PS 460

Government and Politics of Western Europe

Professor Debra Holzhauer

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Instructor: Dr. Debra Holzhauer
Political Science, Philosophy and Religion
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Hi and welcome to our class on European Politics.

I will post important announcements and changes to the class syllabus here.


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April 1: My class notes for 4/2 are now posted to the Class Assignments web page.

Hi everyone.  I have posted my class notes for tomorrow's class (which is cancelled due to the fact that I am going to be at an Academic conference).  Don't forget that you need to read this material, in addition to the handouts that I gave to you in class. and the Sartori article. 


You will also be expected to make your short presentation about the electoral rules governing the parliamentary elections of a selected legislative house during our next class (4/7). 


January 29: No class today due to the University being closed.

Hi everyone.  Again, the university is closed again, so we will not be having class.  I am posting online a short lecture that I would like you to peruse.  Then, just work on your readings for class, including the Hitchcock readings.  On next Tuesday, I will then spend just 1 class period talking about the context of history of/for this region with regard to the topic of democracy.


See you next Tuesday.  :)


January 27: No class today due to inclement weather.

Hi everyone!!  Unfortunately, we will not be having class today.  I am posting on the Class Assignments web page my lecture notes about "Political Culture in Europe."  You will find this lecture linked to the list of class readings for today's class.  So, take the time to read today's lecture (there are two files) that I have linked to the web site.  Then, on Thursday, I will make sure that we set some time aside for any questions you might have about the lecture you should for class today and then we will start talking about the context of history for European politics.


See you on Thursday.  :)


January 11: You should be able to log on to most pages on the class web site by this Thursday (January 15); the rest should be completed by the end of January 19.


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