Dr. Debrah Raschke

209 Grauel
PH: 651-2623


Debrah Raschke has published two books, Modernism, Metaphysics, and Sexuality and Doris Lessing: Interrogating the Times, which was co-edited with Phyllis Perrakis and Sandra Singer. She also has published widely in both modern and contemporary British and Anglophone literature.

Her recent article, “Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy: Postmodernism, Apocalypse, and Rapture,”published in Studies in Canadian Literature / Études en Littérature Canadienne, examines how Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy engages postmodern theory. Her article, “Framed Identity: Finding Lucy in Atwood’s ‘Death by Landscape,’” published in Mosaic, won the 2012 Margaret Atwood Society Award for “Best Article.” She was also awarded College of Liberal Arts 2012 Outstanding Teacher Award, the 2017 PRIDE Award, and the 2018 Governor's Award for Excellence in Education.


Research Areas
British Modernism
Contemporary British and Anglophone Literature
Contemporary Literary Theory
Margaret Atwood
Doris Lessing

Courses Taught
Early Twentieth-Century British Literature
Contemporary Theory / Contemporary Anglophone Literature
Studies in Late British Literature (Gender and Empire, Margaret Atwood)
Research in English Studies
English Literature II
Victorian Studies
Mythic Dimensions in Literature
Variety of Literature


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