PL 120  Symbolic Logic I

Course Worksheets

General Logical Syntax & Truth Tables Key Constructing Proofs Key Categorical & Predicate Logic Key Logic & Law
Syllabus Well-Formed Formulas (WFF) Study Guide Introduction to Proofs   Venn Diagram Study Guide   Logic and Law
Premises and Conclusions Statement Forms Justifying Steps in a Proof Venn Diagram Exercises  

Arguments and Explanations


Main Operator Equivalence Rules Predicate Study Guide Final Exam Study Guide
Vocabulary List Truth Tables Study Guide   Applying Rules Predicate Translation Exercises  
Glossary Testing for Equivalence Constructing Proofs   Relational Predicate Translation Exercises  
UNLESS Testing for Validity with Truth Tables Constructing Proofs (Difficult) Truth Functional Expansions Study Guide    
  Truth Value Analysis Proof Exercises (with translation exercises) Truth Functional Expansions Worksheet   
  Truth Value Analysis Exercises Proof Exercises 1 (with translation exercises) Understanding Relational Predicate Expressions    
  Truth Value Analysis Validity Tests   Conditional & Indirect Proof Study Guide   Exam # 3 Study Guide

  Conditional Study Guide   Conditional and Indirect Proof Exercises      
  Rules for Truth Value Analysis   Sample Exam # 2

Sample Exam # 3

  Resolving Truth Values   Self Quiz # 9 Key        
  Resolving Truth Values Exercises          
  Symbolization Exercises          

  Summer 09 Ex 1 Key