PS580 - International Politics

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Instructor: Dr. Debra Holzhauer
Department: Political Science, Philosophy and Religion
Email: dholzhauer @

Office: 211 J Carnahan Hall
Office Hours:
MWF 10-10:50 AM, by appointment in my office, and by instant messaging 


For instant messaging, I use Windows Live Messenger.  You will need to download Messenger and then add me as a contact.   

Office Phone: 651-5137

Departmental Phone: 651-2183

Departmental Website:


Webpage address:

Instructor Homepage: 
Meeting times: TTH 2-3:15 PM

Course Classroom: 210 Carnahan Hall

Institution: Southeast Missouri State University



Hi and welcome to International Politics!!!  Please check here throughout the semester for any important information about the class and/or current events.  Click here for a hard copy of the class syllabus (as handed out in class). 


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April 27 -- Portfolio of 6 journal articles is due Wednesday, 28 April by 11:59:00 PM in the class DropBox.

Don't forget that you need to turn in your portfolio to the class DropBox by tomorrow night.  You will need to turn in all of your journal critiques as 1 file.  In other words, DropBox will not allow you to turn in your journal critiques as 6 separate files. 


January 13 -- The Class web site is now open, but changes are still occurring to the Class Assignments web page.

Hi everyone!!  You can now explore the class web site.  Still, you should be aware that I have not yet finished working on the Class Assignments web page and have not yet posted a hard copy of the class syllabus.  Hopefully, I will have all of this complete by this Friday. 


January 8 -- Class web site will open on 1/13.

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