SC 105 Speakers Showcase




Here's a sampling of speeches
presented at previous Showcases

Spring 13
Speech to Influence: Ashley Thomas
    >Ashley's Speech  click here

    >Ashley's PowerPoint  click here

Fall 13

Speech to Influence: Amy Shell
    >Amy's Speech  click here

Spring 13

Speech to Influence: Scotti Holweger
    >Scotti's Speech  click here

    >Scotti's PowerPoint  click here

Fall 12

Speech to Inform: Jamie Teague
    >Jamie's Speech  click here

    >Jamie's PowerPoint  click here

Speech to Influence: Michelle Dunn & Trenton Davis
   >Michelle's Speech  click here

   >Michelle's PowerPoint  click here
   >Trenton's Speech  click here

   >Trenton's Prezi "slideshow"  click here
Fall 11
Speech to Influence: Haley Dolosic
   >Haley's PowerPoint  click here
Spring 11
   Cancelled, due to winter storm

Speech to Influence: Christine Ehrhard
   >Christine's PowerPoint  click here
Speech to Influence: Tim Couch
   >Tim's PowerPoint  click here
Fall 09
Speech to Influence: Angela Spinzig
   >Angela's PowerPoint  click here
Spring 09

Canceled: An ice storm shut down campus.
Fall 08
Speech to Influence: Bryan Kujawa
   >Bryan's PowerPoint  click here
Spring 08

Speech to Influence: Christi Vitale
   >Christi's PowerPoint  click here
Fall 07

Speech to Influence: Amber Hannahs
Amber's PowerPoint
  click here
Spring 07

Speech to Influence: Sarah Snyder
Sarah's PowerPoint
  click here
Fall '06

Speech to Inform:  Ms. Kate Winzenburger
   Kate's PowerPoint  click here
Spring '06

Speech to Inform Ms. Megan Wibbenmeyer
Fall '05

Speech to Influence:  Ms. Twila Mason
Spring '05

Speech to Influence Ms. Lara Glauber
Speech to Inform:  Mr. Tim Capps
    Tim's PowerPoint: ../Capps.ppt
Fall '04

Speech to Inform:  Mr. Greg Ladd
Speech to Influence:  Ms. Erin Island
Spring '04
Speech to Inform:  Ms. Kristen Howard
Speech to Influence:  Ms. Ashley Lancaster
Fall '03
Speech to Inform Ms. Staci Seabaugh
Speech to Influence:  Ms. Karen Null
Spring '03
Speech to Influence:  Ms. Jennifer Behrle
Speech to Influence:  Ms. Lynette Pfaff
Fall '02
Speech to Inform Ms. Rebecca Braun
Speech to Influence:  Mr. Nathan Holmes
Spring '02
Speech of Introduction Mr. Rick Ogles
Speech to Influence:  Ms. Kristina Walk

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