PL 120  Symbolic Logic I

Symbolizations in Predicate Logic

Monadic Predicates Using Single and Multiple Quantification and Proper Names

1. All apples are citrus fruits.

2. No apples are bananas.

3. Some elections are rigged.

4. Some boxing matches are not rigged.

5. Carla cheated.

6. Carla cheated but Debbie didn't.

7. If Carla cheated, then someone is mad.

8. Either somebody cheated or somebody lied.

9. Not everyone lied.

10. If all cheaters are liers, then if Carla cheated, then she lied.

11. If anyone lied, then Debbie was duped.

12. Everything is moveable.

13. Whatever is moveable is also alterable.

14. Nothing is a round-square.

15. Every mother is a daughter but not all daughters are mothers.

16. Nobody is both a daughter and a son.

17. Only philosophers study epistemology.

18. Only philosophers and mathematicians study logic.

19. Every mathematician studies logic.

20. Some mathematicians are logicians.

21. Some mathematicians are logicians and vice-versa.

22. A few mathematicians are poets.

23. Not all logicians are Democrats.

24. All careful logicians are Democrats.

25. W.V.O. Quine was a careful logician.

26. If any logician was careful, Quine was.

27. Some logicians, though certainly not all, are clairvoyant.