PS570 - Comparative Government



Instructor: Debra J Holzhauer
Department: Political Science, Philosophy and Religion
Email: dholzhauer @
Office: Carnahan 211J
Office Hours: 10-10:50 MWF; 11-12:15 TTH
Phone: 651-5137 (office)
Meeting times: TTH 9:30-10:45, Carnahan Hall 101


Welcome to PS 570!!!!!!


Please look at this page regularly.   I will post reminders/announcements about Forum assignments, tests, etc... and important current events here.


I will be checking in every few days or so within the class Forum to see if any of you have any questions (that you have posted to the "Ask Your Questions Section" of the class web site) and within the various Forum sections assigned throughout the semester.   Remember I will also be available through MSN Messenger and the class Chat room, usually during the day.


To view some important general information about this class --please go to the class's course description page.





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