PS 335: American Foreign Policy (3 credit hrs)



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Instructor: Dr. Debra Holzhauer
Department: Political Science, Philosophy and Religion
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Office: 211J Carnahan Hall
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Course Classroom: 210 Carnahan Hall

Hello and welcome to our American Foreign Policy class.  Please check here throughout the semester for any important information about the class and/or current events.

Click HERE for a hard copy of the class syllabus (as handed out in class).


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10/7/2010 -- Comments about 1st Film Analysis Paper; 2nd Film Analysis paper

Here is a hard copy of my comments about your 1st Film Analysis paper (which I discussed in class on Tuesday).  I have also posted an example of an 'A" paper on the "Class Syllabus -- Course Requirements" web page under the section about the 3 Film Analyses assignments; a hyperlink to this paper is also located towards the top of the web page, under the internal links section.


Also, the handout for the second film analysis paper can now be found on the "Class Syllabus -- Course Requirements" web page.  For this assignment, you will be asked to view 1 film out of a new set of movies that highlight in some way the role of institutions within the foreign policy making process.  Please go to this web page to view this handout.  Don't forget that your next film analysis paper is due 10/26.


9/9/2010 -- Suggested Reading added to course readings for class on 9/9. 

Hi everyone.  I have posted a suggested reading that you might want to check out.  This concerns the threat of electromagnetic pulse attacks upon the US.  I will periodically list additional suggested readings on the class web site that you might want to check out.  These will be items that fit with the topics discussed in class and that I think you might find interesting.  While I might discuss some of this information in class, I will post these reading materials on the class web site so that you can explore them in more detail, if you want to do so.


9/2/2010 -- Foreign Language Lab hours

The Foreign Language Lab is open during the following times:


Monday 9 AM -3 PM

Tuesday 9 AM -3 PM

Wednesday 10 AM -3 PM

Thursday 9 AM -3 PM

Friday 10 AM -1 PM


8/30/2010 -- New handout posted on the Class Assignments web page -- "Timeline of US Foreign Policy".

Hi everyone, I have posted a handout that I hope you will find useful for the class.  It is merely a timeline of important US foreign policy actions before and through the US Cold War.  Please check it out over the next couple of days.   


8/7/2010 -- The Class web site will be unlocked on 8/14.  Please be aware that some things will continue to be added to the web site (especially handouts for this class).  However, despite this, the class web site will be relatively complete by this date.



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