EACH student enrolled in any class which I teach is required to complete the following Academic Honesty Agreement PRIOR to my accepting and/or grading any graded activity assigned as part of the class the student is currently enrolled.

This agreement has been developed and is required of each student for the following reasons:

To ensure that each student enrolled in any of my classes understands MY PERSONAL COMMITMENT to Academic Honesty;


To ensure that each student enrolled in any of my classes is aware of their personal responsibilities
as they relate to ACADEMIC HONESTY.


Complete the below form by providing the requested information and typing your initials beside each of the statements below that you have read, understood and agree to. After completing the form, click on the SUBMIT button, and this form will be sent to Professor Sexton via his email.

Thank You.
Kevin P. Sexton

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1. I have read and understand the section entitled "Academic Honesty" on pages 20-23 of the 2010-2011 Undergraduate Bulletin or the corresponding relevant section of an earlier Bulletin. A copy of the SEMO Bulletin relevant to your year of initial enrollment can be found by following this link.

2. I understand that presenting the words or ideas of someone else without giving credit to that person is plagiarism.

3. I understand that the words or thoughts or works of another person must either be presented in exact form with quotation marks or paraphrased in my own words, but in either case, I must credit the source.

4. I understand that by custom, a source is not usually quoted verbatim unless there is something particularly unique or compelling about those exact words, and that instead, a paraphrase (with credit to the source) is normally used.

5. I understand that "block copying" material from another source and crediting that source (with quotation marks), while it may not be plagiarism, does not meet the definition of "writing a paper," and material so submitted is likely to receive a grade of zero.

6. I understand that plagiarism is academic dishonesty and it is a violation of University Policy.

7. I understand that providing my work to someone I have reason to believe will submit it as his/her own work is academic dishonesty on my part, and is a violation of university policy.

8. I understand that working together in a group on any class activity when being told to work individually is considered cheating and is in violation of University Policy..

9. I have read and I understand the syllabus for PS 103, "U.S. Political Systems," and I am aware that plagiarized assignments or other acts of academic dishonesty will receive a grade of zero and will be referred to University authorities for possible further disciplinary action.