Thank you for viewing my site. If you have an interest in Germany please take a moment to view some of the slides on the power point page. They are taken by students who have gone to Germany on our study abroad programs.
Winter / Spring in Germany
For those of you who are interested we have spring and winter study programs in Germany. They are two weeks long and award 3 credit hours. More info is on the study abroad page.

Financial aid scholarship information is also available upon request.

German Political Caricatures: A Reflection of life in the Federal Republic of Germany
Presentation covers a series of political caricatures from German daily newspapers between the years of 1946 to 1989, that is to say, between the end of WWII and reunification. My selections of political caricatures cover well over 40 years of German democracy; while not claiming to compete with the history book, these selections show in chronological order examples of how German life, politics, and international relations were impacted.
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