Policy on Academic Integrity And Plagiarism


Academic integrity is one of the core values of a University.  Integrity involves strict  compliance with a set of values, and the values most essential to an academic community are honesty, trust, and respect. Academic integrity is expected not only in formal coursework situations, but in all University relationships and interactions connected to the educational process, including the use of University resources. Instances of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and they will be punished severely.  The range of punishments the University may impose go from redoing an assignment with a penalty through failure for the class, up to expulsion from the university.   It is my policy any intentional of academic dishonesty results in a zero for the assignment and the assignment will not be treated as having been completed. There will be no opportunity to redo work which is the product of intentional academic dishonesty.  Unintentional and negligent acts of academic dishonesty will be punished according to the severity of the offense and usually there will be an option to redo the assignment with some grade reduction. 

Plagiarism is an offense against academic integrity. It is a combination of theft and fraud. The course web page has a detailed definition of what plagiarism is. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, it is a very serious academic offense.  If you are not sure about what plagiarism is, find out. And DONíT DO IT!


Other offenses against academic integrity (cheating, collaboration on individual assignments, use of crib notes, etc.) will be punished similarly.