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Charles I. DiStefano, MPA

Instructor, Political Science


Course Web Page:  PS103 (Summer, 2012)  UI100 (fall, 2011) 

Department Web Page:  Department of Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion

                                                 Department of Global Cultures and Languages

Are you a veteran?  

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Where I worked when I began teaching:

My Early Education:

My connection to the Corps:





Other work experience for which I earned a paycheck:

Bartender, Camp Counselor, Client Services Phone Representative for Medical Insurance Company, Data Entry, Director of a Non-Profit Program, Fast Food Cashier, Food Vender, Gas Meter Reader Install and Servicing, General Laborer, Human Resources Clerk, Intern, Lifeguard, Mail Clerk, Mover, Pet Store Clerk, Photographer, Reporter, Research Subject, Research Assistant, Secret Shopper, Waiter