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The following pages are sites that I commonly use for decent, reputable information:

**Staff Accompanist Studio Policy** - A MUST-READ for any student preparing degree recitals at Southeast. - A collection of sources (databases, archives, repertoire lists) devoted to classical composers.  All conceivable composers are at least listed, although some of the composite sites are not in English.

J. W. Pepper - An excellent online catalog for ordering solo instrumental and chamber music scores.

Lieder Translations - A website hosted by REC Music that allows the user to search by composer or poet and gives translations in multiple languages.

Modernism/Post-modernism - Some insightful writing by Dr. Mary Klages, Associate Professor, English Department, University of Colorado, Boulder.

MMTA Home Page - Missouri Music Teachers' Association website.  MMTA/MTNA competition schedules are always linked here come fall, along with MMTA news and notes.

Online Literature - A convenient website containing the writings of a diverse collection of authors, from Mark Twain to Virgil.  Worth searching for text quotes or references.

Red Hot Jazz - A good online source for information about early jazz and jazz musicians such as Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, Kid Ory, etc.

Southeast Music Academy - The Academy home page contains mp3s of recital performance, registration information, etc.

Saturn, the Web Home of Sun Ra - A source of information about the controversial Sun Ra and his Arkestra.

Thelonious Monk in TIME - The entire text to the 1964 TIME magazine cover story on Thelonious Monk.

Theodor Adorno - Selected essays by the German philosopher and musicologist reflecting "Adorno's ideas on the culture industry and popular music."  Of particular interest is the essay "On Popular Music".