   $8
Conus voluminalis           F+++      36.75mm, Kantang Thailand, pale yellow one per Rockel Pl30n13   $7
Conus voluminalis           F++        39.01mm, Siargao PI, handsome orange one with middle white band, uncommon   $7
Conus ximenes              F+++      37.0mm, Casaya Is. W Panama, closely related to Conus mahogani but without brown blotches and is broader   $5           

Costellaridae:                             Previous / Next / Top
An advanced identification source for these is Eurasia Shells - Costellaridae.  Many species designations are recent and in revision of familiar (but overly broad) names.
Vexillum acuminatum              F+       39.6mm, off southern Taiwan by trawler, light brown with darker streaks   $2
Vexillum acupictum       large  F++       35.9mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, very unusual size, no gerontism    $15
Vexillum citrinum                 F++        67.32mm, Balabac Palawan PI, orange with yellow banding bordered by narrow black lines, thin untrimmed lip   $5
Vexillum citrinum compressa  F+++     51.79mm, Mactan PI, brilliant orange with white bands, strongly ribbed, a beauty contestant  $7
Vexillum citrinum compressa  F+++     52.22mm, Cebu PI, beautiful crinkled dark orange with white bands and black borders, strongly ribbed  $7
Vexillum coccineum             F+          66.37mm, Kiaoshung Taiwan by trawler, mid-orange, has scar on spire   $4
Vexillum coccineum             F++        71.45mm, North Cha Teng Taiwan, almost all orange with mid-body dark green blotches  $6
Vexillum coccineum large     F++        75.41mm, Sulu Sea PI basic data only, large heavy orange one with gold and green tints, thick lip   $4
Vexillum exasperatum            G         18.5mm, Siasi, Sulu PI, nice ribbing with brown and white bands   $2  
Vexillum formosense           F++        37.9mm, Taiwan, deep brown color with one narrow white band   $3
Vexillum formosense           F++        51.67mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, dark brown form like Taiwan ones  $3
Vexillum gloriae                  F+++      46.49mm, Digos, Davao PI in tangle nets, uncommon high-spired beauty, recently named   $10     
Vexillum jukesii                   F++        43.2mm, Dampier W Australia, uncommon, nice colors, thick lip, formerly considered form of Vexillum vulpecula   $10
Vexillum plicarium              G            43.9mm, Balabac Is. PI old collection, perfect spire and lip   $3
Vexillum rugosum   dark       F+++     41.81mm, Mactan Is. PI, thick and thin black lines on white-gold base   $3
Vexillum semifasciatum        F+++     24.24mm, Apra Harbor Guam, beautiful ribbed species with distinctive mature lip, uncommon   $8
Vexillum vulpecula                F+++     39.7mm, Balabac Is. PI old collection, lovely bands of gold and olive on white   $3
Vexillum vulpecula                 F+++    41.7mm, Tawi Tawi Is. Sulu PI, black and gold banding on white base, lovely   $4
Vexillum vulpecula    gold        F+++    39.30 or 42.68mm, Surigao Is. PI by hookah diver, lovely gold-orange ones  $4 each
Vexillum vulpecula   orange     F++      50.85mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, dark orange with black banding, slight spire tip damage   $4
Vexillum vulpecula    giant        F+       66.53mm, Palawan PI, mix of black with deep orange, slight scar but beautiful  $12
Vexillum (Costellaria) cookorum     G          23.40mm, Nocnocan Is. PI, elegant small orange cancellated species, recently named  $4
Vexillum (Costellaria) costatum      F+        45.12mm, Bohol PI, uncommon, nice orange color but down-rated for dorsal dullness   $3
Vexillum (Costellaria) rubrocostatum  G      24.30mm, Palawan Is. PI, red-lined little beauty with dark protoconch   $4  
Vexillum (Costellaria) suluense      F++        24.3mm, Ninh Thuon Vietnam, ribbed with purplish bands on body, quite uncommon  $7
Vexillum (Costellaria) takakuwai     F++       32.8mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets, narrow species with whitish cancellated surface   $3

Cypraeidae:                       Previous / Next / Top
Cowries attract special interest, including that of science.  See Cowrie Genetic Database Project and CGDP - Update, including a Taxonomic Table with photographic sequences of most species.  On the aesthetic side, see Marco Passamonti's "Beautiful Cowries" at
Arestorides argus               F++        63.78mm, Balabac Is. at Palawan PI, distinct dorsal bands and numerous eyes  $5
Arestorides argus              F+++       69.88mm, Balabac Is. at Palawan PI, distinct bands and numerous eyes  $5
Arestorides argus              F+++       75.62mm, old collection Balabac Is. at Palawan PI, typical form with numerous eyes  $6
Barycypraea teulerei         F+++        46.40mm, al Masirah Is. Oman, striking dark central marking on dorsum, a unique species   $10
Bistolida kieneri                 G            15.67mm, Zanzibar Is., distinctive blue-grey waving bands on yellow   $3
Bistolida stolida                 G            27.02mm, Saragaki Beach Okinawa, well-marked with large brown blotch on dorsum   $5
Blasicrura interrupta          G            19.65mm, Phuket Thailand in Andaman Sea, resembles Blasicrura pallidula but locale is Indian Ocean   $2
Blasicrura pallidula pallidula     G        17.91mm, Siasi Sulu PI, small green species with closely spaced teeth, only in western Pacific    $3
Chelycypraea testudinaria  dwarf  F+  74.17mm, Samar Is. PI, much purple on dorsum, long and narrow, scratch marks on ventral side  $5
Chelycypraea testudinaria  green   F+  87.95mm, Surigao PI, distinctive green with purple on dorsum, dull polish but still pretty   $8
Chelycypraea testudinaria  F+++        97.63mm, Siasi Sulu PI, much purple and color variations with dorsal squares, exceptional  $7
Chelycypraea testudinaria  F++          98.46mm, Samar PI, honey-brown coloring with light purple, lighter than most   $6
Chelycypraea testudinaria  F+++        106.91mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, dark-brown dorsal band with some purple, beautiful  $8
Chelycypraea testudinaria  F+++        112.48mm, Puerta Princessa Palawan PI, checkerboard on dorsum, abundant dots  $10
Chelycypraea testudinaria  F+++        113.66mm, Palawan PI, almost no dots on top part of dorsum, nice honey-brown underside  $10
Contradusta walkeri          F++         31.81mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, dark dorsum, distinctive purple teeth, dull finish as always on teeth   $4
Cribrarula cribraria            G             27.67mm, 28.49mm, Mactan Is. PI, beauties with distinctive dorsal white spots on reddish brown   $3 each
Cypraea cervinetta           F+++        60.08mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, beautiful narrow body with bands showing through, mature on ventral side   $5
Cypraea pantherina         F+++         60.01mm, Massawa Reefs Ethiopia, light one with off-white base and small brown dots   $7
Cypraea tigris dwarf         F+++        49.94mm, Puerto Princessa Palawan PI, dorsum with extensive yellow base color   $10
Cypraea tigris dwarf         F++          51.68mm, Puerto Princessa Palawan PI, orange and blue blend on dorsum   $7
Cypraea tigris  small           F+          55.28mm, Balabac Is. PI from old collection, orange sulcate line and mid-brown dorsum, some dull spots    $5
Cypraea tigris  small          F+           57.82mm, Zanzibar Is. Tanzania, heavy broad body, blue highlights on one dorsal side, some scratches  $4
Cypraea tigris                F+++         76.39mm, Zamboanga PI, blue on base, beautiful dorsum with orange and black   $6
Cypraea tigris                  F+           85.42mm, eastern Samar PI, orange and purple blend on pretty dorsum, some scratches and dull spots  $4
Cypraea tigris    blue        F+++        90.95mm, Siargao PI, mix of blue yellow orange on heavily spotted dorsum, blue on sides   $8
Cypraea tigris                 F+++        90.96mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, densely spotted blue and orange dorsum, pale blue on sides  $8
Cypraea tigris    brown      F++          91.82mm, Tulear Madagascar, outstanding honey brown on nearly entire dorsum, minor dorsal flaws   $8
Cypraea tigris    globose      F++        94.58mm x 70.16mm, eastern Samar PI, large heavy one, blue markings on light yellow dorsum   $7
Cypraea tigris    large, brown  F++      100.07mm, Siargao Is. PI, beautiful honey brown across whole dorsum, no visible sulcate line    $10
Cypraea tigris    large          F++       102.93mm, east Samar PI, much blue on dorsum but not on sides, thick and heavy   $10
Cypraea tigris pardalis       F++          82.16mm, South China Sea off Hainan Is., glazed yellow base and white dorsal center, thick and heavy   $10
Eclogavena dani                 G           19.30mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI from limited locales, broad body distinct from Eclogavena dayritiana    $7
Eclogavena dayritiana         G            16.78, 17.1mm, Coron Palawan ones with greenish backs    $2 each
Eclogavena dayritiana luchuana large  G  20.04mm, Bolo Reef Okinawa, more yellow than PI ones, formerly named Cypraea luchuana, uncommon   $5
Eclogavena quadrimaculata  G           22.6mm, eastern Samar PI, distinctive four-spot marking on ends   $2
Erosaria acicularis              G            19.1mm, Barra, Salvador in NE Brazil, deep yellow-orange   $5
Erosaria boivinii                  G         23.40mm, Panglao Bohol PI, mix of blue-gray and green on dorsum    $2
Erosaria citrina              F++          22.34mm, Natal South Africa, distinctive orange-brown, not common   $6
Erosaria erosa               F+++         31.4mm, Apra Harbor Guam from old collection, pale gold-olive dorsum   $2
Erosaria erosa    dark         G           33.84mm, Keelakarai S India, beautiful dark greenish brown dorsum with blue sulcate line   $4
Erosaria erosa               F+++         39.35, 39.72mm, Apra Harbor Guam old collection, pale gold-olive dorsum, thick and heavy   $2 each
Erosaria erosa   large       F++         47.11mm, Tulear Madagascar, gold and pale olive-green dorsum   $6
Erosaria gangranosa          G          17.91mm, Bon Is. south of Phuket Thailand, honey brown with uniform small eyes     $3
Erosaria helvola                 G          25.79mm, Santa Nina, Samar PI, dark dorsum with calloused orange-brown margins, pretty   $2
Erosaria labrolineata  large  G          21.5mm, Santa Rosa Is. Cebu PI, big one, dark color  $3
Erosaria lamarckii              G           30.74mm, Kor Bon Is. W Thailand, butterscotch yellow dorsum with bluish dots and pallial line   $3
Erosaria miliaris             F+++         39.89mm, Balabac Is. PI from old collection, green sulcate line on gold spotted dorsum  $4
Erosaria miliaris             F++-G        44 to 48mm, East China Sea large ones, varied patterns in yellow to gold  $6 each
Erosaria miliaris     giant    F++       51.61mm, East China Sea, butterscotch dorsum with evenly spaced small dots, minor stress marks on dorsum  $10
Erosaria miliaris magistra  G           35.31mm, Bolo Point Okinawa, large dark green sulcate line, blend of green and yellow with small uniform dots   $3
Erosaria nebrites             G            26.34mm, Gulf of Oman, beautiful characteristic ventral area, less of a dark brown dorsal patch than most   $3
Erosaria ocellata           F+++          26.47mm, Tuticorin S India, dark yellow dorsum with blue line and black eyes   $3
Erosaria ocellata           F+++           28.26mm, south of Mumbai India, beautiful black eyes on gold-yellow dorsum   $3
Erosaria poraria               G            18.88mm, Kona Coast Hawaii, lavender base and gold brown dorsum, lovely species   $3
Erosaria poraria     large    G           20.4mm, Townsville QSD Australia, very large for species, beautiful lavender base  $4
Erosaria turdus                F+++       31.67mm, Eilat, Red Sea from 1980s, green dorsum with brown spots   $3
Erosaria turdus winckworthi  F++      40.8mm, Okha, India, yellow-brown with light green sulcate line, very broad  $4
Erronea caurica                 G           42.42mm, Bataan Is. PI, quite light colored   $3
Erronea caurica    large      F++        48.87mm, Bataan Is. PI, elongate with thick base, has octopus scar  $4
Erronea caurica    large      F+++      51.22mm, Bataan Is. PI, narrow and heavy, unusual to see this size, thick lips  $6
Erronea cylindrica              G           31.84mm, Shoal Point, Mackay, QSD Australia, narrow with squared-off ends producing rectangular shape   $3
Erronea errones                 G          29.66mm, east coast Samar Is. PI, characteristic greenish-blue with light orange base color   $2
Erronea hungerfordi           F+++      29.17mm, East China Sea, light salmon-orange base, prominent dark brown dotted dorsal ring   $6
Erronea hungerfordi           F++        32.22mm, off Taiwan in 40m depth, nice salmon-orange base, dorsum without dark brown spots   $5
Erronea hungerfordi           F+++      34.49mm, East China Sea deep water, light salmon-orange base, dorsum with three dark bands   $7
Erronea hungerfordi            F++       38.41mm, East China Sea in 120m depth, light salmon-orange base, bicolored dorsum   $7
Erronea hungerfordi   large  F++        39.12mm, East China Sea in 120m depth, very light base with inflated shape, banded dorsum   $8
Erronea hungerfordi   large  F++        39.26mm, East China Sea in 120m depth, light base, dorsum ringed with dark brown spots  $8
Erronea hungerfordi   large  F+++      41.52mm, East China Sea in 150m depth, salmon-orange base, handsome brown dorsum   $10
Erronea onyx                 F+++-G      35.1, 36.5, 37.8 all Siasi PI in Sulu, blue on dorsum with center in dark brown   $3 each
Erronea onyx                  F++          44.1mm, Siasi PI in Sulu, blue sides and light center of dorsum, large for PI   $4
Erronea onyx     large      F++         46.71, 47.80mm, East China Sea large ones, dorsum has blue split by cinnamon brown   $7 each
Erronea ovum                 F++         28.7mm, Balabac Is. PI from old collection, strong dark butterscotch dorsum color  $2
Erronea ovum                   G          32.17mm, Apra Harbor Guam, pretty gold teeth and dark gold dorsum   $4
Erronea pyriformis             G           28.14mm, Ligtong PI, has middle patch of light brown on bluish-green dorsum   $4
Ficadusta pulchella            F++        34.01mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, beauty with large blotch, ventral side lacks polish as always   $7
Ficadusta pulchella            F++        40.10mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, varied small blotches, 2 small octopus dents, slight fade on teeth   $10
Ficadusta pulchella  large    F++        42.08mm, Taiwan offshore in 15 to 60 meters, beautiful dorsum with banding, usual teeth fade   $12
Ficadusta pulchella  large    F++       43.35mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, central band of rectangle brown blotches, slight fade on teeth  $12
Leporicypraea mappa         F+++     58.03mm, Palawan Is. PI, dark brown one with prominent brown square patch on ventral side   $5
Leporicypraea mappa pink   F++       65.48mm, Panglao Is. Bohol PI, very deep uniform pink with red tips, fairly narrow, a beauty  $6
Leporicypraea mappa         F++       70.95mm, eastern Samar PI, beautiful complicated sulcate line, one faded spot on base  $4
Leporicypraea mappa pink   F++       74.37mm, East Samar PI, strong pink base color, small scratch marks on base   $4
Leporicypraea mappa         F++       76.47mm, Tandag PI, purplish dark base with orange teeth, unusual sulcate line on dorsum   $5
Leporicypraea mappa         F++       79.02mm, eastern Samar PI, dark brown one with tan base, light orange teeth   $5
Leporicypraea mappa         F++       79.30mm, Surigao PI, narrow body, distinctive dorsum with visible juvenile phase, mature per aperture  $7
Leporicypraea mappa pink   F++       83.47mm, Mactan Is. PI, strong pink base color, small scratch marks on base   $6
Leporicypraea mappa large  F++       87.76mm, Bantayan Is. Cebu PI, near-white base with globose body spotted in two sizes   $7
Luria cinerea                   F++         22.5mm, Long Is. Bahamas, grayish brown, uncommon now   $5
Luria isabella       large      F+++       32.58mm, Siasi Sulu PI, distinctive black-lined dorsum with orange tips   $3
Luria pulchra                    G           36.20mm, Hurghade Egypt in Red Sea, "four eyes" similar to Oman ones, uncommon   $15
Lyncina aurantium            F+          91.70mm, Surigao PI, purple on base and deep orange dorsum, healed scar on low side  $50
Lyncina camelopardalis     F++         42.32mm, Red Sea (basic data only), very uncommon, dorsal color change from light brown to dark   $10
Lyncina carneola             F+           67.45mm, Bolo Point Okinawa, light banding on dorsum, some dulled area next to teeth  $5
Lyncina carneola              F+           68.44mm, Balabac Is PI, old collection, four pale dorsal bands, some stress lines and dull base  $5
Lyncina carneola   large    F++         75.28mm, Calituban PI, dark orange bands, slight s-shape on teeth, two octopus drill marks      $10
Lyncina carneola  giant     F++         81.94mm, Bohol PI, light three-band dorsal color, nice purple teeth   $20
Lyncina lynx    small           G          32.40mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI old collection, very light purplish dorsum   $2
Lyncina lynx                     F++        47.20mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI old collection, light blue dorsum with broad orange sulcate line   $2
Lyncina lynx                     G            48.70mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI old collection, light purplish dorsum   $2
Lyncina lynx     large        F+++        66.24mm, Punta Engano, Mactan Is. PI, purple one with bright orange sulcate line, pretty and large   $6
Lyncina nivosa                F++          45.11mm, Mergui Bay Burma in Andaman Sea, densely spotted dorsum, very uncommon   $20
Lyncina ventriculus            G          47.63mm, Samar PI, lovely orange banded dorsum on brown, uncommon beautiful species  $10
Lyncina vitellus    dwarf    F++         35.45mm, Apra Harbor Guam, fully mature and heavy for size, honey-brown with regular spots   $4
Lyncina vitellus               F+++        54.27mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI old collection, excellent honey-brown color and full polish   $3
Lyncina vitellus                F++         54.61mm, Punta Engano PI, light dorsum with varied-size spots, some sand in nacre   $3
Lyncina vitellus   clouded    F++        54.74mm, Oslob PI, distinctive greenish clouding on multi-colored dorsum, very unusual  $8
Lyncina vitellus                 F++         59.05mm, Ubay in Bohol PI, slightly subadult, light dorsum with partial underlying orange color   $3
Lyncina vitellus                F++          59.72mm, Punta Engano PI, pretty banding on dorsum, nacre shows healed spots   $3
Lyncina vitellus               F+++         64.96mm, Ubay Bohol PI, two-color banded honey brown, small white spots, elongate   $4
Lyncina vitellus               F+++         66.00mm, Ubay Bohol PI, elongate honey brown one with large to small white spots throughout   $5
Lyncina vitellus   giant        F+          75.54mm, Zamboanga in Sulu PI, extra large and heavy, honey-brown dorsum  $15
Macrocypraea cervinetta large  F+++  82.88mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, very slight subadult with prominent show of dorsal bands   $15
Macrocypraea cervus         F++        92.79mm, off Tortugas Is. SW Florida, rare now, beauty with slight chip or would be gem    $45
Macrocypraea cervus         F+          93.98mm, Marco Island SW Florida, two shades of honey brown, dorsal stress lines and subadult  $12
Macrocypraea cervus         F++        103.77mm, Key Vaca, Florida Keys, shows bulla stage on central dorsum and slightly subadult on ventral, still beautiful   $35
Macrocypraea cervus large     F        125.30mm, Tortugas Is. SW Florida, slight subadult, anterior chip but beautiful for display  $40
Macrocypraea zebra           F++       63.58mm, Sanibel Is. SW Florida, slightly subadult dorsum with bands still showing   $4
Mauritia arabica                G            49.6mm, Apra Harbor Guam, old collection, broad base w/yellow, not orange  $4
Mauritia arabica immanis      F++       70.19mm, Mombassa Kenya, orange base with blue, medium-dark dorsum   $8
Mauritia arabica immanis      F++       75.88mm, Mombassa Kenya, orange base with blue, medium-dark dorsum   $10
Mauritia arabica immanis  large  F++  81.74mm, Natal South Africa beauty, orange and tan base, dark beautiful dorsum  $15
Mauritia depressa              G            36.34mm, Apra Harbor Guam, broad flattened body per name, no blotch on yellowish base   $4
Mauritia depressa              F+++      38.86mm, Rameswaran India, looks just like W Pacific ones, broad with honey-brown dorsum   $4
Mauritia eglantina              G           52.01mm, Bohol PI, very dark mouth with black lines on both sides of aperture   $8
Mauritia eglantina              G           58.6, 59.65mm, Lingayen Gulf Luzon PI, light orange base with blue on side  $4 each
Mauritia eglantina            F++         66.38mm, Bolinao, Lingayen Gulf PI, mid-brown with greenish dorsal shading, very slightly subadult   $4 
Mauritia eglantina  milky   F+++        64.35mm, Borongon Samar PI, milky greenish-white glaze throughout, large one   $10
Mauritia histrio    large      F+          66.06mm, Cuddalore south India, humpbacked large one, shows partial spire, small anterior chip  $5
Mauritia maculifera           G           43.4mm, Borongan Samar PI, thick and heavy, dark blotch on base  $4
Mauritia maculifera hawaiiensis  F+++  67.86 x 48.54mm, Makaha, Oahu Hawaii, broad heavy beauty with large dark blotch on base   $20
Mauritia mauritiana   dwarf  F+          60.77mm, N. Bantayan Is. Cebu PI, slight subadult with brown (not gray) on base  $4
Mauritia mauritiana            F+          65.72mm, Aparri PI, dark brown dorsum with lighter brown on sides on base, slight subadult   $3
Mauritia mauritiana           F+           80.71 x 60.74mm, Saipan on sea wall rocks, broad one with modest hump, pretty brown dorsum   $7
Mauritia mauritiana           F+           84.40mm, Saipan on sea wall rocks, broad humped one, has water marks and anterior chip   $5
Mauritia mauritiana  large    F++        91.58mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, slightly immature lighter brown on base, finely marked dark dorsum  $6
Mauritia mauritiana    dark  F++        91.92mm, Keelung Taiwan, humped, near black sides and top, dorsum has large pretty dots   $10
Mauritia scurra                 F++         41.45mm, Guadalcanal Solomon Is., nice elongate species, base has some lost polish   $3
Melicerona listeri             F+++        17.38mm, Rattail Reef, Viti Levu, Fiji Is., uncommon cowrie with brown bands on blue   $5
Monetaria annulus            F+++        24.22mm, Kona Coast of Big Island Hawaii, nice bright orange ring   $2
Monetaria caputdraconis      G          30.71mm, Easter Island, beautiful species confined to this remote island, uncommon   $6
Monetaria caputserpentis    F+++      33.17mm, Rayong Thailand, customary mid-brown dorsal color   $2
Monetaria caputserpentis    F++        34.12mm, Phuket Thailand, dark chocolate brown color  $2
Monetaria moneta  yellow      G        26.69, 26.83mm, Kona Coast of Big Island Hawaii, wide angular ones in varied yellow color  $3 each
Monetaria moneta  large      F+++     32.55mm, Apra Harbor Guam under coral, wide angular "monetoides" shape in greenish yellow  $5
Monetaria obvelata              F+++    14.5mm, Moorea Tahiti, distinctive small thick shell resembling other "money cowries"   $4
Muracypraea mus donmoorei  F+++    54.40mm, Margarita Is. Venezuela, classic heavy mature one with ventral glaze, striking   $20
Neobernaya spadicea            F+       45.41, 45.59, 45.75mm, north of San Diego, nice dorsum color but dulled so low price, uncommon now  $5 each
Neobernaya spadicea  large   F++     54.39mm, Santa Barbara CA, found in 1984, no longer seen this large   $22
Nucleolaria nucleus              F++      25.15mm, Onna Bay Okinawa, granulose white beauty with central sulcate line   $3
Ovatipsa chinensis               F+++    35.87mm, Batangas Bay PI, pretty spotted gold dorsum and lavender dots on side   $2
Ovatipsa chinensis  albinistic  F+++   40.88mm, 41.94mm, Batangas Bay PI, large ones with pale gold dorsum and lavender dots   $3 each
Palmadusta asellus             G           17.96mm, Samar PI, typical bright white base color with three dark brown bands   $2
Palmadusta clandestina       F+++     21.60mm, Rameswaran S India, near-solid light tan body color, distinctive species   $4
Palmadusta diluculum          G          25.72mm, Mombassa Kenya, finely marked East Africa species with subtle pattern variations   $4
Palmadusta lutea   large      G         21.33mm, Bantayan Is. Cebu PI, large mid-brown one with two distinct white bands   $3
Palmadusta saulae  large     G         28.96mm, Masbate Is. PI with large dark blotch per visayanensis form, very uncommon this size   $10
Palmadusta ziczac           F+++       17.53mm, Siasi Sulu PI, honey brown one, unique zigzag dorsal pattern gives it the name   $3
Perisserosa guttata          F+          48.92 or 51.48mm, East China Sea form, sub-adult with lighter color on base, nacre over small scar    $20 each
Perisserosa guttata          F++        53.38mm, 54.06mm, East China Sea in deep water, same color with fewer spots than PI ones   $35 each
Perisserosa guttata  large   F++       60.62mm, East China Sea in 150m depth, bright orange dorsum with few spots, couple of pits on base    $45
Pseudozonaria annettae    F++         40.05mm, Guaymas, Sonora W Mexico, dotted brown dorsum and honey-tan ventral, uncommon   $6
Pseudozonaria arabicula        G        23.39mm, Isla Cebacu W Panama, very dark brown small beauty, uncommon now   $4
Purpuradusta fimbriata         F++      13.67mm, Onna Bay Okinawa, pretty dorsum, some fading on ventral side around teeth   $3
Purpuradusta microdon           G      12.07mm, Olango Is. PI, pretty tan with tiny dots and dorsal band, lavender tips   $2
Staphylaea limacina   dark  F+++      22.03mm, Apra Harbor Guam, very dark gray-brown-purple dorsum with prominent white dots, pretty   $3
Staphylaea semiplota        F+++       19.68mm, Kona Coast Hawaii, endemic rare species related to S. limacina      $20
Staphylaea staphylaea      F+++        19.88mm, North Bantayan Is. PI, pustulose unlike S. limacina, with central sulcate line   $3
Staphylaea staphylaea laevigata  F+++  10.32mm, Diego Garcia, uncommon small pustulose beauty in gray and orange   $4
Talostolida pellucens            G         23.07mm, Pearl Harbor Hawaii, formerly named Blasicrura alisonae, not common    $6
Talostolida teres               G           24.50mm, Apra Harbor Guam at low tide line, old collection   $2
Talostolida teres  large      G           33.34mm, Tulear Madagascar large one, three rows of brown markings  $3
Talparia talpa    dwarf      F++         46.32mm, Siasi Sulu PI, some dorsal dulling lowers rating, full maturity with brown ventral side   $8
Talparia talpa                  F++         55.32mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, light dorsum and dark base with high contrast, pretty   $4
Talparia talpa                  F+++       55.86mm, Samar PI, dark brown base color and three distinct bands on light dorsum   $4
Talparia talpa                   F++        63.85mm, Samar PI, elongate form with dark base, some whitening on anterior teeth   $4
Talparia talpa                   F++        68.20mm, Siasi, Sulu PI, reddish brown base color and three distinct bands on dorsum    $5
Talparia talpa                   F+++      74.04mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, distinctive bicolored base, as close to gem as these get   $6
Talparia talpa   large         F+          81.68mm, Tori Station Okinawa, quite dark form, some air bubbles   $10
Talparia talpa   large        F++         84.12mm, Balut PI, dark broad beauty with near-black base color, impressive    $15
Talparia talpa   large        F+           86.97mm, Surigao Is. PI, three bands of lighter color on dorsum, healed scar and some dullness on base cuts price   $10
Umbilia armeniaca           F+           89.78 x 65.00mm, Great Australian Bight, orange beauty with bulbous shape, not Gem for dorsal scratch mark   $75
Zoila decipiens               F++         50.45mm, Broome W Australia on sponge, uncommon dark brown beauty with extended spire   $40
Zoila friendii                   F+++       72.58mm, Carnac S Australia, honey brown predominant color, a beauty    $35
Zonaria pyrum petitiana      G         20.69mm, N'Gor Senegal, pear-shaped and salmon orange, uncommon West African species    $10
Zonaria zonaria              F+++       21.45, 24.13mm, N'Gor Senegal, dark patterns of brown on blue-green dorsums   $4 each

Epitonidae:                             Previous / Next / Top
Amaea magnifica          F+            90.3mm, East China Sea in deep water, almost white with nice sculpture   $10
Cirsotrema varicosum     F++        55.61mm, Mactan Is. PI, characteristic bluish white with nice uniform indentations, uncommon   $6
Epitonium scalare        F+++          54.4, 55.3mm, Vung Tau Vietnam, beauties from South China Sea, good size    $9 each

Fasciolaridae:                       Previous / Next / Top
Fasciolaria hunteria             F++     60.29, 62.04mm w/o, Sarasota Bay W Florida, brown banding on gray   $3 each
Fasciolaria hunteria             F++     69.27mm w/o, Sarasota Bay W Florida, brown banding on gray   $3
Fasciolaria tulipa                 F++    105.71mm w/o, Tortugas Is. SW of Key West, brown patches on cream-white, fine spire, small lip chip   $8
Fasciolaria tulipa                 F+      117.82mm w/o, Crystal Beach Florida, mid-brown blotches on off-white, thin-edged lip lowers price   $6
Fasciolaria tulipa                 F++    131.88mm w/o, Tortugas Is. SW of Key West, russet-brown one, fine lip, dull on upper spire  $10
Fasciolaria tulipa                 F++    132.76mm w/o, Tortugas Is. SW of Key West, dark brown patches, beautiful spire  $12
Fasciolaria tulipa                 F+      140.79mm w/o, Eleuthera Bahamas form fatter than Florida ones, strongly indented narrow lines  $14
Fasciolaria tulipa                 F+      141.49mm w/o, Marathon W Florida lobster traps, beautiful dark brown one  $16
Filifusus filamentosus  dark  F++      90.63mm w/o, Keelakarai S India, very dark brown India form without shoulder nodules   $5
Fusinus colus                    F++      140.11mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, narrow and elegant with brown on anterior tip   $5
Fusinus crassiplicatus       F+++      92.59mm w/o, Nada-Cho, Wakayama Pref. Japan, pure white narrow species with rounded whorls   $6
Fusinus dowianus              F+        129.76mm, south of Key West in 20-40 fathoms, very uncommon handsome spindle shell, pure white   $15
Fusinus dupetitthouarsi      F/F+      123.9mm, Guaymas W Mexico, spire tip is gone and lip imperfect, uncommon and low price   $4
Fusinus filosus                 F+++      39.9mm w/periostracum, Dakar Senegal, exquisite form, formerly named Latirus filosus  $6
Fusinus filosus                 F+++       52.61mm w/o, Bay of Goree, Dakar Senegal, sharp spire and fine lined body whorl   $4
Fusinus forceps                 F+       134.35mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, elegant slim form with large nodules and long stem   $5
Fusinus nicobaricus  dark   F+++     95.03mm w/o, Kollam S India, predominant dark brown instead of white, fine spire and outer lip   $5
Fusinus nicobaricus           F++       115.35mm, Panglao Is. Bohol PI, handsome perfect spire, mostly white with spare brown markings   $4 
Fusinus undatus              F+          184.06mm, Quang Ngai Vietnam, thick one with slight yellow on white, slightly truncated spire    $8
Fusinus undatus   large     F++         201.58mm, Quang Ngai Vietnam, almost solid white, excellent form with detailed spire, heavy   $18
Hemipolygona mcgintyi       F+         34.5mm, Pompano Beach W Florida, orange-white, perfect spire, formerly named Latirus carinifer or Latirus mcgintyi  $2
Latirolagena smaragdulus   F+++      31.7mm, N.E. Queensland, distinctive nut-color and shaped species, genus of its own   $2
Latirus barclayi                 F++        55.4mm, Apra Harbor Guam, real species often confused with Latirus belcheri in books   $3
Latirus belcheri                 F++        69.23mm, Bohol Cebu PI, dark-marked brown patches with lines   $3
Latirus gibbulus                F+          70.13mm, Panglao Bohol PI, light rather than dark brown, two small lip chips   $3
Latirus hesterae               F++          24.27mm, Marinduque PI, white with brown line at top of body whorl, thin lip   $2
Latirus polygonus  large       F+         101.69mm w/o, Punta Engano PI, large beauty with slight spire erosion  $10
Latirus polygonus  giant      F+          104.86mm w/o, Bohol Is. Cebu, good spire, could use better cleaning  $10
Leucozonia cerata             F++         42.5mm, 29.6mm, Playa Hermosa Costa Rica, nice color juveniles   $3 for both
Leucozonia cerata  large    F+           67.22mm, Guaymas W Mexico, very uncommon this size, thin lip with small chip   $6
Leucozonia leucozonalis     F++          42.49mm w/o, Punta del Este Cuba, ovate dark brown species without long thorn   $3
Leucozonia nassa              F++        33.71mm, Seven Mile Bridge in Fla. Keys, finely detailed dark brown one   $2
Nodolatirus nodatus           F+          70.9mm, Marquesas, nice uncommon species with pinkish aperture, formerly named Latirus nodatus     $9
Nodolatirus recurvirostra    F++          75.69mm w/o, Minabe Japan, distinctive broad anterior with long spire    $5
Opeatostoma pseudodon     F++        37.1mm, w/o, Cebaco Is. W Panama, long “thorn” and strikingly dark lines   $5
Peristernia australiensis       F+++      29.1mm w/o, Dingo Beach QSD, very handsome black on white species   $4
Peristernia nassatula          F+++        28.2mm, Hook Reef N Queensland, typical color with mid-brown   $3
Peristernia nassatula           F+++       30.8mm, Broome NW Australia, pale form with light lavender aperture  $3
Peristernia nassatula  large      G        35.40mm, Sulu Sea PI, strong brown color between white ribs   $6
Peristernia philberti              F+        25.6mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, attractive brown and white with purple aperture   $2
Peristernia reincarnata         F++      15mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, small orange ones   $2
Pleuroploca trapezium        F++        175.09mm w/o, Batangas Is. PI, heavy mature specimen with mature lip, some spire erosion   $8
Polygona infundibulum        F++         59.65mm w/o, Port au Prince Haiti, distinctive color and form, formerly named Latirus infundibulum  $6

Ficidae:                                  Previous / Next / Top
Ficus filosa                 F+++      79.1mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, elegant form, large, distinctive reticulations, not common   $10
Ficus gracilis   giant       F+       161.29mm, Tainan Taiwan, not often seen this large  $15
Ficus ficus      large      F++      93.8mm, 94.28mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, large, very nice color with banding, formerly called Ficus subintermedius   $6 each
Ficus variegata             F+++    51.2mm, Tamil Nadu India, small elegant adult with orange on aperture   $2
Ficus variegata               F+        94.0mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, extra-large, another elegant and well-colored Ficus   $7

Haliotidae:                             Previous / Next / Top
Haliotis asinina          F++         97.11mm, Balabac Is. PI from old collection, green and brown tinting with tents    $4
Haliotis asinina   large  F+        101.23mm, Makiminata Okinawa, very large one, varied green with tenting, two circular scar marks   $5
Haliotis discus hannai F++       71.4 to 75.6mm, Yellow Sea trawler, beautiful red and turquoise sectors of body whorl  $8 each
Haliotis glabra           F++        43.98mm, Coron Palawan PI, dark green with chevrons, ovate shape rather than elongate   $4
Haliotis ovina  large    F++       74.38mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, extra-large dark green one with four swirls of lighter green  $5
Haliotis ovina  large    F++       76.0mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, extra-large dark brown one, almost no erosion despite size  $5
Haliotis ovina  giant      F+       78.7mm width, Nha Trang Vietnam, dark brown-green mottled color, erosion at spire  $10
Haliotis planata          F++       45mm each, Samar PI, two small thick ones, corrugated dorsum   2 for $3

Harpidae:                            Previous / Next / Top
Harpa are not difficult to identify but Morums can be a problem.  From WoRMS the genus Morum lists 31 species.  From we get 28 species at The Genus Morum Worldwide with Morum Photographs of each one.
Harpa amouretta             F++     49.93mm, Olango Is PI, medium body color with distinct large dark blotch   $4
Harpa amouretta             F++     49.97mm, Bohol PI, fine dark body color, costae of varied sizes   $4
Harpa amouretta             F++     54.38mm, Bohol PI, medium to light body color, one oddly shaped rib   $5
Harpa articularis             F++      67.06mm, North Bantayan Is. PI on sand, narrow ribs, medium-light golden tan color  $4
Harpa articularis   pale     F+++    75.39mm, Luzon PI, pale color form with medium-breadth ribs   $5
Harpa articularis   dark     F++      81.03mm, Manila Bay PI, medium-dark base color with dense ribbing, gets gradually lighter with age   $6
Harpa articularis             F++      87.08mm, Manila Bay PI, large light-colored one getting lighter with age, narrow ribs    $7
Harpa articularis             F++      88.83mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, thick costae, whitening toward aperture, very pretty  $7
Harpa articularis             F++      93.57mm, Manila Bay PI, medium light one with narrow costae gradually getting broader, fine color  $8
Harpa articularis   dark    F+++     94.96mm, Manila Bay PI, medium-dark beauty with large strong orange ribs, broad body    $10
Harpa articularis   pale    F+++     99.87mm, Manila Bay PI, pale one turned to all-white between last 3 or 4 costae, striking    $10
Harpa articularis   large   F++      100.73mm, Manila Bay PI, medium base color gets lighter with age, pretty light orange on dense ribs  $12
Harpa articularis   giant   F+++    103.35mm, Negros PI, medium shading, lovely blend of orange and dark brown on ribs    $15
Harpa cabriti              F++          64.09mm, Mombassa Kenya, classic squared shape, dark red to purple   $5
Harpa cabriti              F++          68.63mm, Nungwi Zanzibar, light-colored one, pink ribs, some yellow in aperture   $5
Harpa cabriti              F+           84.55mm, Nungwi Zanzibar, very light-colored body with dark brown mid-body patches, one faded area so low price   $8
Harpa cabriti   large   F+++         88.02mm, Nungwi Zanzibar, beautiful square-shaped with one mid-body dark patch, classic   $16
Harpa davidis   pale    F++         72.92mm, near Colombo Sri Lanka, the true species, pale pink with ovate shape  $6
Harpa davidis            G             75.61mm, Galle Bay Sri Lanka, the true species, medium pink beauty with ovate shape, thick lip  $10
Harpa doris               F++          60.31mm, Dakar Senegal, distinctive species with red squares, uncommon   $20  
Harpa harpa             F+++         56.19mm, Boac, Marinduque PI tangle nets, beautiful predominant lavender with large orange patch  $8
Harpa harpa             F++           57.72mm, Samar PI, seven dark red patches across full body whorl    $8
Harpa harpa  large      F+           64.70mm, Calituban Is. PI tangle nets, pink and brown with red-orange patches, one lip chip   $10
Harpa kajiyamai         F+++         44.92mm, Talikud Davao PI tangle nets, light yellow with pink and light brown, uncommon   $12
Harpa kajiyamai         F+++         45.76mm, Samal PI tangle nets, serious beauty with yellow and pink predominant   $16
Harpa kajiyamai         F+++         48.26mm, Sulu Sea PI, predominant pink color with varied shades, high pointed spire   $18
Harpa major  E Africa  F+++         94.04mm, Zanzibar Is., E African type with broad ribs, ovate shape, large dark aperture patches  $10
Harpa major  E Africa  F+++         95.25mm, Ft. Dauphin Madagascar, large heavyweight in purple, dark beautiful aperture  $12
Harpa major  E Africa  F+++         97.60mm, Nungwi Zanzibar, large heavyweight with predominant pink color, dark beautiful aperture  $10
Harpa major                F++         86.33mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, narrow ribs and pink with brown dominant colors   $6
Harpa major                F++         90.90mm, Madras India, pale one with narrow ribs, rectangular shape separates it from H. davidis    $6
Harpa major                F++         92.10mm, Madras India, narrow ribs over complex base pattern, ovate shape but unlike H. davidis    $7
Harpa major                F++         92.31mm, Kaoshiung Taiwan, strongly pink with medium sized ribs, has anterior chip  $6
Harpa major               F+++        93.39mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea beauty with light color, distinctive golden between ribs  $8
Harpa major               F+++        98.82mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, heavy broad body, large ribs and light color   $10
Harpa major   large     F+++        101.81mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, exceptional color with contrasts on ribs, flawless   $10
Harpa major   large     F+++        103.46mm, Kaoshiung south Taiwan, beautiful large Taiwanese representative, well-marked   $10
Harpa major   large     F++          104.72mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, narrow body, fine complex pattern with high color contrasts   $12
Harpa major   giant      F++         110.73mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, broad body with uniformly spaced medium-sized ribs, impressive   $20
Harpa major kawamurai  F+++      75.74mm, Olango Is. PI, pale pink and white beauty, yellow interior, large uniform costae of this form   $10
Harpa major kawamurai  F+++      87.13mm, Nocnocan Is. PI, southern PI beauty winner, light yellow interior and light exterior with pink ribs  $12
Morum cancellatum      F+++       37.80mm, East China Sea deep water, more brown color than most, an elegant species   $8
Morum cancellatum      F+++       42.06mm, 43.02mm, East China Sea deep water, elegant brown bands on cancellated white surface, uncommon   $10 each
Morum grande             F++         50.34mm, Lady Musgrave Is. QSD E Australia, Aussie form of species, looks different from ECS ones   $6
Morum grande             F++         68.14mm, East China Sea at 130m, has some gray from gray mud, exquisite largest Morum $8
Morum grande             F++         68.34mm, East China Sea at 150m, off-white with light brown bands, broad and heavy  $10
Morum joelgreenei       F+++        40.31mm, Punta Engano PI tangle nets, beautiful yellow orange species, uncommon   $15
Morum ninomiyai         F+           43.94mm, Andaman Sea deep water trawl, cancellated with brown bands, has healed scar, uncommon   $12
Morum oniscus            F++         16.79mm, Florida Bay S Florida, thick distinctive lip, corrugated body, mostly white, uncommon   $5

Littorinidae:         Previous / Next / Top
Cenchritis muricatus     F++          17.9mm, Eleuthera Is. Bahamas, handsome small beaded species formerly named Tectarius muricatus   $2
Echinolittorina ziczac     F++          14mm, Eleuthera Is. Bahamas, small bluish-gray one with angled line markings   $2
Littoraria zebra           F++            27.82mm w/o, Puntarenas Costa Rica in mangroves, beautiful swirled black stripes on dark orange   $4
Littorina littorea           F+            16 to 22mm, Bar Harbor Maine, cold water fixture of northeast coast of U.S.   $1 each
Tectarius coronatus      F++          29.5mm, Bohol Cebu PI, light orange with black   $1

Lucinidae:                   Previous / Next / Top
Codakia tigerina             F+            60.87mm, Bohol PI, purple tints on white body, a couple of small lip chips   $2
Fimbria fimbriata             F+++      69.67mm width, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, beautiful sculpture and reddish perimeter, formerly in separate family   $5
Fimbria fimbriata  large     F+++     81.47mm width, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, large beauty with fine sculpture and reddish perimeter   $10
Lucina pensylvanica        F++         40.67mm, Florida Keys, distinctive white shell shape with concentric lines    $2

Marginellidae:                     Previous / Next / Top
Note:  Genus Persicula has moved from here to family Cystiscidae.  They're listed below under Miscellaneous Gastropoda.
Afrivoluta pringlei        F+++      102.98mm, Agulhas Bank S Africa, great appearance, smaller "blister" than most, second largest Marginella    $35
Bullata bullata              G         45.8mm, Recife in NE Brazil, lovely pinkish banding with thick orange margin   $8
Cryptospira strigata      G         33.28mm, Straits of Malacca, blue body and orange lip, distinctive   $4
Cryptospira ventricosa    F+++    33.0mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, characteristic gray turns whiter toward lip   $4
Dentimargo eburneolus    G        5mm or so (tiny), Stock Island off S.W. Florida, deep orange tiny beauty, uncommon   $5
Marginella desjardini      F+++     43.11mm, Ivory Coast W Africa, gem but for nacre dust motes that don't affect beauty or quality   $7
Marginella floccata         G         24.8mm, False Bay S Africa, beautiful light gray species   $8
Marginella nebulosa        G         36.7mm, False Bay S Africa, beautiful gray mottled surface, large and uncommon  $15
Marginella ornata    grey  G        26.51mm, East London South Africa, beauty with gray and black blend   $10
Marginella rosea            G         21.84mm, False Bay S Africa, distinctive dark gray with rose tints   $7
Marginella sebastiani      G         38.33mm, Guinea-Bissau W Africa by trawler, very beautiful orange-to-red gem   $7
Marginella sebastiani      G         50.25mm, Dakar Senegal W Africa, dark orange and red beauty with prominent regular spots   $10
Marginellona gigas         F++      89.74mm, near Pratas Island South China Sea in deep water, largest Marginella species  $20
Marginellona gigas         F++      112.4mm, near Pratas Island South China Sea in deep water   $25
Marginellona gigas         F++      120.47mm, near Pratas Island South China Sea in deep water   $30
Marginellona gigas  giant  F++     160.92mm, Pratas Is. South China Sea, amazing to see these huge ones; rare   $100
Marginella rosea           G           22.15mm, False Bay S Africa, gray and black beauty    $5
Prunum amygdalum      G           18.3mm, Mauretania W Africa coast, lovely grayish-white with orange anterior color   $5
Prunum carneum          G           16.00mm, Back Bay off 7 Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, beautiful orange bands   $4
Prunum pruinosum        G          16.6mm, San Blas Is. W Panama, off-white with characteristic thick mature lip   $3
Prunum sapotilla          F++       19.78mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, elongate polished near-white species, not common   $4
Volvarina angustata     F+++     19.8, 20.8mm, Cuddalore SE India   both for $3
Volvarina angustata      G         23.6mm, Rameswaran S India, large and pretty with distinctive margins   $3

Melongenidae:                 Previous / Next / Top
Hemifusus kawamurai   F++        166.40mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, graceful nodules, light orange color   $20
Hemifusus tuba           F++        121.40, 136.70mm, East China Sea deep water, truncated apex tip, light orange on white, distinctive striations, uncommon  $12 each
Melongena corona        F++       89.40mm, Panama City NW Florida, body has color change with overlay of yellow   $3
Melongena corona         F++       113.85mm, Panama City NW Florida, color changes on body with usual blue and brown banding   $6
Melongena corona johnstonei  F++ 77.74mm, Cape San Blas Florida, closely packed spines, narrow body with blue and brown bands   $4
Pugilina cochlidium        F++        92.07mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, honey brown body, has some periostracum    $5

Miscellaneous Bivalvia:           Previous / Next / Top
Acesta philippinensis          F+         162.0mm, South China Sea deep water, increased yellow with age, some dark smudges, family Limidae  $15
Asaphis deflorata           F+++         58.55mm width, Middle Bight, Andros Is. Bahamas, light purple with darker rays, family Psammobiidae   $3 
Asaphis violascens          F++          64.14mm, Balabac Is. Palawan, unusual lack of purple color, almost all off-white, some periostracum, family Psammobiidae  $2
Corbula amethystina        F++        24.64mm width, Isla Cebacu W Panama, distinctive pink-to-purple species, not often seen, family Corbulidae   $3
Cucullaea petita              F++        91.12mm width, Bantayan Is. PI, chevron markings in brown on yellow-white base, family Cucullaeidae  $20
Donax serra                   F++         74.22mm width, Falcon Bay S Africa, giant member of family Donacidae   $3
Glycymeris flammea        F+++       48.94mm, South China Sea, large one, dark brown chevrons on white, family Glycymerididae  $3
Glycymeris pectunculus     F++       44.6mm, Balabac Is. PI, old collection, well marked, family Glycymerididae  $2
Glycymeris reevei              F+       41.0mm, Balabac Is. PI, old collection, dark brown with white edge, family Glycymerididae  $2
Mactra maculata           F+++       43.5mm width, Apra Harbor Guam, familiar flecked brown on white with brown on one side, family Mactridae  $2
Mactra grandis              F++         63.52mm, Mactan Is. PI, dark greenish brown triangulate shell with blue rays, family Mactridae  $3
Meiocardia samarangiae     F++      29.87mm, East China Sea in very deep water, uncommon, family Glossidae    $6
Modiolus americanus        F++       45 to 50mm length w/p, Long Point, St. Croix Virgin Is., Caribbean red and white mussel shell, family Mytilidae   $2
Neotrigonia margaritacea  F++       27.55mm, Port Lincoln S Australia, white one, not often seen, family Trigoniidae  $3
Pandora gouldiana             F++      22 to 24mm, Guilford Connecticut USA, interesting shape on this cold water species, family Pandoridae  $2
Soletellina diphos             F++       53.61 to 57.64mm width, Masbate PI, dark purple with lavender rays, might be S. adamsii, family Psammobiidae  $3 each
Trapezium gilvum  yellow    F+       80.47mm width, Calituban PI, heavy and mostly bright yellow, uncommon, family Trapezidae  $9
Trapezium gilvum  red        F+       89.02mm, 99.15mm, Olango Is. PI, heavy white to red with aging, very distinctive, family Trapezidae  $10 each

Miscellaneous Gastropoda:                Previous / Next / Top
This does not include the Turridae or former Turridae from Superfamily Conoidea.  See below under Turridae for those.
Bostrycapulus aculeatus    F+++      23.65mm, Key West, spiny slipper shell formerly named Crepidula aculeata, in family Calyptraeidae    $2
Bulla ampulla                   F++        42.00mm, Nandi Fiji, purple rather than brown body color, bubble shell in family Bullidae   $3
Bulla striata                     F++       17-18mm, Cape Romano S.W. Florida, mottled in light gray-brown color, in family Bullidae   $2
Cellana testudinaria  large  F++       76.90mm, Borongan, Samar PI, heavy limpet with silver to black exterior, in family Nacellidae    $4
Cernina fluctuata             F++        35.0, 36.4, 38.2mm width, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, pale ones, formerly Globularia fluctuata; in family Ampullinidae   $4 each
Cernina fluctuata             F++        38.9mm width, Coron Is. Palawan PI, light colored one, formerly Globularia fluctuata; in family Ampullinidae   $4
Crepidula fornicata    large  F++       52.84mm w/p, Jones Beach, Long Island N.Y., large heavy white shell in family Calyptraeidae    $4
Euchelus atratus              F+++      18-19mm height, Punta Engano PI tangle nets, still has periostracum, in family Chilodontidae   $2 each
Ginebis argenteonitens       F+++      50.32mm height w/o, NW Taiwan in East China Sea deep water, pearled beauty, in family Calliotropidae  $8
Ginebis argenteonitens  large  F+++  59.17mm height w/o, East China Sea deep water, large pearled beauty, in family Calliotropidae   $10
Ginebis argenteonitens  large  F+++  59.70mm height w/o, East China Sea deep water, large pearled beauty, in family Calliotropidae   $10
Lischkeia alwinae               F++       39.2mm height, off S.W. Taiwan, silvery white, nice beading on spire, in family Calliotropidae  $6
Janthina janthina            F++          30.66mm, Florida Keys, unique bicolored purple floating member of family Janthinidae   $3
Jenneria pustulata            G           19.72mm, Isla Cebacu W Panama, unique pustulose species, cowrie-like but in family Pediculariidae     $4
Niveria maltbiana             G           7-8mm, St. Petersburg W Florida in deep water lobster traps, light pink without blotches, in family Triviidae   $3
Niveria pacifica               G            10.63mm, Dana Point California, little pink beauty with brown patches on cowrie-like dorsum, in family Triviidae   $3
Olivella semistriata        F+++        11-13mm w/o, Tamarindo Costa Rica on Pacific side, dark gray little banded beauties with sharp spires, family Olivellidae   $2
Persicula accola              G           12-13mm, Cebaco Is. W Panama, uncommon gun-metal spotted gray beauties, in family Cystiscidae   $5 each
Persicula persicula           G           21.1mm, Goree Bay Dakar Senegal from Marcel Pin, now uncommon, in family Cystiscidae   $5 
Persicula tessellata          G          17 to 20mm, Cebaco Is. W Panama, dense gray spots on yellow; see Petit on P. accola; in family Cystiscidae  $5 each
Planaxis sulcatus            F++         20 to 22mm, Balabac Is. PI, old collection, varied black beads on white, in family Planaxidae    $1 each
Pusula pediculus               G         13.43mm, central W Florida in deep water lobster traps, fine pink color with blotch, pretty, in family Triviidae   $3
Ryssota ovum (land snail) F++       72.51mm, Luzon Province PI, large familiar brown and white land snail from PI   $4
Terebralia sulcata           F++        35 to 38mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, old collection, blended gray brown and white, in family Potamididae    $2
Umbraculum umbraculum  F+++    48.90mm, Key West SW Fla in deep water trawl, uniquely shaped flat disk shell, family Umbraculidae in order Umbraculida    $4
Varicospira cancellata     F+++      19.90mm, Mactan Is. tangle nets, uncommon deep water shell formerly with Tibia, in family Rimellidae   $5

Mitridae:                               Previous / Next / Top
An advanced identification source for these is MITROIDEA.EURASIASHELLS.NET, organized by each genus of this family (along with family Constellaridae).
Cancilla isabella                    F+++    75.08mm, East China Sea off Zhejiang, still has periostracum  $6
Cancilla isabella    large         F++      83.50mm, East China Sea in 40-50 meters, nice orange color on white  $9
Domiporta gloriola                F++      30.89mm, Cebu PI, elegant beaded lines distinctive to this genus   $3
Domiporta granatina             F+++    41.26mm, Madras South India, handsome species with thin cinnamon-brown banding  $3
Domiporta granatina  large    F+++    52.26mm, Nacala Bay Mozambique, quite large one, usual bands of cinnamon brown  $4
Domiporta praestantissima    F+++    30.16mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, uncommon    $10
Imbricaria conularis              F+++   16.0mm, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, very pretty gray bicolored cone shaped miter   $2
Imbricaria conularis    large   F+       23.38mm, Olango Is. PI, beautiful species, has prominent healed bite wound, unusual size   $5
Mitra aurantia                  F+++     28.8mm, Coron, Palawan Is. PI, dark brown with one prominent lighter yellow band   $3
Mitra chrysostoma              F+      40.95mm, Apra Harbor Guam, thick-lipped golden mouth, truncated spire, uncommon  $8
Mitra coffea                     F+         24.5mm, Panglao Is. PI tangle nets, uncommon, has thin lip, lighter brown than most   $5
Mitra contracta                 F++     32.74mm, 34.54mm, Mactan PI tangle nets, distinctive silvery white protoconch, thin crenellated lips  $3 each
Mitra eremitarum               F+++    54.48mm, Laminusa Siasi Sulu PI, dark-marked with nice white spire tip  $3
Mitra eremitarum               F+++    61.43mm, Magalawa Is. PI, medium dark, heavy one with thick outer lip  $3
Mitra eremitarum     large    F++     79.94mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, excellent dark color and crenellated lip   $7
Mitra ferruginea               F+++     34.13mm, N. Zimbales Luzon PI, dark-marked with fine crenulated lip   $3
Mitra fraga carinilirata       F++      33.27mm, Apra Harbor Guam, bright yellow-orange, uncommon   $5
Mitra hayashii                 F++       19.18mm, Okinawa, rare ovate species, not often seen   $20
Mitra heinickei                   F++      27.9mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets, recently named, uncommon   $5
Mitra incompta    dwarf       F++     54.79mm, Nacala Bay Mozambique, orange with cream spiral band and flammules  $10
Mitra incompta    large       F++     107.57mm, Mactan Is. PI, orange and brown large one, perfect lip, erosion on tip of spire   $12
Mitra imperialis               F+++      42.5mm, East Bohol PI, butterscotch yellow-brown rather than usual dark brown  $4
Mitra lens                      F+          30.50mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, distinctive dark gray and brown, thin natural outer lip   $3
Mitra luctuosa                 F++       26.6mm, Balabac Is. PI, reddish brown with one lighter band on body   $2
Mitra mitra  large          F+++       137.41mm, Phan Rang Vietnam, beautiful red-orange, tip not eroded, nice lip detail  $9
Mitra nubila                    F+        48.61mm, Nacala Bay Mozambique, clouded dark red markings, has healed bite wound, rare species  $7
Mitra nubila                   F+++     52.52mm, Nacala Bay Mozambique, clouded dark red markings, rare species  $10
Mitra papalis                 F++       128.51mm, Olango Is. PI, well marked body whirl with varied-size red blotches, still has some periostracum   $10
Mitra papalis   large        F++       133.22mm, Bohol PI, large dark red patches, colorful spire tip, upper whorls have healed scars  $10
Mitra paupercula               F+++   20.5mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, pretty vertical white lines on dark brown base, called Strigatella zebra by Poppe   $2
Mitra paupercula       large  F++    36.46mm, Mactan Is. PI, very large one with dark middle band on body whorl, eroded spire    $4
Mitra picta                    F++       25.5mm, S Africa, little beauty in purple and brown, very uncommon  $7
Mitra puncticulata             F+++    34.0mm, Palawan PI, strong orange with white-spotted central band  $3
Mitra puncticulata            F++      41.1mm, Bantayan Is. PI at 40m in tangle nets, central yellow band on orange  $4
Mitra puncticulata   large    F++    48.18mm, Samar Is. PI, very big one with usual nice orange in light and deep shades   $10
Mitra rubiginosa               F+++    36.3mm, Olango Is. PI, nice white elongate species with orange patches, uncommon   $7
Mitra scutulata                  F+     33.40mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, still has periostracum, dark brown with one yellow upper-body band   $3
Mitra terryni                  F+++    39.0mm, Calituban Is. PI, formerly named Mitra (Nebularia) rosacea, pretty beaded bands, uncommon   $6
Mitra terryni                 F+++     42.55mm, Olango Is. PI, formerly named Mitra (Nebularia) rosacea, pretty beaded bands, uncommon   $8
Mitra variabilis               F+++       24.6mm, Port Douglas south Australia, not seen very often   $3
Mitra vexillum                    F+     33.20mm, Palawan PI, very uncommon, has dull spots and could use better cleaning   $7
Neocancilla papilio           F+++     52.38mm, Nacala Mozambique, beautiful one with granulated brown, white and orange   $5
Neocancilla takiisaoi        F+          41.20mm, Okinawa, true rarity in light orange color, has bite wound on upper whorl   $25
Pterygia dactylus            F+         34.6 and 39.0mm, Balabac Is. old collection, broad and heavy light colored pair    both for $3
Pterygia nucea             F+++       49.59mm, Zanzibar Is. Tanzania, ovate white species with narrow dotted even-spaced lines   $4
Pterygia scabricula        F+++      24.20mm, Mactan Is. PI, orange ovate species characteristic of this genus, uncommon   $5
Scabricola desetangsii  large  F++  28.4mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, very large for species, bright orange, uncommon    $8
Scabricola fissurata       F+++      40.92mm, Zabargad Is. Egypt in Red Sea, beautiful uncommon species with tent markings  $8
Scabricola newcombii     F++       19.53mm, Kona Coast, Hawaii, white with light orange band at top of body whorl, not often seen  $4
Subcancilla sulcata        F++       17.28mm, Bahia Montijo W Panama, biconical reddish-brown distinctive species, uncommon   $4
Ziba calodinota              F+        21.39mm, Bahia Montijo W Panama, lined and high-spired, uncommon, has dorsal bite mark   $4
Ziba gigantea                F+        46.54mm, Bajia Montijo W Panama, elegant high-spired species, has one ventral bite mark   $6
Ziba phorminx               F++      25.60mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, white with light brown ribs; not Subcancilla hindsii      $4
Ziba phorminx              F++       36.52mm, Bahia Montijo W Panama, biconical shape, white with narrow gold ribs; not Subcancilla hindsii      $6

Muricidae:                           Previous / Next / Top
Acanthais brevidentata       F           24.43mm w/o, Tamarindo Costa Rica on Pacific side, thick gray rock shells with white nodules, never pretty   $2
Babelomurex princeps         F++       23.07mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, pure white with outstanding numerous spines, good price   $5
Babelomurex spinosus        F+++      26.19 x 27.97mm width with spines, South China Sea in deep water, outstanding long spines   $12
Ceratostoma burnetti coreanica F+     73.26mm w/o, Yellow Sea, less extensive foliated wings, spire erosion but good body whorl and wings   $20
Chicomurex laciniatus        F+++        46.72mm w/o, Calituban Is. PI, fine orange color and frills with excellent spire, far better than most  $6
Chicomurex laciniatus        F+++       47.55mm, Samal Is. Davao PI, fine orange color and frills unlike usual rough condition of species   $7
Chicomurex laciniatus         F++        56.53mm w/o, Punta Engano PI tangle nets, orange color, some erosion on spire   $5
Chicomurex problematicus  F++         62.63mm w/o, Balut Is. PI tangle nets, nice mid-brown lines, fine detail on spire  $9
Chicomurex problematicus  F++         67.01mm, Balut Is. PI tangle nets, nice mid-brown lines, fine detail on spire   $9
Chicomurex problematicus  F+++       73.50mm, Balut Is. PI, extra-large one with light brown banding, spectacular spire   $15
Chicomurex superbus         F+++      66.58mm, Balut Is. PI tangle nets, pink and gold pastel, beautiful spire and fronds   $12
Chicomurex venustulus       F++        36.3mm, 38.2mm, Leyte PI, deep water, beautiful varied body color   $3 each
Chicomurex venustulus      F+++       42.65mm, Balut Is. PI tangle nets, light yellow base color with mid-body orange band   $5
Chicomurex venustulus      F+++       45.92mm, Punta Engano Bohol PI tangle nets, pretty blend of yellow and orange   $5
Chicomurex venustulus      F+++       48.82mm, Balut Is. PI tangle nets, light pink one with some yellow and orange tints, pretty  $5
Chicoreus asianus              F+         79.07mm, Quang Ngai Vietnam, red-pink spire, light brown lines rather than dark, good spines  $8
Chicoreus axicornis            F++        28.2mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, red-brown body color   $2
Chicoreus axicornis            F++        32.66mm, Punta Engano PI tangle nets, light brown body color with long upturned spines  $4
Chicoreus banksii   orange  F+++       52.13mm w/o, Bohol PI tangle nets, brilliant orange beauty with fine spines, formerly called Murex crocatus   $15
Chicoreus bourguignati       F+          69.76mm w/o, Zanzibar Is., has polish, pink spire with little erosion, semi-adult outer lip  $6
Chicoreus brunneus            F++        54.97mm, Palawan PI, three varices with long spines on each, some white on body   $3
Chicoreus brunneus            F++        65.64mm, Batangas PI, mostly black, long spines on all three varices  $5
Chicoreus cnissodus            F++       55.62mm w/o, Kii Peninsula Japan, nice spire and spines, healed scar on body whorl, uncommon   $6
Chicoreus exuberans          F+          95.08mm, Quang Ngai Vietnam, newly named and uncommon, higher spire and broader than C. asianus   $20
Chicoreus florifer                F++       59.47mm w/o, Eleuthera Bahamas, robust with good spines but eroded spire  $5
Chicoreus florifer                F+         62.78mm w/o, Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera Is. Bahamas, robust with good spines but eroded spire  $5
Chicoreus florifer                F+         63.35mm, Rock Sound, Eleuthera Is. Bahamas, heavy white one with short spines, some spire erosion   $4
Chicoreus florifer dilectus     F+++     48.14mm, Marathon W Florida in lobster trap, almost all white with some light brown, elegant spines   $8
Chicoreus florifer dilectus       G        49.87 to 50.38mm w/o, west of Florida Keys, all elegant, varied from light to dark  $10 each
Chicoreus florifer dilectus       F+      60.92mm, Sanibel Is. SW Fla, red spire and lovely spines, chip in siphonal canal  $10
Chicoreus mergus            F+++        43.23mm w/o, Corn Is. E Nicaragua, very uncommon warm brown species, not often seen   $25
Chicoreus nobilis               F++        31-34mm, Mactan Cebu PI deep water, very bright pink ones, small beauties   $5 each
Chicoreus palmarosae         F++       104.56mm w/o, Surigao Is. PI, narrow body brown PI form with fine rose apex  $12
Chicoreus ramosus   young   F++      61.18mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, light orange spire turning to white body whorl   $5
Chicoreus ramosus   young   F++      113.73mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, brown lining on white, finely detailed symmetrical spines   $6
Chicoreus ramosus            F+          196.00mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, large short-spined one with white spire, brown-lined body   $20
Chicoreus rossiteri            F++         36.63mm, Sogat, Cebu PI, nice pink spines on light orange body   $4
Chicoreus rossiteri            F++         46.76mm, Bataam Indonesia, nice pink spines on light orange body   $5
Chicoreus rossiteri             F+          49.8mm, Bataam Indonesia, one missing spine so low price  $3
Chicoreus saulii                 F+          96.25mm, Mactan Is. PI, beautiful rose-tipped fronds, honey colored body    $14
Chicoreus saulii    large       F++       106.97mm, Quang Ngai Vietnam, beautiful rose-tipped fronds, extended spire    $22
Chicoreus strigatus            F++        27.8mm, Tokyo Bay Japan, orange one with pink spire, formerly named Murex penchinati  $5
Chicoreus strigatus   red     F++        38.03mm, Tokyo Bay Japan, orange with definite lines, pale spire, formerly named Murex penchinati   $5
Chicoreus torrefactus          F++       99.4mm w/o, Luzon PI, dark red-brown body color, extended spire with lighter color   $7
Coralliophila abnormis        F+++       20.1mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets, salmon orange body, uncommon little beauty  $12
Coralliophila radula    large     F+      50.90mm, Bogo, Cebu PI, broad thick one with eroded exterior, outstanding purple aperture   $5
Dermomurex obeliscus          F         18-19mm, Tamarindo Costa Rica on Pacific side, amazingly ugly pitted shells, crabbed   $2 each
Drupa morum                    F++        37.80mm, Apra Harbor Guam, thick mature specimen with beautiful purple aperture   $3
Drupa ricinus                     F++        28.25mm, Guam, uniquely toothed aperture with intermittent orange on white   $2
Drupa rubusidaeus              F+         35.08mm, Kona Coast Hawaii, brilliant magenta lip gives the name   $3
Drupa rubusidaeus              F+         36.08mm, Tulear Madagascar, brilliant magenta lip gives the name   $3
Drupina grossularia             F++       23.92mm, east coast Samar Is. PI, white coralline surface with brilliant orange aperture   $2
Ergalatax dattilioi               F++         16.88mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets, brown with strong sculpture, uncommon small beauty   $4
Eupleura nitida                   F+++       24.07mm, Isla Cebuca W Panama, nice wings, gray to black base color   $3
Favartia bojadorensis          F+          36.0mm, Dakar Senegal, great spines but one break, rare   $30
Favartia humilis      large      F+         23.90mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, beautiful frilled species, needs some cleaning, very uncommon   $16
Favartia incisa                  F++         18.11mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, distinctive shape, small brown and white beauty, uncommon   $5
Favartia judithae               F+           23.7mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, uniquely shaped small murex, not common  $10
Favartia keenae                F++          17.48mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, very uncommon, deep red-brown, frilly   $20
Favartia levicula           F+++ to G      15 to 17mm w/o, off St. Petersburg W Florida in lobster traps, very uncommon  $5 each
Haustellum haustellum           F++       129.7mm w/o, Bantayan PI, large body, excellent color and form with spire detail  $7
Haustellum haustellum  giant    F++      159.90mm, Zamboanga PI, excellent color and form including spire  $20
Haustellum kurodai                 F+        83.80mm w/o, Zamboanga PI, pink, down-rated for break in anterior tip  $5
Hexaplex cichoreum   black    F+++      74.10mm w/o, Palawan PI, nearly all dark brown to near-black, dense short recurved spines   $6
Hexaplex cichoreum depressospinosus  F++  76.82 x 75.17mm, Mactan Is. PI, strongly downswept varices with thick short spines, black and white    $5
Hexaplex cichoreum             F++       88.79mm, Mactan Is. PI, broad heavy white one with high spire and partially black spines, 7 varices on body whorl   $5
Hexaplex cichoreum             F++       99.1mm w/o, Bantayan Is. Cebu PI, densely spinose in black and white, base is white with brown bands   $10
Hexaplex cichoreum             F++      103.4mm, Mactan Is. PI, relatively high spire, black spines on white, orange edges on varices   $8
Hexaplex cichoreum albinistic  F++    105.17mm w/o, Negros Is. PI, beautiful white one with gray-brown spine tips, elegant shape   $15
Hexaplex cichoreum albinistic  F++    105.48 length x 105.00 width w/o, Bohol PI, almost entirely white beauty with long spines   $15
Hexaplex cichoreum   large   F++       123.52mm w/o, Bantayan PI with very long spines, banded black on white base  $15
Hexaplex regius                 F+           88.36mm, Pedro Gonzalez W Panama, short spines and brown more than white, good pink aperture   $5
Hexaplex regius                 F+           93.90mm, Pedro Gonzalez W Panama, upturned spines, more white than brown, good pink aperture   $6
Hexaplex regius   large        F+          138.04mm, Guaymas W Mexico, heavy older specimen, some spire erosion, mature black with pink aperture  $15
Hexaplex stainforthi            F++         49.7, 51.36, 51.8mm all w/o, NW Cape N Aus, white body and black spines, spires lack detail   $5 each
Hexaplex trunculus             F++         47.06mm, Lanzarote, Canary Is., dark banding on brown, good spire  $3
Homalocantha anatomica     F+          44.6mm, Camotes Sea PI, nice branching of this bizarrely shaped species   $3
Homalocantha scorpio        F++         49.82mm, Mactan Is. PI, nice spread of spines on all three major varices   $4
Homalocantha zamboi         F+          51.35mm w/o, Laminusa, Siasi Sulu PI, all white, never gem due to spire erosion and pitting  $3
Latiaxis mawae                  F+         50.35mm, An Ping Is., Taiwan Strait, near white with unique shape, could be better cleaned  $5
Menathais tuberosa            F++        32.64mm, Port Hedland Western Aus, very nice aperture and body whorl detail, some spire erosion as usual   $2
Mipus eugeniae    large         F++      49.95mm, East China Sea in deep water trawl, perfect serrated lip, elegant pure white body  $10
Murex aduncospinosus          F+        92.23mm, Balabac Is. PI from old collection, yellow-white body and white aperture, short spines   $3
Murex brevispina macgillivrayi F+       76.25mmm, Scarborough QSD Aus, blue band, one broken spine   $3
Murex coppingeri                 F         56.9mm, Darwin N Australia, blunt spined, white body, a rare shell   $15
Murex ternispina              F++        61.73mm, Punta Engano PI, largely white body with modestly darkened spine tips   $3
Murex ternispina              F++       71.79mm, Balabac Is Palawan PI, short spines, pure white even on spine tips  $3
Murex ternispina   large     F++       116.24mm, Lingayen Gulf PI, white body and very long brown spines, formerly named Murex nigrispinosus   $10
Murex trapa                     F++       95.44mm, S.W. Taiwan in 20 fathoms, short spines, gold-brown body and dark brown aperture    $5
Murex troscheli                   F+       141.86mm, Phan Rang Vietnam, large with strong dark body lines, two chipped spines  $10
Murexsul oxytatus             G            26.4mm w/o, Tortugas Is. west of Key West, SW Fla., large one in pastel orange   $8
Murexsul oxytatus   large  F+++        32.37mm w/o, Tortugas Is. west of Key West, SW Fla., very large one in pastel orange   $12
Murexsul zeteki                F++         15.47mm w/p, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, uncommon dark brown spiny form, could be better cleaned  $6
Muricanthus nigritus            F+        95.85mm, Baja California fresh dead, low price, looks fine, minimal erosion on spire   $6
Naquetia barclayi           F+++         67.30mm w/o, Cebu PI tangle nets, elegant long stemmed one with red spire, formerly called Naquetia annandalei   $8
Naquetia barclayi           F+++         76.84mm, Balut PI tangle nets, large-bodied light brown one with red spire   $10
Naquetia cumingii             F+          44.85mm, Balabac Is. PI, narrow and elegant light colored species, not common   $5
Neorapana muricata           F++      43.67mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, gold-yellow color, nice frilly detail    $5
Ocenebra inornata            F++        28.61mm w/o, Shikoku Japan, brown and white with nice wings, ID by Houart here instead of Pteropurpura adunca    $5
Ocenebra inornata            F+++      48.36mm w/o, Yellow Sea, seven varices to each whorl, uniformly honey brown, recurved wings, a beauty   $10
Ocenebra inornata  large    F++        52.99mm w/o, Yellow Sea, honey brown body with large recurved wings, elegant species  $12
Orania mixta                    F++        15.50mm, Balicasaq Is. PI tangle net, deep water uncommon species    $4
Phyllonotus pomum           F+          62.19mm, 63.80mm, off Marco Is. W Fla in oyster beds, brown and white banding   $3 each
Phyllonotus pomum           F+           64.3mm, off Marathon Is. W Fla in oyster beds, brown and white banding  $3
Phyllonotus pomum          F+            75.41mm w/o, Port St. Joe NW Florida, good aperture and body whorl, some erosion on spire and anterior side   $4
Plicopurpura patula           F             56.1mm, El Negro Reef Puerto Rico, some erosion so low score and price  $2
Pterochelus acanthopterus    F++      66.87mm w/o, Port Hedland W Australia, white with brown spots, lovely uncommon winged species  $15
Pteropurpura plorator         F++        31.05mm w/o, East China Sea deep water, broad flared wings, not Pteropurpura esycha   $12
Pteropurpura plorator         F++        38.36mm w/o, East China Sea deep water, broad flared wings, not Pteropurpura esycha   $15
Pteropurpura trialata  dwarf  F++       48.84mm w/o, Carlsbad CA, dark-colored dwarf one with three wide wings   $12
Pteropurpura uncinaria        F++        15.90mm, East London S Africa, pale orange with distinctive upturned spines, not common   $5
Pterynotus alatus              F+++       63.04mm, Punta Engano Is. PI, pure white beauty with fine wings, formerly named Pterynotus pinnatus  $9
Pterynotus elongatus  large  F+++      83.25mm w/o, Punta Engano PI tangle nets, all-white beauty with flared wing   $16
Pterynotus martinetanus    F+++       21.97mm, Bolo Point Okinawa, pink and yellow beauty with large wings   $6
Pterynotus tripterus           F++        46.17mm, Mactan Is. PI, distinctive light yellow species with fine large wings   $7
Purpura persica                F+           69.85mm, Zamboanga PI, excellent orange aperture, eroded on body whorl and spire   $2
Purpurellus gambiensis      F+++        36.95mm, N'Gor Senegal, small one with big wings, off-white color and fine detail   $12
Rapa rapa                        F++        63.84mm x 60.66mm width, Mactan Is. PI, off-white with crenulated lip, nice broad shape   $6
Rapana bezoar                 F++        50.32mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, very good sculptural detail for species  $4
Rapana bezoar                 F++        52.28mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, light brown color with good sculpture  $5
Rapana rapiformis             F++        78.41mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, young one with good detail, toothed lip with one chip   $5
Rapana venosa  orange      F++       90.71mm w/o, north Yellow Sea, rare orange body with bright orange aperture  $30
Rapana venosa                 F++       92.24mm w/o, Yellow Sea, lovely tan with blue-patch horizontal ribs, good outer lip   $12
Rapana venosa  white        F++      97.48mm w/o, Yellow Sea, white with yellow tints and one dashed brown midbody band, polished beauty   $15
Rapana venosa  large        F++       105.26mm w/o, north Yellow Sea, blue lines on mid-brown, deep orange aperture  $20
Siratus alabaster              F++        119.85mm w/o, Punta Engano tangle nets, beautiful species, has nicks on middle wing   $20
Siratus pliciferoides            F+        112.6mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, nice large example of this shell    $10
Siratus pliciferoides  large    F++      121.75mm, Punta Engano PI, white with pale orange mid-body line    $12
Thalessa virgata               F+        33.3mm, Nha Trang Vietnam on rocky shoreline    $2
Timbellus miyokoae          F++       53.69mm w/o, Samal Is. PI tangle net, elegant large wings, small varix chip, formerly named Pterynotus miyokoae   $20
Typhisala clarki                F++       20.45mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, beautiful wide wing with orange color, very uncommon   $15
Typhisala grandis             F++       22.13mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, wide wing like T. clarki but different broader shape without orange color, rare   $20
Vasula speciosa               F++        20.29mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, small broad white and brown species not confused with others, not common   $3
Vokesimurex elenensis       F++      50.40mm, Manzanillo W Mexico, buff yellow body color, short spines  $3
Vokesimurex malabaricus  F++       72.09mm w/o, Qilon S India, distinct from V. hirasei, formerly named Murex serratospinosus    $6
Vokesimurex recurvirostrum F++   44.98mm, Montijo Bay W Panama, dark chocolate brown with banding and few spines, distinctive   $5
Vokesimurex rubidus           G       28.77mm w/o, Tail End Bay southwest of Key West in lobster trap, uncommon beautiful pink and white species  $8

Nassaridae:                           Previous / Next / Top
For detailed photo identifications of this large family of small similar species, see Olivier Caro's Nassariidae.  Also see Seashells of the World: (all Nassaridae genus) > (Nassarius only).
Bullia vittata              F++           45.22mm, Galle Bay Sri Lanka, elongated mud flat specimen in gray and brown with high polish   $3
Hebra horrida              F+++        13.94, 14.83mm, Balabac Is., Palawan PI, old collection, distinctive corrugated shape   2 for $2
Nassarius albescens       F+++       14.58mm, Balabac Is. PI from old collection, white granulated form with dark blue protoconch  $2 
Nassarius arcularius       F+++       24.62mm, Balabac Is. PI, old collection, a little brown at top of body whorl, thick shield   $2
Nassarius conoidalis       F+++       25.79mm, Keppel Bay QSD Australia, beautiful granulated species with fine crinkled detail   $3       
Nassarius coronatus        G           19.11mm, Balabac Is. PI, shiny white beauty with full adult shield   $2
Nassarius distortus         F+++       20.36, 21.53mm, Balabac Is. PI, old collection    2 for $2
Nassarius glans              G            38.71mm, Apra Harbor Guam, nice orange lined body whorl with color change   $3
Nassarius globosus        F+++        12-14mm, Balabac Is. PI old collection   2 for $2
Nassarius gruneri          F++         17-18mm, Balabac Is. PI, old collection    2 for $2
Nassarius luridus           F+++       17.46, 18.96mm, Balabac Is. PI, old collection, almost polished-looking body whorl   2 for $2
Nassarius margaritifer    F+++       22.58, 23.04mm, Balabac Is. PI, old collection, nice dark and light granulated species  2 for $2
Nassarius pullus           F++         18-20mm, Balabac Is. PI old collection, humped with gray dorsum unlike Nassarius arcularius, some with rust orange    2 for $2
Nassarius stolatus        F++         12-14mm, southern India, distinctive dark brown dorsal color with banding   2 for $2
Nassarius sufflatus       F++         22.59mm, Nada Wakayama Prov. Japan, formerly named Nassarius (Alectrion) balteatus   $2
Nassarius sufflatus        F++         23.20mm, Nada-Wakayama Prov. Japan, distinctive lines near aperture, formerly Nassarius (Alectrion) balteatus   $2
Nassarius variciferus     F+++        25.06mm w/o, Yellow Sea by trawl at 40m, handsome and not often seen   $6

Naticidae:                               Previous / Next / Top
Note:  The formerly named Globularia fluctuata has moved to a separate family and is shown above under Miscellaneous Gastropoda.
Glossaulax reiniana       F++        41.59mm width w/o, Bo Hai Sea in 20 m depth, not often seen    $5
Mammilla maura          F++         33 to 36mm, Olango Is. PI, dark brown with teardrop shape of this genus   $3 each
Natica caneloensis       F++          17.87mm width, Tamarindo Costa Rica on Pacific side, crabbed but beautiful condition, uncommon   $4
Natica fasciata            F++         19.05mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, old collection, bicolored light top and dark brown main body   $2
Natica grayi                F++         13.25mm width, Tamarindo Costa Rica, crabbed but pristine condition, pretty and uncommon   $3
Natica nipponensis         F++       16.37mm, Aliguay Is. PI, bicolored tan-brown and white, uncommon   $4
Natica stellata              F++       37.56mm, Bohol PI tangle nets, orange is lighter shaded than most   $3
Natica stellata              F+++      38.01mm, Panglao Is. PI tangle nets, extra-deep mid body orange band   $3
Natica stellata   large      F++      48.79mm, Samar Is. PI tangle nets, bright orange near-giant, slight lip chip or would be gem   $6
Natica unifasciata          F++       22.64mm width, Isla Gobernadora W Panama in shallows, dark gray distinctive species   $3
Natica vitellus                F++       46.78mm width, Nha Trang Vietnam, nice brown with central yellow band   $4
Natica vitellus     large      F+        53.26mm width, Hainan Is. South China Sea, extra large, has trimmed lip   $4
Naticarius alapapilionis  large  F++  37.8mm height, Nha Trang Vietnam, large and well marked    $8
Neverita duplicata          F++        46.80, 49.84mm width w/o, Tampa Bay west Florida, Gulf Coast moon snail with width exceeding height   $4 each
Notocochlis tigrina          F++        34.78mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, handsome spotted (not striped) species   $3
Polinices cumingianus dark brown  F++   50.12mm, Calituban Is. PI, handsome dark brown with color swirl on spire; might be P. powisianus instead  $4       
Polinices flemingianus         G         32.0mm, Bohol Is. PI, bright orange with white protoconch, lighter than Polinices aurantius   $3
Polinices flemingianus        F++       39.5mm width, Nha Trang Vietnam, bright orange with white protoconch, resembles Polinices aurantius   $3
Polinices flemingianus       F+++      41.44mm w/o, Calituban Is. PI, orange beauty with perfect lip, one slight growth mark   $4
Polinices mammilla           F+++     33.3mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, fully milk-white, high spire and narrow compared to other Polinices   $3
Polinices peselephanti        F++      47.6mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, all white one, lip is natural   $4
Polinices peselephanti       F++      49.68mm w/o, Hainan Is. S China Sea, pale orange body band with white toward suture  $5
Polinices peselephanti  giant  F+    62.05mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, white with slight yellow blotches   $6
Sinum perspectivum       F++       23.3mm width, Eleuthera Is. Bahamas, pure white "baby's ear shell"   $2
Tanea euzona               F+         17.2mm, Nacala Mozambique, beautifully patterned small specimen   $4

Neritidae:                            Previous / Next / Top
Identifications can be done via Neritospine Gastropods at and Olivier Caro's
Nerita exuvia        large    F++         33.8mm, Batangas Luzon PI, strong black ribbing, impossible to confuse; see   $3
Nerita peloronta   large    F+           37.7mm width w/o, Bonaire in Caribbean, extra large with usual eroded spire, beautiful aperture     $3
Nerita planospira            F++         19.68mm, Balabac Is. PI, nice reddish cast on dark gray and white checkerboard   $2
Nerita plicata                F+++        21.5mm, Apra Harbor Guam, all white body with yellow-orange spire, pretty   $2
Nerita undata               F++          28.3mm, Apra Harbor Guam, mottled dark one, thick lip but may be trimmed   $2
Nerita versicolor           F+++         24.0mm, Bonaire, like Nerita peloronta but aperture's teeth are white   $2
Nerita (Argonerita) signata gray       F++   17.52mm, Apra Harbor Guam, has distinctive blood red blotch on aperture   $2
Nerita (Argonerita) signata orange   F++    12.11 w/o, 14.36mm w/o, Balabac Is. PI, brilliant orange with darker blotches   2 for $2
Nerita (Argonerita) squamulata F++  15 to 19mm, Balabac Is. PI, many bicolored patterns    2 for $2
Nerita (Linnerita) polita      F+++      26.7mm, Townsville QSD, gray base color with dark red bands  $2
Nerita (Linnerita) polita large   F++   33.2mm w/o, Great Barrier Reef NE Aus, banded grey dorsum   $3
Neritina auriculata         F+++        19.17mm, Balabac Is. PI, black one with small green spots, distinct, formerly named Nerita dubia   $2
Neritina auriculata         F+++        20.92mm, Balabac Is. PI, yellow base color with black squiggle lines throughout   $2
Neritina auriculata        F+++         16 to 20mm, Guian Samar PI, five nice varied ones, two with yellow base color  set for $4

Olividae:                             Previous / Next / Top
For recognition of the numerous western Atlantic olive variants, see Oliva of the Western Atlantic at   Maurizio Perini discusses many Oliva in detail at The Oliva, with a detailed Photogallery of about 60 species.
Agaronia acuminata          F++            50.98mm, Abidjian Ivory Coast W Africa, distinctive narrow body with honey-brown colors   $4
Agaronia gibbosa              F++            42.36mm, Galle Bay Sri Lanka, light gray with green tints, pretty   $2
Agaronia gibbosa  gold       F+             48.14mm, Cuddalore S India, distinctive gold form with bicolor orange/gold body, lip trim   $3
Agaronia gibbosa              F+++          50.78mm, Rameshwaran S India, gray-blue mix on body whorl, dark gold anterior   $4
Agaronia griseoalba          F++            31.37mm, Tamarindo Costa Rica on Pacific side, pale blue-grey specimen with dark brown aperture   $2
Agaronia testacea            F++            31.27mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, small narrow dark gray species, not often seen    $4
Amalda albocallosa            F++           63.42mm, East China Sea deep water, white spire blotch gives species its name  $5
Amalda hilgendorfi             F++           56.08mm w/o, Taiwan Straits/East China Sea in deep water, rare and beautiful, two attempted drill holes    $20
Amalda hinomotoensis        F++          33.30mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, similar color scheme to larger members of this genus, uncommon   $5
Ancillista velesiana              F+           72.08mm, Mackay E Australia, large, bi-colored body whorl, one chip in lip   $6
Oliva amethystina              G           38.25mm, Apra Harbor Guam, yellow base color with elegant blue patches, orange aperture   $3
Oliva amethystina              G           40.55mm, Palawan PI, yellow base color with elegant blue patches, orange aperture   $3
Oliva amethystina carnicolor  large  F+++  48.60mm, Surigao Is. PI, uniform deep salmon orange    $4
Oliva amethystina carnicolor  large  F++   50.28mm, Surigao Is. PI, uniform deep salmon orange, uncommon so large    $5
Oliva brettinghami             F+++       13.83mm, Passerpine Queensland NE Aus, small uncommon olive with distinctive orange zigzags   $4
Oliva bulbosa                     G           27.67 and 35.43mm, Nungwi Zanzibar, beautiful pair with rust-orange highlights on yellow and blue base   $3 pair
Oliva bulbosa bicingulata      G           36.2mm, Zanzibar, the very large blue form with two bands   $7
Oliva caerulea                  F++         45.4mm, Siasi Sulu PI, two bands on whitish base color, formerly named Oliva episcopalis  $3
Oliva caerulea     large      G             48.09mm, Siasi Sulu PI, striking purple aperture, formerly named Oliva episcopalis   $4               
Oliva circinata                  G            50.74mm, Recife Brazil, narrow body and brilliant polish with blend of brown and olive green   $5
Oliva hirasei                    F++         34.80mm, Tara Is. Sulu PI, distinctive zigzags on light gold background, uncommon  $3
Oliva hirasei                    F++         41.62mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, distinctive zigzags on light gold background  $3
Oliva hirasei   large           F+++       55.37mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, deep orange and gold base color, beautiful species   $7
Oliva incrassata               F++        43.62mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, thick, green base color with dark brown blotches  $4
Oliva incrassata               F+++       49.02mm, Guaymas W Mexico, mix of green and yellow base color, thick and mature  $5
Oliva incrassata              F+++        64.96mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, more dark brown blotches than most    $7
Oliva incrassata    large   F+++       72.54mm, Mazatlan W Mexico, angular green with yellow, a heavy beauty   $10
Oliva irisans      orange    G             42.25mm, Laminusa, Sulu PI, brilliant orange with pattern showing through    $4
Oliva irisans      orange    G             49.26mm, Siasi, Sulu PI, brilliant orange with varied shading, a beauty contestant    $5
Oliva irisans                   G             51.58mm, Laminusa, Sulu PI, light brown blotches with two brown bands on cream-white    $4
Oliva irisans                  F++           53.65mm, Pulan, Singapore, two dark brown bands on cream-white, slight roughness on outer lip    $4
Oliva irisans     large       F+++        56.71mm, Laminusa, Sulu PI, light brown blotches with two brown bands on cream-white    $5
Oliva kaleontina             F+++        20.21mm, Isla Cebacu, Montijo, Panama, rare small olive with extended spire and bright tan color   $12
Oliva kaleontina             F+++        23.26mm, Isla Cebacu, Montijo, Panama, rare small olive with extended spire and bright tan color   $16
Oliva keeni                    F+++        35.59mm, Laminusa Is. Sulu PI, pretty dark green with gold tints and two brown bands   $2
Oliva mantichora  large    F++        48.13mm, Laminusa Is. PI, intricately patterned in orange and blue, formerly named Oliva annulata f. intricata  $5
Oliva miniacea                 G           64.31mm, Northeast Taiwan, outstanding gold and dark brown blend with brown banding   $4
Oliva miniacea                   F+++    81.46mm, Siasi, Sulu Sea PI, all brown until late in life as underlying yellow emerges   $5
Oliva miniacea     large         F++     90.51mm, Phan Rang Vietnam, strong brown banding on gold base color, pretty   $7
Oliva miniacea     large         F+++   92.21mm, Pratas Is. S China Sea, very large and heavy one with reduced color toward end of life   $10
Oliva miniacea     giant         F++    94.35mm, Laminusa, Siasi Sulu PI, butterscotch base color with two brown bands, not gerontic    $12
Oliva miniacea magnifica   F+++      70.64mm, Surigao Is PI, spectacular blend of gold-orange base color with deep brown bands  $7
Oliva miniacea marrati      F+         63.31mm, Cebu PI, near-solid dark brown throughout body whorl and spire, low price for chip on anterior lip   $4
Oliva miniacea marrati      F+++      64.59mm, Siasi Sulu PI, thick gold lip, varying shades of dark brown with mid-body banding   $6
Oliva miniacea saturata     F+++      68.78mm, Cebu Is. PI, yellow and brown with central brown band  $3
Oliva miniacea saturata     G           72.91mm, Surigao PI, true beauty in rich yellow with saturated brown    $5
Oliva miniacea saturata     F++        76.43mm, Hindakpan Is. PI, yellow and brown, has healed-over bite mark  $3
Oliva miniacea sylvia          G          48.58mm, Siasi Sulu Sea PI, uncommon color form with orange and purple markings  $6
Oliva multiplicata             F+++      38.46mm, Taiwan Straits, nice elongate body and spire with tents, uncommon   $10
Oliva polpasta              F+++        35.48mm, Puerto Velasco Baja California, elegant green species with slight angularity   $4
Oliva porphyria             F+++        69.12mm, Coiba Island W Panama, fine small adult one with underlying pattern showing through   $15
Oliva porphyria                F+        80.00mm, San Carlos, Guaymas W Mexico, perfect body whorl with downrating for small upper lip chip   $18
Oliva reticularis               F+++     26.30mm, Boca Chica Dominican Republic, near-white base color with reticulated brown bands   $4
Oliva reticularis               G           32.89mm, Eleuthera Is. Bahamas, beautiful honey-brown tented one with extended spire   $5
Oliva reticulata                G         35-48mm, Parau Sound Solomons, very dark ones with banding   $2 each
Oliva reticulata    large     F++       52.25mm, Parau Sound Solomons, thick with low spire and growth lines in old age   $4
Oliva reticulata azona        G         35-46mm, Parau Sound Solomons, dark and without banding  $2
Oliva reticulata evania       G         37-44mm, Parau Sound Solomons, reticulated with banding  $2 each
Oliva reticulata pallida        G         37.58mm, Parau Sound Solomons, light color form per name  $2
Oliva reticulata zigzag        G         40-46mm, Parau Sound Solomons, strong zigzag tented pattern  $2 each
Oliva rufula                     F++       31.76, 37.20mm, Marinduque PI, distinctive reddish brown banding   $2 each
Oliva sayana   dark          F+++       35 to 42mm, Quintana Beach TX, dark ones with fine small tents   $3 each
Oliva sayana                   F+++      33 to 40mm group of four, West Bay Florida, all good polish and fine color   $4 
Oliva sayana      large         F+       67.62mm, Port Canaveral E Florida, excellent greenish color, two healed bite wounds or scars   $5
Oliva sayana      large         F         69.18mm, Brevard County Florida, extra large, has scar and dredge scratches on dorsum   $3
Oliva scripta                   F+++      43.08mm, Guajira Colombia, light brown tent olive with two bands of darker brown, uncommon   $5
Oliva sericea                    G          82.57mm, Coron Bay Palawan PI, heavy mature one, two bands of dark brown   $7
Oliva sericea                F+++         83.64mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, nice gold aperture color, very thick lip   $6
Oliva spicata                   G           38.04mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, light colored one    $4
Oliva spicata                  F+++       43.90mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, green with brown   $5
Oliva spicata     large        G           54.45mm, Guaymas W Mexico, light tan color with numerous small tents, hard to find this large   $6
Oliva subangulata            F+++      38.61mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, dark green, distinctive body shape separates it, uncommon  $5
Oliva tessellata                G           25.57mm, Lizard Is. Queensland NE Australia, beautiful yellow with dots, purple interior   $3
Oliva tigrina                    G           38.21mm, Broome, NW Australia, resembles Oliva vidua in green color, has distinctly bulbous shape and white lips   $4
Oliva tremulina               G           54.65, 57.94mm, Galle Bay Sri Lanka, deep gold-orange body color and off-white aperture   $4 each
Oliva tremulina                G          67.02mm, Madras, Bay of Bengal south India, deep gold-orange body color and off-white aperture  $5
Oliva tremulina  large         G         83.98mm, Tulear Madagascar, extra large, beautiful orange base color, white aperture    $10
Oliva tricolor                F+++        45.02mm, Siasi PI, distinctive blend of yellow and blue patches with little green   $4
Oliva tricolor   giant           F+       51.60mm, Apra Harbor Guam, jumbo one with slight marring of finish   $6
Oliva truncata                F++-F+++  32 to 36mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, broad with ovate shape, dark green with brown, uncommon  $4 each
Oliva undatella                   F++     14.17mm, Mazatlan W Mexico, small brown and gray olive, not often seen   $3
Oliva vidua   dark brown      F+++   52.54mm, Ubay, Bohol PI, varied shading of dark brown without other markings, handsome   $5
Oliva vidua   black               G       52.94mm, Negros Is. PI, beautiful uniformly near-black one with white aperture and orange-tinged fasciole   $6
Oliva violacea                    F++     36.83mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, distinctive and uncommon violet-tinged species    $5

Ovulidae:                              Previous / Next / Top
Calpurnus verrucosus     G            25.2mm, 26.3mm, Capricorn Channel QSD Australia, tints of rose on white body  $2 each
Calpurnus verrucosus     G             27.28mm, eastern Samar PI, small beauty, fluorescent under a black light   $2
Cyphoma gibbosum        G             31.32, 31.45mm, Bonaire N.A., the familiar "flamingo tongue" in orange and white   $2 each
Cyphoma signatum        F+++        38.33mm, Eleuthera Is. Bahamas, extended aperture and orange-white pastel shading   $3
Ovula ovum   violet        F++          66.49mm, Palawan PI, extraordinary violet on lip, anterior and smudges on body whorl   $18
Ovula ovum   pale yellow F++         80.08mm, Ribbon Reef QSD NE Aus, mainly white with pale yellow perimeter and lip area   $4
Ovula ovum                   F+++       81.3mm, Eastern Samar PI, all white with purple interior   $4
Ovula ovum                   F++         90.21mm, Ribbon Reef QSD NE Aus, one small dull area on lip   $4
Ovula ovum      large       F++         92.1mm, Eastern Samar PI, all white mature and extra-large "egg shell"   $6

Pectinidae:                                Previous / Next / Top
For identifications, see Natural History Museum Rotterdam - Pectinidae, Pecten Site by Arne Ghys, and Scallop Cabinet by Henk H. Dijkstra.  On genus Euvola, see Marlo Krisberg's Euvola laurentii, Euvola raveneli, and Euvola ziczac.
Aequipecten flabellum   red     G          46.72mm length x 48.33mm width, Mauritania W Africa scallop dredge, brilliant red beauty   $5
Aequipecten glyptus              F+         47.35mm length x 48.32mm width, shrimp trawl SW of Key West Florida, chip in one valve, uncommon   $6
Aequipecten lineolaris           F++        31.28mm width, deep water off Key West Florida by shrimpers, red on white beauty, uncommon  $6
Aequipecten opercularis          F++       40.2mm, L'Orient France, mottled red with yellow   $2
Aequipecten opercularis          F++       45.55mm, L'Orient France, pale red on white   $2 each
Anguipecten superbus    large  F++       65.12mm, Samal Is. Davao PI, fine mix of red and yellow on both valves   $10
Argopecten gibbus                 F+++     38.3mm, SW Florida offshore, mottled purple on silvery white   $2
Argopecten irradians   orange   F++      38.92mm, Bo Hai Sea north China (introduced), brilliant blend of red and orange   $4
Argopecten irradians   purple    F++       46.98mm, Bo Hai Sea north China (introduced), lavender purple on both valves, striking   $4
Argopecten irradians   pink       F++        51.31mm, Bo Hai Sea north China (introduced), striking pink one valve, pale pink the other  $7
Argopecten irradians concentricus  F+++  30.79mm, North Key Largo Florida, mottled gray valve and mottled yellow valve   $3
Argopecten irradians concentricus  F+    53.04, 51.05mm width, Boca Ciega Bay W Florida, gray-brown on one valve, white on other   $3 each
Azumapecten farreri  yellow         F+++   66.26mm on diagonal, Yellow Sea trawl, yellow valve and orange valve, uncommon color  $12
Azumapecten farreri  brown & tan F+++   74.01mm on diagonal, Yellow Sea trawl, deep brown valve and light tan valve  $10
Azumapecten farreri  dark brown  F+++   75.35mm on diagonal, Yellow Sea trawl, deep brown beauty with fine rows of spines  $10
Azumapecten farreri  orange        F++    77.18mm on diagonal, Yellow Sea trawl, pale orange blended with brick red, not bright  $10
Azumapecten farreri  red            F++     94.18mm on diagonal, Yellow Sea trawl, striking bright red with red-orange, good spines   $15
Azumapecten farreri  large          F++    100.92mm on diagonal, 93 x 87 profile, Yellow Sea, regal red with mottling turned to tan with age   $20
Azumapecten farreri  giant          F++    109.10mm diagonal, 103mm length x 99.53mm width, Yellow Sea, purple to light brown, fine spires, superb   $25
Bractechlamys vexillum orange    F++     47.00 x 48.69mm, South China Sea, yellow-orange with concentric banding of white  $4
Caribachlamys ornata             F+++      20.86mm, Curacao in southern Caribbean, ornate red patches on white, not common  $5
Caribachlamys sentis      red     F+++     25.9mm, Cudjoe Key Florida, bright red-orange on both valves   $3
Caribachlamys sentis   purple    F+++     36.80mm, Cudjoe Key Florida, dark purple with red tints on both valves   $3
Chlamys hastata                  G            65.80mm x 56.54mm, Puget Sound Washington, red and white beauty, formerly called Pecten hericius    $5
Chlamys rubida                    F++        43.8mm, Puget Sound Washington, all light red color without silvery white of Chlamys hastata   $4
Decatopecten plica     brown  F+++     34.6mm, Siasi Sulu PI, nice red-brown on one valve, all white on other   $3
Decatopecten plica     red     F+++      37.88mm, Dimasalang, Masbate Is. PI, one white valve, one red with prominent white tents   $3
Decatopecten plica     red     F++        39.21mm, Dimasalang, Masbate Is. PI, one white valve, one red with white   $3
Decatopecten radula             F++       64.10mm, Sunabe Seawall, Okinawa, nice brown blotches on yellow, not eroded  $3
Euvola laurenti                     F+         62.26 x 63.37mm, off Key West in deep water, slight chips, light brown to red with rays, very uncommon   $10
Euvola raveneli                     F++      50.62mm width, Broward County SE Florida at 10-15 fathoms, dark red  $4
Euvola raveneli                     F++      57.00 x 61.43mm, Boca Raton Florida at 170 feet, dark red color on concave valve  $5
Euvola ziczac                      F++       53.92mm, Sarasota Bay Florida, one valve has mix of light red and brown, other is bright white  $4
Flexopecten glaber  magenta  F+++     35.90mm, Bari Italy, beautiful magenta color, one valve turns to white   $4
Flexopecten glaber   yellow     F++      57.77mm on diagonal, Lesvos Greece by deep water dredge, strongly orange-yellow on both valves, striking   $5
Gloripallium pallium                F++      63.70, 64.81mm, Phuket Is. west Thailand, large beauties with tinges of orange  $5 each
Gloripallium pallium    large     F++       68.34 x 66.88mm, Olango Is. PI, dark heavy near-giant, fine detail but could be better cleaned    $9
Lindapecten muscosus  orange  F++    16.27mm, off Tortugas Is. Florida by shrimpers, brilliant orange spiny juvenile, formerly in genus Aequipecten    $3
Lindapecten muscosus           F+++     34.37mm, Bay of Biscayne SE Florida, light orange color, fine long spines  $4
Lindapecten muscosus  large  F+++      40.11mm length x 37.43mm, off Tarpon Springs W Florida, distinctive orange-brown, unusual size   $7
Mesopeplum convexum          F++       53.54 x 52.67mm, Dunedin New Zealand in deep water, red over white on both valves   $7
Mimachlamys asperrima           F+       39.0mm, Edithburgh S Aus at 35m depth, dark yellow-orange both valves, prickled surface  $4
Mimachlamys asperrima          F++      47.81mm, Lakes Entrance S Australia, white when young and turns to orange, prickles specific to these   $6
Mimachlamys crassicostata  yellow  F+++   79.07mm, Minabe, Wakayama Pref. Japan, classic bright yellow with fine detail, the real thing   $10
Mimachlamys lentiginosa          F++      33.4, 35.1mm, Siasi PI or Balabac Is. PI, silvery and purple with fine small spines  $3 each
Mimachlamys sanguinea          F+++     64.26mm, Kaohsiung Taiwan, several shades of orange with purple, formerly named Pecten senatoria  $6
Mimachlamys sanguinea orange  F++     76.51mm length, Gigante, Masbate Is. PI, light orange with mottling both valves, chip on ear    $4 
Mimachlamys sanguinea yellow   F++     88.24mm length x 78.37mm width, Ilo-Ilo PI, entirely yellow large beauty, lighter shading with age   $8
Mimachlamys sanguinea large     F+       92.18mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, mottled purple with orange, needs some cleaning  $7
Mimachlamys sanguinea pseudolima F+++  46.80mm, Ilo-Ilo Is. PI, brilliant orange with three orange-yellow rays, separate species to Poppe   $4
Mimachlamys sanguinea pseudolima F++  47.56 x 46.92mm, Samal Is. PI, dark red mottled beauty with three rays, separate species to Poppe   $4
Mimachlamys sanguinea pseudolima F++  65.70 x 59.69mm, Ilo-Ilo Is. PI, red and orange blend on both valves, separate species to Poppe   $6
Mirapecten moluccensis            F+++     26.26mm, Olango Is. PI, pastel red on ribs turning to orange-pink with age, elegant species   $8
Mirapecten moluccensis  large    F+++   28.08mm, Balicasaq Is. PI, silvery white one with patches of red on ribs, elegant species   $10
Mirapecten rastellum              F+++     32.45mm, Calituban Is. PI, pastel orange on both valves, fine small spines, an elegant species   $4
Mizuhopecten yessoensis        F+         143mm length x 146.59mm width, Japan Sea, flat purple valve and white valve, uncommon large size pecten   $20
Propeamusium sibogai            F+        38.5mm, East China Sea, delicate gold rarity from deep water, not often seen   $7
Semipallium flavicans            F+++      47.43, 48.68mm, Surigao PI by hookah diver, nice color, formerly named Pecten tigris    $3 each
Semipallium fulvicostatum      G           23-25mm, Broome NW Australia, orange or silvery white beauties, uncommon, formerly named Semipallium luculentum  $5 each
Spathochlamys benedicti       G           16.4mm, Sarasota West Florida in deep water, white at umbones turning to red   $4
Swiftopecten swiftii               F+++     91.75mm length (99.19 max diagonal), Japan Sea, deep red valve and white with pink valve, a beauty    $16
Talochlamys gemmulata  purple  F++   40.1mm, Stewart Is. NZ, all deep purple-red, uncommon, formerly named Pecten (Chlamys) suteri   $12
Talochlamys zelandiae  purple  F++     25.7mm, Foveaux Straits S New Zealand, distinctive purple, fine detail on valves  $5

Personidae:                           Previous / Next / Top
Distorsio anus     dwarf       F+++       48.32mm, Ubay, Bohol PI, light colored small one with full adult details   $3
Distorsio anus                   F++         62.66mm, Ubay Bohol PI, richly detailed purple and brown with fine aperture shield  $5       
Distorsio anus                    F+          68.41mm, Panglao, Bohol PI, very dark color with white lines, strangely shaped lip   $6
Distorsio clathrata              F++        51.9mm, SW Florida, white color and strongly reticulated   $4
Distorsio decussata             F++        46.3mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, cross-hatched body  $3
Distorsio kurzi  large            F++        46.6mm, Punta Engano PI tangle nets, amazing distortion, distinctive red-brown  $10
Distorsio reticularis dwarf    F+++       40.49mm, Manila Bay PI, nice small full adult of the familiar reticulate Distorsio genus  $3
Distorsio reticularis              F++        67.43mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, aperture not fully mature so low price  $3
Distorsio reticularis              F+++      69.74mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, broad body with well-detailed flared aperture   $5
Distorsio reticularis    large    F            77.40mm, Tainan Taiwan, large specimen with chip on lip so low price    $4

Phasianellidae:                            Previous / Next / Top
Phasianella australis            F+         58.57mm w/o, Geograhe Bay western Australia, pale greenish beauty, thin outer lip is slightly ragged   $4
Phasianella solida               F++        10 to 12mm, Mactan Is. PI, some with striking brown and white streaks   $2 each
Phasianella variegata          F++        12 to 15mm, Mactan Is. PI, varied little beauties in orange-brown   $2 each

Pleurotomariidae:                           Previous / Next / Top
Bayerotrochus teramachii      F++     100.10mm width w/o, East China Sea deep water, lovely pale orange one   $35
Bayerotrochus teramachii      F+       110.80mm width x 92.96mm height w/o, South China Sea, has one scar, bright orange color and large size   $40
Bayerotrochus teramachii  large   F   119.62mm width x 101.01 height, South China Sea, gold and orange, has pinhole and scar so low-priced    $25
Mikadotrochus hirasei   white   F+     72.34h x 78.16mm width w/o, East China Sea, rare white one--least common in wide M. hirasei color palette    $50
Mikadotrochus hirasei   pale     F+    78.81h x 81.22mm width w/o, East China Sea, not white but near-white with pale orange streaks, uncommon color   $40
Mikadotrochus hirasei             F+     81.26mm width w/o, East China Sea, bright red-orange on gold, densely aligned color streaks    $35
Mikadotrochus hirasei             F      84.34mm width w/o, East China Sea, straight-sided heavy one, contrasted red on yellow base, trimmed lip cuts price  $25
Mikadotrochus hirasei   white   F      91.16mm width x 79.90mm height, w/o, East China Sea, all white but pink protoconch, scar and trimmed lip, rare size   $60
Mikadotrochus hirasei             F++   91.6mm width w/o, East China Sea, largely orange with moderately strong variation in color streaks, beauty   $45
Mikadotrochus hirasei   giant    F+   104.87mm width x 94.73mm height, w/o, East China Sea, red on gold with high color variations, impressive   $100

Ranellidae:                              PreviousNext / Top
See The Family Ranellidae Gray, 1854 and The Genus Cymatium, both from Jacksonville Shells - WWW.JAXSHELLS.ORG.
Argobuccinum tumidum     F++       49.38mm, Mathersons Bay Northland N.Z., nice small brown lined species  $3
Biplex bozzettii                 F++       51.84mm w/o, Tuticorin S India, body resembles small Biplex perca, wings have distinctive beading   $5
Biplex perca                  F+++        49.2mm, Devipatnam, S India, leafy form and light yellow color  $3
Biplex perca                   F++         61.92mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, nice wide wings, varied brown bands, slight anterior chip  $5
Biplex perca      large      F++          78.72mm, w/o, East China Sea deep water, beautiful honey color  $10
Biplex perca      giant     F+++         83.39mm, East China Sea in deep water, nice wings  $20
Charonia lampas              F+          198.94mm w/o, Cayar Senegal W Africa, good body whorl, scarce now, formerly named Charonia nodifera  $20
Charonia lampas              F++        245.60mm w/o, Zhejiang Province East China Sea, well cleaned with nice spire, formerly named Charonia sauliae   $30
Charonia tritonis             F+++       222.05mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, outstanding specimen with pale orange spire and full aperture    $25
Cymatium gibbosum         F+++       26.3mm w/o, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, not common    $7
Cymatium muricinum         F++      37.5mm, Sand Island Okinawa, distinctive squat body with gray and brown   $2
Cymatium muricinum         F++      46.04, 47.56mm, Sand Island Okinawa, distinctive squat body   $3 each
Cymatium muricinum         F+        56.56mm, Bolo Point Okinawa, large older one with some erosion on spire, nice aperture   $4
Cymatium ranzanii            F++      110.61mm, Berbera Somalia live taken, light color with banding, semi-mature aperture, rare species  $35
Gelagna succincta             F++       41.94mm, Townsville QSD offshore in Great Barrier Reef from old collection   $3
Gyrineum gyrinum   large   F+++      39.20mm, Ubay Bohol PI, beautifully marked dark brown bands, large  $4
Gyrineum natator             F+++      39.9mm w/o, Madras India, dark brown with light mid-body band   $3
Gyrineum natator                G         40.51mm w/o, Taiwan Strait, banded brown body whorl   $3
Gyrineum roseum               F+        16.04mm, Mactan Is. PI tangle nets, distinctive pink and gold   $2
Linatella caudata               F++       59.1mm, Co Chang Thailand, small one with mature aperture   $3
Linatella caudata              F++        65.5mm, Parats Is. S China Sea, thin lip, dark banded body whorl  $4
Linatella caudata   large     F++        79.76mm w/o and periostracum, Hainan Is. South China Sea   $6
Linatella caudata   large      F+         82.45mm, Port Moresby Papua New Guinea, mature very large one  $5
Lotoria grandimaculata      F++        71.25mm, Bazaruta Is. Mozambique, small but fully mature, butterscotch color  $6
Lotoria grandimaculata      F++        96.1mm, Quang Ngai Vietnam, beautiful species, fully mature lip, one small drill mark on spire  $8
Lotoria grandimaculata     F++         96.7mm, Olango Is. PI, good spire and great color, lip is not fully mature  $7
Lotoria grandimaculata      F++        104.28mm, Coron Palawan PI, thick lip and strong brown markings on varices, heavy   $9
Lotoria lotoria                  F++        121.10mm, Vung Tao Vietnam, heavy orange adult with striking black aperture, some dull areas  $10
Lotoria lotoria     large       F++        147.68mm, Santa Rosa Is. PI, heavy, red-brown color, beautiful extended dark aperture  $20
Lotoria perryi                   F+++      112.23mm w/o, Kilikari S India by dredge 20 meters, large nodules on body whorl, mature orange lip   $10
Lotoria perryi                   F++        113.11mm, Galle Bay Sri Lanka, bright orange striped body, mature orange lip   $10
Monoplex aquatilis             F+          58.25mm, West Palm Beach from old collection, nice form but truncated spire  $3
Monoplex aquatilis          F++            61.80mm, Okinawa, dominant light yellow dorsum instead of brown, fine yellow-orange aperture   $4
Monoplex krebsii                F+          49.11mm, 100 miles east of Honduras, largely white, outstanding aperture, down rated for truncated spire, uncommon   $12
Monoplex parthenopeus      F++        77.53mm, East China Sea in 120m depth, yellow-orange body, semi-adult lip, often called form echo   $4
Monoplex parthenopeus      F++        88.74mm w/o, East China Sea in 150m depth, yellow-orange body, semi-adult lip, often called form echo   $5
Monoplex pilearis   black     F++        64.28mm, Balabac Is. PI old collection, very dark brown with light middle band   $4
Monoplex pilearis               F++        96.47mm, Siasi Sulu PI, strongly gray body whorl and spire, dark red mature aperture  $4
Monoplex pilearis   pale      F+++      102.20mm, Siasi Sulu PI, very light one with red mouth, fully mature   $5
Monoplex pilearis    large     F++       124.68mm, Bantayan PI, bright red aperture, light body color, erosion on uppermost spire   $12
Monoplex pilearis    giant     F++       130.23mm, Samar PI, bright red aperture and mid-range body color, only minor upper spire erosion   $16
Monoplex vespaceus  large   F+++     47.08mm w/o and w/p, Dampier W Australia, dark brown from the periostracum   $6
Monoplex vestitus              F+          49.21mm w/o, 52.34mm w/o, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, dark chocolate with white band   $4 each
Monoplex wiegmanni           F++        67.28mm w/o and w/p, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, uncommon fine species    $10
Ranularia caudata          F+++          50.51mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, off-white body with distinctive pure white aperture, uncommon   $8
Ranularia gutturnia          F++         50.4mm, Bogo, Cebu PI tangle nets, white tinged with brown, orange aperture  $3
Ranularia gutturnia           F++        67.83mm, Bogo, Cebu PI tangle nets, white tinged with brown, orange aperture  $4
Ranularia gutturnia           F++        79.19mm, Bogo, Cebu PI tangle nets, large one with typical bright orange aperture  $6
Ranularia gutturnia           F++        83.30mm, Bogo, Cebu PI tangle nets, large one with typical bright orange aperture  $6
Ranularia pyrum               F+         68.46mm, Sand Island, Okinawa, mid-orange with brown tinting, mature aperture, some fading of finish   $3
Ranularia pyrum               F+++      75.8mm, Cuddalore India by trawler, perfect spire and mature aperture  $5
Ranularia pyrum               F++       79.0mm, Bohol Cebu PI, nice orange-brown body color  $5
Ranularia pyrum               F+++      84.35mm, Siasi, Sulu PI, bright mid-orange and mature lip   $5
Ranularia pyrum   large     F++        101.76mm w/o, Siasi, Sulu PI, bright mid-orange and mature lip   $8tellus
Ranularia pyrum   large      F++       105.14mm w/o, Palawan PI, beautiful mid-orange with whitened spire   $12
Ranularia sarcostoma       F+++       61.30mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, orange body, orange-tinted creamy white interior   $5
Ranularia springsteeni        F++        66.66mm, Samar PI, uncommon one with pale orange aperture, not R. gutturnia   $8
Ranularia testudinaria         F++       76.75mm, Balicasaq Is. PI, angular orange beauty with nodules   $5
Ranularia testudinaria         G           79.11mm w/o, Masbate Is. PI, angular orange beauty with nodules, easily recognized   $6
Ranularia tripa      large     F+          70.71mm w/o, Cuddalore S India, beautiful form, missing spire tip but otherwise gem   $5
Septa flaveola                 F+++       43.94mm, Balabac Is. PI, two-color brown and gold unlike S. hepatica, nice contrasts   $4
Septa flaveola                     F+       46.52mm, Olongo Is. PI, strong two-color body in brown and gold, ventral scar from borer   $3
Septa hepatica               F+++         42.10, 43.59mm, Surigao PI, beautiful dark orange with black bands, distinctive  $3 each
Septa rubecula               F+++        29.37mm, Hindakpan Is., Bohol PI, deep red, no anterior stem unlike similar red S. bibbeyi   $3
Turritriton gibbosus adairense   F+++   21.29mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, distinctive pink-aperture form of the species, very uncommon   $8
Turritriton tenuiliratus      F+++        36.98mm, Balabac Is. PI, distinctive aperture with  broad lip edge   $4
Turritriton tenuiliratus       F++        42.58mm, Balut Is. PI, resembles R. pfeifferianus but lighter and no surface reticulation   $4

Rostellariidae:                 Previous / Next / Top
Note:  The tibia shells of family Rostellariidae were formerly part of family Strombidae.
Rimellopsis powisii              F++      48.20mm, Aliguay Is. PI tangle nets, nice small species not often seen  $4
Rostellariella martinii           G         125.6mm, Marinduque Is. PI, classic gold turns lighter on ventral side, formerly named Tibia martinii   $6
Rostellariella martinii  large  F++      153.00mm, 155.04mm large ones, Tayabas Bay PI, yellow-gold body with mature lips, now hard to get  $10 each
Tibia curta                   F++           132.61mm w/o, Tuticorin S India, classic tibia with two-shaded brown on numerous whorls   $8
Tibia fusus                    F++          235.90mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, the classic with five fingers and perfect tail, spectacular on display   $10

Spondylidae:                         Previous / Next / Top
For identifications, confer Natural History Museum Rotterdam - Spondylidae and Vianet with name checks from WoRMS taxon details > Spondylidae.
Spondylus americanus       F++        76.1mm body plus long spines, Florida Keys, beautiful orange umbones turn to white, very long horizontal spines   $20
Spondylus foliaceus           F++        71.40mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, red-orange to red base color with pale red spatulate spines, attached to coral   $6
Spondylus imperialis          F++        35mm body and 75.52mm width with spines, Burlas Strait Luzon PI, pink spines on white base, fine details   $5
Spondylus imperialis          F++        91.49 x 95.54mm width with spines, Cebu PI, white with pale yellow, beautiful spine spread   $8
Spondylus regius             F++         75mm body and 155mm with spines, Palawan PI, orange-pink body and yellow-white long spines, majestic   $20
Spondylus squamosus  dark red F++   66.40mm length x 71.74mm width, Balabac Is. PI, dark red to brown spines over yellow base color   $6
Spondylus squamosus  orange   F++   71mm length x 74mm width Olango Is. PI, dense bright orange spines on bright yellow-orange base color   $10

Strombidae:                           Previous / Next / Top
See Gastropoda - Stromboidea (URL: for intensive detail with pictures on all Strombidae.  The tibia group (formerly in Strombidae) is shown above in family Rostellariidae.  On the six western Atlantic Strombus species, see Marlo Krisberg's Comparison of Florida Strombus.
Canarium fusiforme              G           28.2mm, Nacala Mozambique, darker orange-brown on white, large for species  $5
Canarium labiatum                F++      33 to 40mm, PI locales, many colors and patterns    $2 each
Canarium labiatum set of 7    F++       35 to 40mm, PI locales, 7 varied colors from white to orange   $7
Canarium labiatum  large       F++       43.30mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, nice gray one with green banding, extra large   $4
Canarium mutabile   orange    F++       29.0mm, Siasi Sulu PI, uncommon bright orange color form, striking  $5
Canarium mutabile  large      F++        35.18mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, large mostly white one   $3
Canarium mutabile  large      F+++      36.08mm, Mactan Is. PI, nice dense orange-brown markings with middle white band   $3
Canarium urceus   white         F++      39.7mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, deep water form with pale lavender on white    $3
Canarium urceus    white        F++      30.2 and 41.8mm, Panglao PI tangle nets, deep water form with pale lavender on white  $4 both
Canarium urceus   orange       F++       47.53mm, Balabac Is. PI, nice pale orange one with blue protoconch and anterior tip   $3
Canarium urceus    brown       F++       53.2 and 57.1mm, Panglao PI in shallow water, both brown with blue highlights, good size   $3 both
Canarium urceus    large         F+        60.7mm, Panglao PI in shallow water, large white one with blue banding   $3
Canarium urceus urceus         F+++     47.0mm, Mactan Is. PI, the striking black lip form, white body with orange-brown, formerly called Canarium ustulatum  $5
Conomurex decorus               F         61.46mm, Sri Lanka north of Colombo, good lip and body color, some pitting on spire, uncommon   $4
Conomurex fasciatus             F+        33.60mm, 33.75mm, Massawa Ethiopia in southern Red Sea, endemic to Red Sea, dark brown lines and golden mouth  $3 each
Conomurex fasciatus   large   F+        40.58mm, near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, golden mouth endemic with pink-white body and brown bands  $8
Conomurex fasciatus   giant   F++       45.94mm, near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, golden mouth endemic with pink-white body and brown bands  $15
Conomurex luhuanus            F++        56.82mm, Port Hedland Western Australia, thick shell with orange and black lip   $3
Conomurex luhuanus   large   F++       68.71mm, Punta Engano Cebu PI, large narrow one with bright orange aperture    $4
Dolomena minima     large     G           31.34mm, Batangas Luzon PI, thick with dark red-brown body color, very large for species   $6
Dolomena swainsoni             G           59.69mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, beautiful thick flared lip, uncommon  $15
Dolomena variabilis              F+++      52.05mm, Culian Palawan PI, beautiful pattern of dark brown chevrons on white   $3
Doxander vittatus                F++        85.82mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, lovely long spire, large   $3
Euprotomus aratrum          F+++      73.95mm w/o, Dingo Beach W Australia, beautiful fully mature dark brown and orange aperture  $7
Euprotomus aratrum   large  F++       88.56mm, Songhla, Gulf of Thailand, light-colored body, slightly immature parietal shield   $7
Euprotomus aurisdianae      F+          61.62mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, medium dark one, nice light interior orange in aperture   $2
Euprotomus bulla               F++        64.31mm w/o, Olango Is. PI, full white callus on ventral side covering spire, nice long finger   $4
Euprotomus bulla               F++        66.06mm, Bantayan PI, very nice red-brown color, slightly young   $3
Euprotomus bulla     large      F+       77.26mm, Catmon Cebu PI, light orange color with some faded polish, beautiful mature aperture  $7
Euprotomus bulla     giant     F++      80.76mm, Calituban Is. PI giant with fully mature lip and aperture  $12
Euprotomus chrysostomus    F++      82.71mm, Palawan PI, uncommon, gold mouth distinguishes it from E. aratrum   $9
Gibberulus gibberulus albus   F++       44.17mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, almost all-white variant of this species   $3
Gibberulus gibbosus            F+++     36.77mm, Port Hedland W Australia, white with brown banding, purple-ringed inside aperture   $3
Gibberulus gibbosus            F++       53.50mm, Balabac Is. PI, old collection, white bands with brown blotches  $4
Labiostrombus epidromis      F++       76.96mm or 80.61mm, Cebu PI, light brown, flared lip with mature silvering color  $3 each
Labiostrombus epidromis giant  F++  97.12mm, Masbate Is. PI, giant one with wide white flaring lip, not gerontic    $15
Laevistrombus canarium     F++        53.18mm w/o, Keelakarai S India, the true canarium with gold-brown base color, fully mature    $4
Laevistrombus turturella     F++        60.24mm, Great Barrier Reef near Cairns QSD, old collection, nice silvered thick lip   $3
Laevistrombus turturella    F++         66.77mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, mid-brown, thin lip without silver or black, formerly called L. canarium   $3
Laevistrombus turturella  large  F++   95.68mm, Calituban Is. PI, very large and heavy with aperture silvering, formerly called L. canarium  $8
Laevistrombus turturella  large  F++   98.38mm, Dimasalang Masbate PI, big mature one with gold aperture glaze, formerly called L. canarium  $8
Lambis crocata   orange    F+++       115.5mm, Sorsogon Is. PI, orange-brown body with recurved tail and long spines   $5
Lambis crocata   gold       F++         143.03mm, Sorsogon Is. PI, all golden yellow with nearly straight tail and long spines, elegant   $10
Lambis lambis   black         F+++      132.36mm w/o, Bogo, Cebu PI, lovely dark brown to black with small bluish patches, fine spire and spine tips   $8
Lambis lambis   dark brown  F++       133.88mm, Olango Is. PI, mottled white on dark brown, light weight with slightly immature aperture  $4
Lambis lambis    yellow        F++       142.58mm, Olango Is. PI, two shades of yellow and tan, female's large recurved spines, near-white aperture   $7
Lambis lambis   large         F+++       165.60mm, Coron Palawan PI, large heavy female light brown one, short recurved spines   $12
Lambis millepeda   large      F++         147.65mm, Ubay Prov. Bohol PI, nine spines, reddish brown dorsum and light brown striated aperture   $8
Lambis scorpius   white       F++        119.44mm, Bantayan Is. PI, mostly white one, narrow body with long bony digits  $5
Lambis scorpius   lavender   F++        132.92mm w/o, Olango Is. PI, lavender body with honey-brown fingers, narrow body with 7 digits   $6
Lambis scorpius   yellow   F+++         152.93mm, Bantayan Is. PI, pink spire with butterscotch to orange dorsum, long digits   $9
Lambis scorpius   mottled    F++        154.60mm w/o, Bantayan Is. PI, fine mottled brown and cream body, 6 robust digits    $9
Lentigo lentiginosus             F+         74.15mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, excellent color, small chip on upper lip   $3
Lentigo lentiginosus          F+++        75.14mm w/o, Catmon Cebu PI, standard form with large nodules and silvery color   $4
Lentigo lentiginosus            F+          83.33, 85.32mm, Queensland near Cairns, heavy silver-mouth with large knobs, dorsum surface is dulled   $3 each
Lentigo lentiginosus   large  F++         88.73mm, Vung Tau Vietnam, handsome silvery adult, orange aperture   $7
Lentigo pipus      dwarf      F++         48.21mm, Palawan PI, very pale one with beautiful near-black aperture  $4
Lentigo pipus                   F++         58.86mm, Siasi Sulu PI, light dorsum, aperture dark but not black   $3
Lentigo pipus                   F+          60.07mm, Siasi Sulu PI, light colored one with almost black aperture, has dull spot  $3
Lentigo pipus                  F+++        64.87mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, white with some light brown on dorsum, very dark aperture  $5
Lentigo pipus     large       F++         69.26mm w/o, Olango Is. PI, mottled brown and white dorsum, long conical spire  $7
Lentigo pipus     large       F++         72.17mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, white and orange-brown dorsum, purplish red aperture  $7
Lentigo pipus     giant       F++         79.30mm w/o, Olango Is. PI, mostly white dorsum with purple aperture, rare this size  $18
Lobatus gallus                 F++         121.84mm w/o, North Bay, Grand Caymans, white and pink beauty with honey-brown patches    $12
Lobatus gigas                 F++          201.89mm w/o, Eleuthera Is. Bahamas, thin flared outer lip with fluted shape, nice pink and white blend   $20
Lobatus raninus    dwarf   F++          43.59mm dwarf, Limon Cays, San Blas Is. E Panama, robust adult with thick lip, nice color   $10    
Lobatus raninus               F++          61.11mm, Punta Rucia Puerto Rico, mid-brown mottled with white, very thick lip  $3
Lobatus raninus               F+++        81.11mm (86.22mm to flared lip) w/o, San Blas Puerto Rico, mid-brown mottled with white  $7
Persististrombus granulatus   F++       67.36mm, Guanacaste Costa Rica, nice spire, young but nice outer lip   $5
Persististrombus granulatus   F+         68.82mm w/o, Guaymas W Mexico, very knobby and good color, down-rated for pitting on spire   $4
Persististrombus granulatus   F++        74.68mm w/o, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, knobby one with mature lip, heavy for size   $6        
Sinustrombus latissimus       F++        117.3mm to spire tip, 124.8 to flared lip, Nha Trang Vietnam, flaring lip, handsome  $13
Sinustrombus latissimus         F          133mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, extremely heavy, one chip from top of flared lip   $7
Sinustrombus sinuatus  dwarf F+++      72.86mm to spire with short fingers, Olango Is. PI, fully mature with very light color dorsum  $12
Sinustrombus sinuatus  dwarf F+++      74.53mm to spire with short fingers, Bohol Is. PI, light orange rather than white dorsum   $12
Sinustrombus sinuatus          F+++      91.76mm to spire, Bantayan Is. PI, mixed white and light red-brown dorsum, nice lip   $5
Sinustrombus sinuatus          F+++      99.27mm to spire, 105.01mm to fingertips, Bantayan Is. PI, large dorsal knobs, no spire erosion, nice aperture  $7
Sinustrombus sinuatus           F++      109.88mm to spire, Bantayan Is. PI, narrow body, mottled honey-brown and white, fingers don't extend to spire  $10
Sinustrombus sinuatus  large   F++      114.04mm to spire, Bantayan Is. PI, very large body, fingers don't extend to spire  $12
Sinustrombus sinuatus  large  F++       120.81mm to fingertip, 109.90mm to spire, Nha Trang Vietnam, heavy light-colored one with large knob   $12
Strombus alatus                F++         77.16mm w/o, S.W. of Key West, spire with numerous cords, pretty dark orange aperture   $4
Strombus alatus                F++         82.4mm, 85.3mm, Sanibel Island SW Fla., dark dorsums, gem except for anterior chip  $4 each
Thersistrombus thersites  large  F     145.14mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, pitting on dorsum and spire, lovely thick silvered lips and aperture, rare   $65
Tridentarius dentatus          F+++     37.6mm, Mactan Is. PI, dark orange one with white flecks, very pretty  $4
Tridentarius dentatus          F+++     40.2mm, Swain Reef Queensland, much lighter orange than most, no dark tips   $4

Struthiolariidae:                       Previous / Next / Top
Pelicaria vermis             F+         49.34mm, Tearal, Auckland N Zealand, light honey brown and smooth surface   $3
Struthiolaria papulosa     F++       73.60mm, South Island N Zealand, outstanding honey brown with color-varied vertical lines, slightly young   $5

Tegulidae:                           Previous / Next / Top
Family Tegulidae was once in family Trochidae, then moved to Turbinidae, and now resides as a separate family with genus Chlorostoma, Cittarium, Norrisia, Omphalius, Tectus, and Tegula (WoRMS - Tegulidae taxon list).
Chlorostoma lischkei         F++        25.28mm, Kii Peninsula Japan, almost black with silver aperture, formerly named Tegula lischkei    $3
Cittarium pica                  F++       44.5mm width w/o, Cap Salomon Martinique, dark top and green-yellow bottom  $5
Norrisia norrisii                 F++       30.95mm w/o, Dana Point California, dark brown flattened body with green at aperture, seldom seen   $4
Tectus conus                   F++      70.00mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, turns from green on early whorls to rich red, trimmed lip   $6
Tectus conus                   F++      71.62mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, handsome mix of red and green, trimmed lip    $6
Tectus fenestratus            F+       32.2 to 35.5mm heights, Luzon PI, variable greenish to white exteriors  $2 each
Tegula funebralis              F++       17.08mm width w/o, Northern California on rocks, near-black with silver, perfect lip   $2   
Tectus pyramis                F++        47.8mm x 47.4mm, Mactan Is. PI in shallow water, green with tan, sharp silvered spire  $3
Tegula fasciata                 F+++      20.0mm width, Florida Keys, smooth light brown surface with intricate pattern   $4
Tegula lividomaculata         F++       12.93mm width, Eleuthera Is. Bahamas, light green and brown on top blend in nice pattern   $3
Tegula viridula                 F++         18.03mm, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, blend of purple and yellow   $3

Tellinidae:                        Previous / Next / Top
For identifications, see Natural History Museum Rotterdam - Tellinidae.
Arcopagia fausta          F++         90.42mm width x 81.32 length, off Marathon Florida, fresh dead taken with some periostracum   $4
Macomona liliana           G            39.11mm, Auckland N Zealand, silvery white with some yellow tints   $3
Phylloda foliacea    large   F+++     99.30mm, Satun Province Thailand, brilliant yellow-orange, large  $7
Scutarcopagia scobinata  F+++      54.6mm, Apra Harbor Guam, unique “rasp tellin” surface, fine detail, uncommon  $5
Tellina cumingii             F++         29.90mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, handsome elongate species, mostly white with small brown patches    $3
Tellina punicea             F+++       31.48mm, Cape Romano S.W. Fla, the "watermelon tellin," deep red-pink turned to yellow with maturity, uncommon   $4
Tellina purpurea            G            23.66mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, bright blend of purple and pink   $2
Tellina radiata              F+++        39.5mm, Sanibel Is. W Florida, the "sunrise tellin" with pink rays on white   $2
Tellina radiata              F++          77.63mm, Andros Is. Bahamas from old collection, beautiful sunray colors   $4
Tellinella virgata            G           59 to 61mm, Balabac Is. Palawan, handsome in red with some gold   $3 each

Terebridae:                             Previous / Next / Top
Cinguloterebra pretiosa     F+          123.02mm, Pratas Is. S China Sea deep water, nice color but truncated spire and small lip chip   $4
Duplicaria baileyi             F++         28.50mm, southern Mozambique, uncommon narrow terebra with vertical ribs   $5
Hastula strigilata            F++         39.58mm, Great Barrier Reef in 1980s, varied shades of gray and light green, distinctive  $3
Impages maryleeae          F++       24.29mm, Playa Flech Dominican Republic, very uncommon   $7
Impages salleana             F+++      33.68mm, St. Augustine E Florida, dark gray nice color with sharp apex   $3
Myurella affinis               F+++       41.73mm, Great Barrier Reef in 1980s, elegant white with orange lines   $3
Oxymeris areolata           F+           131.0mm, Apra Harbor Guam, good spotting and large, filed lip     $5
Oxymeris crenulata           F+         106.84mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, honey colored with thin aperture lip   $4
Oxymeris dimidiata           F+++      99.05mm, Moorea, French Polynesia, elegant light to mid-orange colors and sharp spire   $4
Oxymeris dimidiata           F+         94.2, 104.3mm, Nacala Mozambique, varying orange body colors   $3 each
Oxymeris dimidiata large    F+++     127.6mm, Vietnam, excellent very large one with deep orange color   $6
Oxymeris dimidiata large    F+++     134.9mm, Vietnam, very large one with deep orange color   $8
Oxymeris maculata           F+        145.83mm, S of Townsville QSD Australia, perfect spire and good color, thin lip with minor chip  $4
Oxymeris strigata            F+++      86.19mm, Las Perlas Is. W Panama, fat body specimen with white protoconch and dark striping   $7
Terebra guttata  large      F+        124.50mm, Topatii, Huahine, French Polynesia, characteristic pale orange color with white markings   $5
Terebra hancocki           F++         44.55mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, handsome species with fine sharp spire   $4
Terebra ornata              F++        57.52mm, Isla Gobernadora, W Panama, nice dark-marked in two brown colors, uncommon   $4
Terebra robusta             F++        51.16mm, Bahia de los Angeles, Baja Sur W Mexico, blue-marked narrow tower    $3
Terebra subulata           F+++       97.58mm, shoreline near Cairns QSD, fine darkly marked one with white narrow spire   $4
Terebra variegata         F+++       39.88mm, Isla Gobernadora, W Panama, dark brown blotches and sharp spire   $3

Tonnidae:                               Previous / Next / Top
Eudolium bairdii            F++       66.60mm, East China Sea deep water, formerly Eudolium lineatum, uncommon light species distinct from Eudolium crosseanum   $10
Eudolium crosseanum   F+++      78.1mm, East China Sea at 130m depth, light colored one, perfect spire and lip, formerly named Eudolium pyriforme    $10
Eudolium crosseanum   F++        84.60mm, East China Sea in deep water, large distinctive species, formerly named Eudolium pyriforme   $10    
Malea pomum              F++       43.8mm, Marau Solomons, small mature one with nice color   $3
Malea pomum              F++       54.3mm, Davao Mindanao PI, fairly light color and typical adult shape, good lip  $4
Malea pomum    large    F+++     69.77mm, Palawan PI, pinkish with orange-brown squares, very pretty large one   $7
Malea pomum    large    F++       73.68mm, Cebu PI, extra large one with orange lip, dull aperture or would be gem   $10
Tonna allium                F++       61.7mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, light colored one, crenellated lip   $3
Tonna allium               F+         79.2mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, light colored ones   $4
Tonna chinensis          F++         63.64mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, nice honey-brown lines with patches between   $3
Tonna cumingii             F+        109.20mm, Negros Is. PI, highly mottled with dark to light patches, has chip on anterior   $7
Tonna dolium               F+         83.40mm, Noppharattharaa, Krabi, Thailand, thin lip, sparing markings, has periostracum on body whorl   $3          
Tonna dolium               F++        84.60mm, 89.5mm, Zamboanga PI, relatively light color for these, nice form   $4 each
Tonna galea                F++        82.14mm, Amuay Venezuela, inflated body, characteristic blend of off-white and light brown   $3
Tonna galea                F+          94.58mm, off Key West Florida in lobster trap, white to brown and back to white, thin lip   $3
Tonna perdix                F++        97.47mm, Balabac Is. PI from old collection, lighter colored than most   $4
Tonna perdix                F++        99.81mm, Samar PI, very pretty with color changes near aperture   $6
Tonna perdix    large      F++       119.20mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, large medium-dark one with classic perdix pattern    $8
Tonna sulcosa               F+         86.7mm, Lingayan Gulf PI, nice banded color and form  $4
Tonna sulcosa              F++        87.8mm, Lingayen Gulf PI, nice banded color and form  $5
Tonna sulcosa              F++        98.48mm, Siasi Sulu PI, pale form with all white on portion of body whorl   $5        
Tonna sulcosa              F++        110.7mm, Apra Harbor Guam in shallow water, old collection  $6
Tonna tessellata           F+++       59.04mm, Culion Is. Palawan PI, nice pattern change toward aperture, full mature lip   $6
Tonna tessellata           F++        71.23mm, Bantayan Is. PI in tangle nets, fully articulated outer lip, nice species   $6

Trochidae:                              Previous / Next / Top
The once-vast catchall Trochidae family has been fundamentally reduced in WoRMS via dispersal to new families.  Family Calliostomatidae now has the prominent genus Calliostoma.  Family Tegulidae has many former Trochidae including genus Tectus.  Family Calliotropidae now covers genus Ginebis and genus Lischkeia; see Miscellaneous Gastropoda (above) for my species of those.  The new family Chilodontidae has genus Turcica (but none listed here).  The most familiar remaining Trochidae genus is Trochus, which has previously been mixed with genus Tectus.  Best advice:  use genus instead of family names as locators.
Clanculus puniceus            F+++       21.25mm width, Zanzibar Is. Tanzania, deep red with blue beaded lines, very pretty  $3
Monodonta canalifera         F+++      18.0mm width, Balabac Is. PI, dark gray-green color with smooth surface  $2
Monodonta labio                 F++       35.13mm, Balabac Is. PI, dark one with red and green highlights, pretty  $2
Stomatia phymotis            F+++       20.2mm, Mactan Is. PI, strange little shell with wide gaping aperture, interesting   $2
Trochus ferreirai               F+++      21.20mm height, Brunei on reef, beautiful dark red mottled on silver-white    $5
Trochus maculatus            F+++      38.52mm height w/o, Indian House Fiji, turns from green to white on last whorl, very pretty  $4
Trochus maculatus              F+        46.3mm height, Nha Trang Vietnam, light colored large one, trimmed lip   $3
Umbonium elegans            F+++       14 to 18mm, Mactan Is. or Balabac Is. in shallow water, many colors and patterns   $2 each

Turbinellidae:                  Previous / Next / Top
Vasum muricatum              F++      76.91mm, SW of Key West in lobster boat, large heavy one with excellent spire  $8
Vasum muricatum              F+        78.95mm, SW of Key West in lobster boat, large mature white one, some spire erosion  $7
Vasum tubiferum              F++       77.02mm, Palawan PI, medium-broad with prominent large shoulder spines, some spire erosion  $6
Vasum tubiferum              F++       84.51mm, Palawan PI in shallow water, narrow one with elevated spire, handsome  $8
Vasum turbinellus              F+        60.7mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, typical black on gray, some spire erosion    $3
Vasum turbinellus             F++       64.3mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, heavy and mature, cone-shaped with broad body and short spire   $4

Turbinidae:                           Previous / Next / Top
Note:  The WoRMS taxon tree in Turbinidae shows considerable reduction in this sizable family.  Family Tegulidae was previously placed in family Trochidae, then moved to Turbinidae, and now resides as a separate family with genus Chlorostoma, Cittarium, Norrisia, Omphalius, Tectus, and Tegula (WoRMS - Tegulidae taxon list).   Likewise, family Angariidae was a genus here but is now a separate family.  Both families are on my list here.
     Most remaining genus and species are found in Subfamily Turbininae including Astraea, Astralium, Bolma, Guildfordia, Lithopoma, Lunella, and Turbo
Astralium provisorium      F+++       20.70mm, Samar PI, bright rose-pink, not common, formerly named Astralium roseobasis   $7
Astralium rotularium        F++        33.56mm width w/o, Port Hedland W Aus, almost pure white, well cleaned with frilled detail, uncommon   $8
Bolma girgyllus               F+           51.9mm width, w/o, Balut PI tangle nets, lavender body and yellow spines  $10
Bolma modesta               F++        51.06mm width w/o, Minabe Pref. Japan, pink beauty with numerous short spines   $5
Cookia sulcata                   F+       39.22mm width, Foveaux Strait southern New Zealand, uncommon   $5
Guildfordia aculeata           F+        51.06mm width, Panglao Bohol PI tangle nets, red-brown body and short spines, one missing the tip   $3
Guildfordia aculeata           F+        65.82mm with spines and 45mm body, Straits of Taiwan, one chipped spine   $4
Lithopoma caelatum          F++       42.69mm w/o, Bimini, Bahamas in eel grass, nice young one, relatively minor spire erosion for these  $3
Lithopoma phoebium      F++        33.45mm width w/o, Man-of-War Harbor, Key West Fla., light gold color, one chipped spine   $3
Lithopoma phoebium      F++         43.72mm, Eleuthera Bahamas, golden-yellow beauty with good series of spines   $4
Lithopoma tectum          F++         36.1mm w/o, Bahia, Salvador Brazil, fine gray and white spire, almost no erosion; see Marlo Krisberg's Lithopoma olfersii    $4
Lunella granulata             F+         27.08mm width w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, little erosion better shape than usual for these, young thin lip   $2
Megastraea undosa          F+         84x74mm w/o, Lake Forest Southern California, some roughness but good spire, nice orange and silver colors   $9
Megastraea undosa          F+         93x94mm, Lake Forest Southern California, some roughness but good spire, nice orange and silver colors   $10
Megastraea undosa     large  F        109.88mm height x 110.68mm width, Lake Forest S California, spire erosion with small hole, nice orange and silver colors  $10
Turbo castanea               F++         26.87mm, 27.31mm, Eleuthera Bahamas, beaded surface mottled in tan brown and white   $2 each
Turbo intercostalis           F++          41.13mm w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, two-tone green species with cat's eye operculum   $3
Turbo petholatus               F++        47.0mm w/o, Siasi Sulu PI, normal sized one, intricate patterning   $3
Turbo petholatus   orange   F+         46.98mm, Balabac Is. Palawan, orange body and trimmed lip, not Turbo reevei   $5
Turbo petholatus   orange   F+         51.23mm, Balabac Is. Palawan, uniquely orange body, trim lip, not Turbo reevei  $6
Turbo petholatus               F+         52.98mm w/o, Balabac Is. Palawan old collection, dark brown with yellow blotches, filed lip  $4
Turbo petholatus               F+         54.66mm, Balabac Is. Palawan, dark brown with light brown blotches and green bands, filed lip  $4
Turbo petholatus   giants  F+-F++     75 to 77.80mm height and width, w/o, Nha Trang Vietnam, keeled shoulders unlike rounded PI ones  $15 each
Turbo reevei                    F+          43.7mm width, Apra Harbor Guam, old collection, filed lip, orange-brown body   $2
Turbo reevei                    F+          52.43mm, Balabac Is. PI, filed lip, mottled dark brown with intricate pattern     $3
Turbo saxosus                F++          33.31mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, fine small tuberculate specimen in dark green with touches of white   $3
Turbo setosus                 F++          61.79mm w/o, Apra Harbor Guam, old collection, superb condition for often-rough species    $7

Turridae:               Previous / Next / Top
The extensive Turridae family of small deep-water shells has been divided into numerous families, all in Superfamily Conoidea.  This is a work in progress, and most books and some websites still list them all as Turridae.  Species are alphabetically listed here while designating the family for each.
Carinodrillia quadrilirata    F++     16.32mm, Punta Engano PI, very uncommon brown and white turrid, family Pseudomelatomidae   $7
Clavus canalicularis          F++     18.08mm, Punta Engano PI, unique shape, orange-brown band on body, uncommon, family Drilliidae  $4
Cochlespira pulchella         F++     22.6mm, Aliguay PI deep water tangle nets, rare, family Cochlespiridae  $8
Compsodrillia duplicata      F++     24.26mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, dredge 80 feet, uncommon, family Pseudomelatomidae   $5
Compsodrillia duplicata      F++     29.77mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, dredge 80 feet, uncommon, family Pseudomelatomidae   $5
Cruziturricula arcuata       F++      29.57mm, Isla Cebaco W Panama, dredge 80-100 feet, uncommon, family Drilliidae  $5
Gemmula diomedea          F++      54.91mm, Mactan Is. PI in 150 meter trawl, elegant outer lip, family Turridae    $3
Gemmula diomedea          F++     62.68mm, Mactan Is. PI in 150 meter trawl, elegant outer lip, family Turridae    $4
Gemmula kieneri              F++     34.03mm, Aliguay PI deep water tangle nets, family Turridae    $2
Glyphostoma otohimeae    F++     21.84mm, Aliguay PI deep water tangle nets, fine light brown color with flared lip, family Clathurellidae  $4
Imaclava pilsbryi              F++     24.92mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, delicate small beauty, rarely seen, family Drilliidae  $4
Knefastia olivacea            F+++    47.26mm w/o, Canal de Afuera Island W Panama, dredge at 240 feet, uncommon, family Pseudomelatomidae   $6
Nihonia australis    large    F++     100.57mm, 101.44mm, south Hainan Is. South China Sea in deep water, uncommon, family Cochlespiridae  $15 each
Polystira oxytropis           F+++    27.41mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, elegant brown with white band, uncommon, family Turridae   $3
Thatcheria mirabilis giant  F         95.7mm, East China Sea deep water, lip scar, unique shape, in family Raphitomidae    $15
Turricula javana             F+         58.0mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, low price from lip break at notch, family Clavatulidae   $1
Turris babylonia              F++      78.73mm, Mactan Is. PI, high-contrast dark brown marks on white body, striking, family Turridae   $3
Turris crispa                  F++      89.84mm, Panglao Is. Bohol PI, 80 fathoms tangle net, fine outer lip, one bite mark, family Turridae   $4
Turris crispa    large       F+        133.16mm, Hainan Is. South China Sea, very good dashed body lines, anterior chip and truncated apex, family Turridae   $5
Turris cristata               F++       42.20mm, Mactan Is. PI, tangle nets at 50-100m, named in year 2000, family Turridae   $3

Turritellinae:         Previous / Next / Top
Turritella anactor         F++          68.18mm, Isla Cebacu W Panama, honey-brown species with distinctive stepped shape, not common   $4
Turritella exoleta          F++          30.4mm, NW of Florida Keys, uncommon sculptured piece from deeper water   $4
Turritella gonostoma     F++         106.79mm, San Carlos Bay, Guaymas W Mexico, fine dark brown and gray with acute spire   $5
Turritella nodulosa        F+++        37 to 51mm, Isla Cebacu W Panama, nice dark-marked in two brown colors, not common   $5 each
Turritella rubescens      F++          41.07mm, 46.6mm, Isla Gobernadora, W Panama, nice dark-marked in two brown colors   $2 each
Turritella willetti           F++         33.34mm, Isla Gobernadora, W Panama, slender elegant form in honey brown color   $3

Veneridae:                              Previous / Next / Top
Use WoRMS site Veneridae to scan the extensive genus list of this family.  High quality photographs are at Olivier Caro's four sites Veneridae#aaVeneridae#ab, Veneridae#ac, and Veneridae#ad; iaNet Conchology's Veneridae; and Conchylinet by search for its 110 Veneridae species.  Some species names on all these sites are supplanted at WoRMS.
Antigona chemnitzii           F++       74.52mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea in sand, heavy and thick large one, rays of dark brown  $5
Antigona corbis              F+++        56.68mm, Mactan Is. PI, nice light colored one, resembles Antigona reticulata but easily separated    $7
Antigona lamellaris         F+++        50.31mm width, Hainan Is. S China Sea, very handsome elongate sculptured species   $4
Antigona lamellaris         F+++        56.30mm or 58.39mm, Gulf of Tonkin in sand, large beauties with brown rays, fine sculpture   $5 each
Antigona magnifica         F++         65.82mm width x 62.22mm length, Panglao Is. PI, heavy dwarf of this large species, fine color, uncommon  $5
Antigona magnifica         F+          92.87mm width x 89.67mm length, Panglao Is. PI, heavy mature one, brown to purple color, uncommon  $5
Callista chinensis          F+++         60.66mm width, Taiwan Strait, beautiful concentric violet and brown banding, otherwise resembles C. planatella  $5
Callista diemenensis       F+++        32.09mm, Stanley, Tasmania, not often seen, darker brown rays on light brown surface   $3
Callista erycina   orange  F+++       74.40mm, Periyapattinam S India, brilliant deep orange on perimeter, otherwise identical to C. planatella   $7
Callista kingii                 F+++       49.91mm width, Port Lincoln S Australia, handsome light brown with dark brown squares   $3
Callista planatella            F+++     78.03mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea in sand, handsome varied brown with rays   $5
Chione undatella            F++        35.28mm, Kino Bay Sonora W Mexico, fresh dead but fine color, no damage   $2
Circe scripta                  F+         43.52mm width, Irake Aichi Prov. Japan, good pattern but umbone erosion lowers rating   $2
Circomphalus foliaceolamellosus  F+  62.73mm x 51.6mm, Casamance Senegal from Marcel Pin, elegant uncommon species  $10
Dosinia discus                F++         60.27mm x 55.47mm, Cape Romano, Marco Is. SW Florida, all white with faint periostracum remaining   $3    
Dosinia discus                F++         61.27mm x 57.41mm, East Gulf Drive, Sanibel Island SW Florida, very clean with some periostracum at perimeter   $3
Gafrarium pectinatum     F+++       24.84mm, Apra Harbor Guam, colorful small granulate specimen, handsome   $2
Gafrarium pectinatum     F+++       set of 3 to 29.57mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, bright white with dark sides    $2 set
Globivenus embrithes     F+++         37.65mm, Bantayan Is. PI in shallow water, handsome globular species, fewer chevrons than most   $2
Leukoma grata             F++           27.84mm, Puerto Ballandra, La Paz, Baja Cal, edible round venusid species, well marked   $2
Lioconcha castrensis      F+++         44.35mm, Siasi, Sulu PI, brilliant chevron "mountain" design, handsome   $3
Lirophora latilirata           F+           27.29mm width, Melbourne East Fla., one rib is indented, nice color   $2
Lirophora latilirata          F+++        31.36mm width, Port Canaveral E Florida, excellent condition with thick deep ribbing    $3
Macridiscus aequilatera    F+++       46.21mm, South China Sea off Hainan Is., white with light brown rays, formerly genus Gomphina  $3
Macridiscus aequilatera   large  F++  56.02mm, South China Sea off Hainan Is., handsome alternating brown and white, formerly genus Gomphina  $4
Macrocallista maculata    F++         45.01mm width, off Ft. Myers West Florida, the Checkerboard Venus, very well marked  $2
Macrocallista maculata    F++         50.31mm width, Key West Florida, excellent checkerboard  $2
Macrocallista nimbosa      F++         84.53mm, Tampa Bay W Florida, very pale one throughout with almost-white umbones   $3
Macrocallista nimbosa      F+++       88.83mm, Tampa Bay W Florida, very nice color from pale at umbones to dark rays  $3
Macrocallista nimbosa      F+++       117.86mm, Tampa Bay W Florida, has nearly all periostracum intact  $4
Mercenaria campechiensis  F+++     77.57mm width x 69.86mm, Portland TX on sand, fine large one with periostracum largely intact, nice color    $4
Meretrix lusoria               F+++      42.82mm, southeast Sri Lanka near Galle Bay by trawler, gray and brown color blend   $2
Meretrix lusoria   brown    F++        51.82mm width, Gulf of Tonkin in sand, very dark brown on both valves   $3
Meretrix lusoria            F+++         55.04mm, Bo Sea off north China, lovely brown tent pattern on olive green base, might be Meretrix petechialis    $4
Meretrix lyrata               F++         41.61mm, Hong Kong fish market, old collection, gray and white, lined unlike M. meretrix    $2
Meretrix meretrix            F++        31.32mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, shiny with reddish-brown getting lighter with age  $2
Paphia amabilis            F+++         70.32mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, strongly ribbed with golden brown base color  $3
Paphia euglypta            F++          60.04mm width, Rach Gria Vietnam, light brown base and wider ribs than P. amabilis   $3
Paphia textile                F++         38.41mm width, Hong Kong fish market, textile pattern per name   $2
Periglypta puerpera       F+++        49.67 x 47.50mm, Roxas, Palawan Is. PI, distinctive dark brown on one side  $3
Periglypta puerpera       F+++        53.04 x 52.08mm, Panglao Bohol PI, distinctive dark brown on one side  $3
Periglypta puerpera       F++          68.49 x 68.18mm, Swains Reef QSD, large fine example of this species   $5
Placamen lamellatum     F++          37.80mm width, south Taiwan Straits, white with concentric raised ribs, formerly named Venus calophyllum    $3
Protapes gallus             F+++        57.09mm width, Rameshwaram S India, four blue rays on yellow-brown base, outstanding    $3
Tapes belcheri              F++          72.53mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea in sand, heavier than similar species, well lined  $3
Tapes literatus              F++          73.51mm, Mactan Is. PI, light tan base color with thin brown chevron design  $3
Tapes literatus              F++          79.05mm, Mactan Is. PI, very light yellow with small brown dots  $3
Tapes literatus   brown   F++          80.57mm, Mactan Is. PI, special color--dark brown predominant on both valves  $4
Venerupis philippinarum  F++          25.64mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, nice orange color on umbones   $2
Venerupis philippinarum    F+++       36.42mm width, Taiwan Strait, red at umbone turning to chevron brown pattern   $3
Venerupis philippinarum  large   F+   51.22mm, Yellow Sea, large one with dominant cinnamon-brown color, nice   $3
Venus verrucosa           F+++         44.50mm width, Enez Turkey in North Aegean Sea, very good warty ribs   $3

Volutidae:                          Previous / Next / Top
Alcithoe arabica             F++        107.04mm, Manawatu coast, North Is. New Zealand, thick lip, bands of brown color, formerly Alcithoe swainsoni  $12
Amoria dampieria           G           31.06mm, Freemantle W Australia, very uncommon thick beauty with strong vertical brown lining   $20
Amoria ellioti                   G          71.66mm, Port Hedland W Aus, beautiful straight evenly spaced lines throughout  $20
Amoria grayi                 F++         86.75mm, Pender Bay NW Aus, light gold-yellow with two faint bands, nice    $10
Amoria guttata            F+++        46.79mm, Lodestone Reef QSD, pink color and banded pattern without vertical lines, uncommon   $16             
Amoria jamrachi           F++         53.40mm, Cape Leveque W Australia, very uncommon, gold base color with orange vertical stripes, lip trim  $12
Amoria jansae             F+++        104.21mm, Capricorn Channel QSD, beautiful orange deep water species, formerly Amoria hunteri   $16
Amoria jansae              F++         119.50mm, Lady Musgrave Is. QSD, brilliant orange, anterior lip trim so not gem, former Amoria hunteri   $22
Amoria lineola              F++          41.77mm, Capricorn Channel QSD Aus, light gold with vertical lines, named in 2009 distinctly from Amoria guttata    $6
Amoria molleri molleri     F++        44.03mm, Cape Moreton QSD, two bands of vertical markings, "Form C" or form "reducta"  $8  
Amoria praetexta           G            35.57mm, Rosemary Is. W Australia, high gloss tented body with dark brown highlights, very uncommon  $22
Amoria turneri               F+           54.07mm, Torres Strait N Australia, fine narrow brown vertical lines with narrow body, trimmed anterior   $5
Amoria undulata             G            76.58mm, Taylors Is. S Aus, lovely waved lines and orange aperture, a beauty  $10
Amoria undulata             F+++       77.23mm, Streaky Bay S Aus, beautiful orange aperture, distinctive angular body shape, a beauty   $10
Amoria undulata             F++        79.37mm, Lakes Entrance, Victoria S Aus, dark rust color on body over wavy lines   $10
Amoria zebra  gold           G          33.85mm, Clairview Beach QSD, the solid yellow-gold form, heavy with thick lip    $8
Amoria zebra                   G         37.3mm, Cape Capricorn QSD, dark brown one with black vertical lines   $5
Amoria zebra                F+++      38.01mm, Cape Capricorn QSD, gold body with dark orange vertical lines   $6
Amoria zebra                  G          48.0mm, Clairview Beach QSD, dark brown with stripes, large one, nice variations in base color   $9
Amoria zebra  large       F++         52.95mm, Fraser Is. QSD, dark brown with shade variations   $10
Athleta lutosa                F+         69.71mm, Walvis Bay Namibia, uncommon from deep water trawl, some erosion as always   $15
Athleta studeri              F++        46.31mm, Swains Reef QSD Australia, small lined species with unique outer lip shape   $10
Cymbiola aulica  red and yellow  F+  103.82, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, "Palawan form" in yellow-orange base with striking large red patches, beautiful   $35
Cymbiola aulica     pink      F+      118.67mm, Siasi Sulu PI, strawberry pink and yellow with middle band, thin lip with minor chip   $30
Cymbiola aulica     red      F++      119.42mm, Jolo Is. Sulu PI, classic shape with red blotches over pink, beautiful one  $50
Cymbiola cathcartiae      F++        120.13mm, Laminusa Sulu PI, handsome mid-brown one with thick mature lip, chip on anterior outer lip   $20
Cymbiola chrysostoma     F++       55.86mm, near Timor, very broad and mature with gold aperture, small dull area, rare and large   $100
Cymbiola deshayesi         F++        68.98mm, Gomen New Caledonia, uncommon beauty in red and orange and yellow,   $20
Cymbiola innexa            F++         109.59mm, Payandarang Java, reddish one with little banding, flawless but young with thin lip   $15
Cymbiola innexa              F+         115.49mm, south coast of Java, form A reddish, has anterior chip, thickened body whorl with older age  $15
Cymbiola nivosa oblita     F++         46.50mm, Northwest Cape, W Australia, green and gold blend with nodules, thin lip   $4
Cymbiola nivosa oblita     F++         62.64mm, Dampier, W Australia, pale brown without green, aperture is orange-brown   $6
Cymbiola nobilis   dwarf    F++        72.50mm, Phan Thiet Vietnam, nice dwarf with good color, thin but mature lip    $5
Cymbiola nobilis   dwarf    F+++       82.02mm, Co Chang Thailand, fully mature with large protoconch, light tan base with two brown bands   $7
Cymbiola nobilis               F++        98.17mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, nice mid-brown and honey color, mature lip and aperture   $10
Cymbiola nobilis               F++        145.4mm, Phan Thiet Vietnam, honey-brown with mature lip, trim on anterior tip  $20
Cymbiola pulchra cracenta   F++      54.05mm, Stanley Reef QSD Aus, two bright orange bands, gem except for anterior trim   $15
Cymbiola sophia                   F++      67.77mm, Proserpine QSD Australia, pale beauty, has tail chip   $12
Cymbiola tamariskae             F+        112.12mm, Kangean Is. Indonesia, has full tent pattern and knobs unlike C. nobilis, recognized as separate  $50
Cymbiola vespertilio  dwarf    F++       52.13mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, heavy with thick lip, light tan with tents  $8
Cymbiola vespertilio             F++        66.83mm, Balabac Is. Palawan PI, beautiful narrow yellowish one with darker banded spots   $4
Cymbiola vespertilio  dark      F++       68.63mm, Dumaguete Negros Province PI, very dark brown form from this area  $3
Cymbiola vespertilio             F++       75.75mm, Bohol PI, mid-brown with unusual dark horizontal line across body whorl  $4
Cymbiola vespertilio  dark     F++       77.00mm, Zamboanga PI, cinnamon brown base with darker brown chevrons, also rust color $4
Cymbiola vespertilio broad spiny  F++  82.52mm, Bohol PI, dark brown chevrons on light brown background, thin lip   $6
Cymbiola vespertilio  peach    F++      84.24mm, N.E. Samar PI, distinctive peach-orange form from Samar, very near to gem   $8
Cymbiola vespertilio             F+         88.01mm, Calituban Is. PI, dark brown chevrons on mid-brown, slight lip chips so low price  $3
Cymbiola vespertilio  "freak"   F+        88.60mm, Zamboanga PI, double row of spines, honey brown, faded on spire  $10
Cymbiola vespertilio             F++       89.64mm, Culion N. Palawan Is., yellowish beauty with dark blotches and small brown tents  $5
Cymbiola vespertilio  peach    F++      91.96mm, N.E. Samar PI, distinctive peach-orange color, narrow mitis form without knobs, lip trim  $6
Cymbiola vespertilio broad spiny F+++  95.04 x 61.82mm, Balicasaq Is. PI, caramel tents on yellow with beautiful wide spire  $10
Cymbiola vespertilio            F+          96.62mm, N. Bantayan PI, medium-knob large one with mid-brown tenting  $5
Cymbiola vespertilio    red    F+          97.95mm, Balabac PI, dark red-orange one, has vertical scar but still pretty  $6
Cymbiola vespertilio             F+         98.35mm, N. Bantayan PI, "mitis" form with minimal knobs, honey brown, lip trim  $4
Cymbiola vespertilio            F++        99.95mm, Surigao Is. PI, fine knobby form with dark brown sparing tents on light brown base  $8
Cymbiola vespertilio broad spiny F+    100.66mm, Calabay N.W. Samar PI, broad spiny form with distinctive caramel brown tents, anterior lip trim  $8
Cymbiola vespertilio   large   F++       110.21mm, Cal Bay, Samar PI, heavy spiked honey-brown one with thick mature lip   $10
Cymbium olla                   F++         102.32mm, Praia de Faro S. Portugal, light orange color, excellent quality for these, large  $12
Enaeta barnesii                F++         33.17mm, Isla Gobernadora W Panama, squat dark brown species with subtle variety and beauty of pattern   $4
Ericusa papillosa                F+         113.76mm, Victoria S Aus crayfish pot, mature orange aperture and light rust, very pretty   $16
Ericusa sericata               F++         81.67mm, Cape Moreton QSD Aus, customary color change with light orange  $12
Ericusa sowerbyi   dwarf    F++         90.31mm, Lakes Entrance Victoria S Aus, covered in light rust-orange on body and darker on spire   $12
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) ericarum    F+   135.28mm, South China Sea, some cleaning of black marks to do  $20
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) ericarum    F+   161.56mm, South China Sea, beautiful reddish brown one, has anterior chip from deep dredge   $35
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) ericarum  F++   173.11mm, South China Sea, mature large one, some cleaning of black marks to do  $40
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) ericarum   F++  189.88mm, South China Sea, good thick mature lip, has some black smudge on spire to clean    $50
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) ericarum   F      205.87mm, South China Sea, heavy older guy with thick mature lip, anterior shaved, body has fine color  $55
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) hamillei     F+     113.84mm, East China Sea deep water, light color with brown bands, anterior lip trim   $10
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) hamillei     F++   134.51mm, East China Sea deep water, strikingly marked axial lines  $15
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) hamillei color F++  137.15mm, East China Sea deep water, unusual rich brown patches in bands, elegant stepped spire   $35
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) hamillei  large  F+  149.02mm, East China Sea deep water, nice axial markings, healed scar and rust color on ventral side   $15
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) hamillei giant   F+  169.72mm, East China Sea in 140m, much rust color, well marked, scar line and tail chip  $45
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) humerosa     F++  113.56mm, South China Sea deep water, beautiful young small one, uncommon    $20
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) humerosa     F+   134.21mm, South China Sea deep water, uncommon with small protoconch, anterior trim   $20
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) humerosa     F+    150.20mm, South China Sea, like F. ericarum but smaller protoconch, beautiful spire, smoothed anterior lip  $35
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) leviuscula    F+     108.39mm, South China Sea deep water, beautiful markings, filed anterior lip, formerly F. glabra   $25
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) leviuscula    F+     109.82mm, South China Sea deep water, filed anterior lip, formerly F. glabra   $25
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) leviuscula    F+     126.68mm, South China Sea deep water, filed anterior lip, formerly F. glabra   $35
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) leviuscula   F+      129.56mm, South China Sea deep water, filed anterior lip, formerly F. glabra  $35
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) rupestris rupestris  F+  147.54mm, South China Sea, distinctive "aurantia" gold color without markings    $35
Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) rupestris rupestris  F+  170.31mm, South China Sea, huge one, distinctive "aurantia" gold color without markings    $45
Fulgoraria (Musashia) allaryi        F+      127.09mm, East China Sea deep water in mud, light tan color with some gray smudge as usual    $15
Fulgoraria (Musashia) allaryi        F+      184.17mm, South China Sea off Hainan in deep water, mud-stained solid color with elongate body, uncommon   $30
Fulgoraria (Musashia) allaryi giant   F+    219.50mm, Spratly Is. South China Sea, mature good lip in light orange, some muddy smudge on body   $45
Fulgoraria (Psephaea) concinna    F+     136.19mm, Mikawa Bay Japan in 400-600m, classic shape and pattern, anterior lip trim    $20
Fulgoraria (Psephaea) kaneko    F++      155.08mm, East China Sea, very deep water, quite uncommon, elegant, good lip   $20
Fulgoraria (Psephaea) kaneko giant   F+  197.30mm, East China Sea in deep water, mature good lip in light orange, mud stains on body   $50
Fusivoluta barnardi              F++         77.24mm w/o, Durham, Natal, S Africa, yellow-gold uniform color with distinctive flared lip   $10
Harpulina arausiaca             F++         70.17mm, Nagappattinam S India, orange lines with small dark red patches, lip trim lowers price   $20
Harpulina arausiaca           F+++         70.96mm w/o, Nagappattinam S India, beautiful orange lines with red patches, a classic   $35
Harpulina lapponica             F++         61.84mm w/o, Trivandrus S India, well marked with mid-range color, anterior lip trim   $4
Harpulina lapponica  large      F+         82.58mm, Tricomalee Sri Lanka, light brown background with dark marking, prominent protoconch     $8
Harpulina lapponica  large      F+         88.27mm, Rameswaran S India, standard color, has dull spot and two healed bite marks, still beautiful   $8
Harpulina lapponica  dark       F+         90.62mm w/o, Madras S India, varied brown base color with darker brown patches, very striking   $12
Harpulina lapponica  giant      F++       95.19mm w/o, Madras S India, beautiful light tan with orange, no indication of old age, fine spire detail   $15
Harpulina lapponica loroisi     F+++      69.65mm w/o, Kollam S India, smaller form with orange-pink body color and narrow vertical squiggled lines   $12
Harpulina lapponica loroisi     F+++      104.18mm w/o, Quilon SW India, beautiful striped brown on orange base color  $15
Harpulina lapponica loroisi     F+++      107.62mm w/o, Kollam S India in deep water, very dark brown striping on orange base, outstanding  $20
Harpulina lapponica loroisi large F+++   109.43mm, Rameswaran S India, thick squiggle marks in dark brown on orange-brown base, a beauty  $20
Harpulina lapponica loroisi giant F+++   122.42mm w/o, Kollam S India, dense squiggle marks in very dark brown, no gerontism, a beauty  $35
Lyria boholensis                   F          69.37mm, Bohol PI, fresh dead with some fading of color, low price   $3
Lyria cloveriana                   F++      71.69mm, Galle Bay Sri Lanka, beautiful deep red marking on body whorl, uncommon, slight lip flaws   $35
Lyria cloveriana    large        F+++     77.60mm, Galle Bay Sri Lanka, beautiful deep red marking on body whorl, elegant spire   $45
Lyria cloveriana   giant        F+         86.24mm, off northeast Sri Lanka, red-orange heavy one, dorsal dullness on solidly red-orange shoulder   $50
Lyria delessertiana               F+++   47.10mm, Nosy Be Is., NW Madagascar, narrow ribs and red-orange color, not Lyria (Indolyria) tulearensis   $10
Lyria delessertiana               F         48.46mm, Tulear Madagascar, fine orange color but poor lip so very low price   $4
Lyria mallicki                       F+++   36.01mm, Aliguay Is. PI, small rare elegant species, formerly named Lyria vicdani   $20
Lyria mitraeformis               F+++   46.02mm, Anxious Bay W Aus, pronounced ribs with extra thick one at aperture   $6
Melo broderipii  juvenile       F+        85.20mm, Coron Is. PI, young one with dark brown markings, chipped tail  $3
Melo broderipii                  F+        143.01mm, Balabac Is. PI, trimmed lip, lacks dark markings, good spire with all spines intact  $7
Melo melo                        F+        109.77mm, Phan Thiet Vietnam, young one with blotches, trim on thin outer lip  $6
Melo melo                        F         117.9mm, Hainan Is. S China Sea, still has brown blotches on body whorl (young one), anterior chip  $5
Notovoluta gardneri           F+        75.91mm, Rio Reef QSD, rust-orange on body and spire, good mature lip, has tail chip, uncommon   $12
Saotomea pratasensis         F+       45.0mm, Pratas Island South China Sea deep water, very uncommon   $45
Scaphella junonia              F++      114.30mm, 50 miles W of Key West, fine dark spotting on white, anterior lip trim as usual, hard to get    $25
Voluta ebraea                  F++      95.30mm, Natal NE Brazil, handsome blotched cinnamon brown on tan base, narrow male form, slight anterior trim  $12
Voluta ebraea                  F++      111.87mm, Ceara NE Brazil, cinnamon brown markings ventral through dorsal, narrow male form, anterior lip trim   $10
Voluta musica                  F++      65.81mm, Amuay Bay NW Venezuela, fresh dead, deep orange rust color mixed with blue   $12
Voluta polypleura              F+        64.01mm, 80 miles east of Honduras, yellow-orange base color with spots, trimmed anterior lip  $10
Voluta virescens               F+        51.56mm, S.W. of Honduras by shrimper trawl, green markings on light brown, trimmed lip   $10
Voluta virescens               F++       81.43mm, Gulf of Urabe Colombia, perfect except for trim on anterior lip, many bands, uncommon now   $20
Volutoconus multiformis    F++      60.60mm, Swains Reef QSD Australia in deep water, pastel orange with distinctive protoconch, formerly named Volutoconus grossi   $12

Xenophoridae:                         Previous / Top
Onustus caribaeus             F+             65.6mm, Cape San Blas off Florida coast, all white with fine sculpture and few attachments   $10
Onustus indicus                 F++           74.0mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, very delicate edges with distinctive sculpture, not common   $15
Stellaria chinensis               F++           62.6mm, Nha Trang Vietnam, distinctive from Onustus indicus, similarly delicate, little in attachments  $12
Xenophora conchyliophora  F++           35mm (approx), Key West SW Fla, various stone and shell attachments, pretty underside, uncommon   $5

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