Symbolizing Sentences Using Monadic Predicates

Using the obvious dictionary, symbolize each of the following sentences using monadic predicates and only one quantifier.

  1. Snakes are reptiles.

  2. Snakes are not all poisonous. 

  3. Children are present.

  4. Executives all have secretaries.

  5. Only executives have secretaries.

  6. Only property owners may vote in special municipal elections.

  7. Employees may use only the service elevator. 

  8. Only employees may use the service elevator.

  9. All that glitters is not gold. 

  10. None but the brave deserve the fair.

  11. Not every visitor stayed for dinner.

  12. Not any visitor stayed for dinner.

  13. Nothing in the house escaped destruction.

  14. Some students are both intelligent and hard workers. 

  15. No coat is waterproof unless it has been specially treated.

  16. Some medicines are dangerous only if taken in excessive amounts.

  17. All fruits and vegetables are wholesome and delicious.

  18. Everything enjoyable is either immoral, illegal, or fattening.

  19. A professor is a good lecturer if and only if he is both well-informed and entertaining.

  20. Only policemen and firemen are both indispensable and underpaid.

  21. Not every actor is talented who is famous.

  22. Any girl is healthy if she is well nourished and exercises regularly. 

  23. Not every person who talks a great deal has a great deal to say.

  24. No automobile that is over ten years old will be repaired if it is severely damaged.

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