PL 120 Symbolic Logic I



Basic Concepts


Constructing Proofs


Syllogistic and Predicate Logic

   Essential Terms and Concepts  Week 6   Introduction to Proofs  Week 10  Categorical Propositions
Basic Symbols and Principles  Week 6 Rules of Equivalence

Equivalence Exercises  (Key)

Venn Diagrams
Truth, Validity and Soundness Rules of Inference Syllogistic Arguments

 Week 2

Logical Syntax (WFF's)

Identifying Statement Forms

Justifying Steps in a Proof

Justification Exercises   (Key)

Venn Diagrams Tests for Validity
 Week 3 Tips on Putting Words into Symbols  Week 7 Constructing Proofs

Putting Words into Symbols

Week 11 Quantifiers and Monadic Predicates

Symbolization Exercises    More Examples

 Week 4 Truth Tables  Week 8 Conditional and Indirect Proof  Week 12 Relational Predicates

Symbolization Exercises with Relational Predicates

Truth Tables and Equivalence Symbolizing Proofs

Sample Proofs     (KEY)

 Week 13 Multiple Quantification

Symbolization Exercises

Truth Tables and Validity More Sample Proofs (KEY)  Week 14 Understanding Relational Predicate Expressions

Truth Functional Expansions of Quantified Formulas

Expansions of Formulas w/Relational Predicates

Truth Value Analysis

Rules for Resolving Truth Functions

Exercises in Resolving Truth Functions 

     Week 15 Logic ands Legal Reasoning
  Prefix Polish Notation   Solving Puzzles with IP    Final Exam Objectives