PL 120 Symbolic Logic I 

Class PowerPoint Presentations

Professor Hamner Hill

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Section  I:  Truth Functions Section II:  Proof Construction Section III: Predicate Logic


Arguments, Statements, Truth, Validity, Consistency


Introduction to Proofs, Rules of Equivalence, Rules of Inference  

Introduction to Predicate Logic, Venn Diagrams, Categorical Syllogisms


Logical Syntax (WFF's), Statement Forms, Dominant Operators


Justifying Steps in a Proof,  Applying Rules of Inference and Equivalence

Predicates and Variables, Free and Bound Variables


Grouping, Truth Tables, Validity Tests


Proof Construction, Conditional Proof, Reductio Ad Absurdum

Truth Functional Expansions

Symbolizing English Statements, Conditionals, Unless

Tips on Proof Construction, Problem Solving with CP and RAA  

Symbolizing Relational Predicates

Relational Predicates, Multiple Quantification

Complex Relational Symbolizations, Interpretations


Truth Value Analysis


Sample Exam # 2

Logic and Law


Sample Exam # 2 Key



Truth Table Tests for Equivalence         

Symbolizing Conditionals

Truth Table Tests for Validity